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TODAY | 2021-08-03 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 7 hours, 56 minutes | Nyheim City

[PLIKT] Hunting, Bounty Hunting, & Businesses for Players


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  • Diamond

I can’t wait for this! I already got to experience it yesterday and I can’t wait to do more jobs! It gives me something to do when not roleplaying with the people I normally do. 

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  • Diamond

Loving this IDEA! Let’s get some more PLIKT characters in game when we are not directory patrolling. I would love to see some contracts for Hits or Hunting! It’s perfect for people with tools to control, and is exactly the kind of LM influence we need. Player focused but enhanced by our team!

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  • Titanium

That's amazing! Hopefully, doing this and providing money and friendly interaction with people will lead to less hostilities towards PLIKT. 

Also, hopefully this will bring back a little bit of the player base. 

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  • Diamond

I would just open this up to players also, get those bountys out on them. More consequences to hostile players.

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