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The short stories and collected adventures of Ake Feldblom


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This is a small spot where I will drop some stories now and then of mostly solo RP moments that I'd like to share or inspiration that got to me.
Feedback is always welcome but not required. I hope you enjoy the reading. 



The intensity of the last few days was taking a toll. There had been more people than he imagined and the curiosity that bubbled deep inside him had prevailed over the fear for a long while, after that the adrenaline took over. And when that wore off…

Ake set foot in the forest south of Nyheim. And as soon as the first row of trees partially obscured the concrete behemoth that lurked and lunged at him with metal claws of rebar and jagged nails a weight lifted off his shoulder. Lightheaded, his gloves coming off in a hurry as he dropped to his knees in a feeble attempt to catch himself before he went flat, face first into the rough grass and cold earth. Fingers digging deep into the muddy soil until they could feel the nightcrawlers that rose to the surface so fresh after a rainstorm. 

To anyone observing this, it would look like he had just keeled over and passed out. Perhaps even died. But after a few more moments he pulled himself back up to his feet. Shaky, first to one knee and then to the other until he had achieved a vertical base once more with the help of a nearby tree. 

And that is when he saw it. 

The bright white wolf had been watching the prone man for a while. It had been smart enough to wait. Wolves too had evolved, they did not eat the infected. They ate whatever was available, and if that happened to be fresh human, uninfected, clean, then that was what it took. 

But living humans were unpredictable. They carried firearms so a human was not ideal prey. A prone human however would make for a great meal, a pack could eat of it and would last for days. 

The chance existed, Ake thought, that this was a young wolf who had not been around humans before and was trying to judge his intentions as much as he did with the wolf.

Ake’s hand went to his pistol. Suppressed it would not not attract the infected, nor would it alert anything or anyone else for that matter. Two quick shots, straight to the wolf’s head. 

But the wolf did not move. It did not circle him like prey nor did it seem particularly fazed by his actions. Not injured by the bullets. There wasn’t even blood on his white fur. There was of course also the chance that this wolf was not real, a figment of his imagination. He checked his magazine, the temperature of the barrel. He had definitely fired two rounds. With a sigh he holstered his pistol again.


Ake’s hand left his pistol and instead went to the side pocket of his backpack. Producing a piece of dried meat. 

“Er du sulten?” His voice had not yet grasped the fact he was no longer close to a PLIKT headquarters and for that matter, he did not have to whisper anymore. He offered the dried deer meat out to the wolf, who inched closer. “Det er hjort, ta det.”

Again the wolf came closer, but still it refused to take the deer meat. By now Ake had decided to settle down. Sitting down on the cool ground and sitting face to face with the wolf. He took the bits of dried deer meat and threw them over to the wolf. 

"Greit, du får gjøre som du vil"

The wolf sniffed the meat, but decided not to take it. Instead it circled Ake now. One full circle before taking a step closer, then suddenly it snarled, teeth bared, and lunged at him. 

“Dra til helvete!” 

The wolf’s teeth clamped down on his arm. His knife came from his boot and locked in a vice-like grip he tried to shake the wolf. Driving the knife hard up into the wolf’s side over and over until it all went black. 

Several hours passed until Ake woke up again. A sore arm and a bloodied knife. Somewhat surprised with the fact that he was still alive all in all. He glanced down to his left arm to assess the damage done by the beast. The sleeve on his lower left arm was torn to shreds, but not by teeth. It seemed cut. On his arm there were no teeth marks, no flesh rend from bone, but simply the three runes carved into his flesh. 




((Inspired by an encounter with a glitched alpha wolf in the forest south of Nyheim, it vanished into the ground after shooting it twice. Nice.))

Ulv / Wolf
“Er du sulten?” / Are you hungry?
“Det er hjort, ta det.” / It is deer, take it.
"Greit, du får gjøre som du vil" / Fine, suit yourself.
“Dra til helvete!” / To hell with you!

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