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[PLIKT Radio Broadcast] Community Employment Programme


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*The radios of all those tuned into the official PLIKT broadcasting frequency would suddenly spring to life, a short burst of garbled static, followed by the sound of an English accent.*

"Citizens of Nyheim, this is First lieut-... Captain Hardacre speaking, here to inform you of a few new paid work opportunities that we are hoping to begin offering on a regular basis. Some of you listening may already be familiar with what I'm about to discuss, as over the past couple of days one of these employment opportunities had been trialed by my predecessor, Captain Boryenka. Unfortunately, the good Captain was killed in the line of duty, and I'm here to pick up from where he left off."

*There's another bout of static, the eerie screech of white noise lasting for no longer than a few seconds, before the signal strengthens and the voice continues.*

"Firstly, we are aware there are a number of more than capable hunters living within the city limits, and it would be a waste not to utilize these individuals to the fullest extent. Coincidentally, as PLIKT removes threats from the areas immediately surrounding the city, it leaves these areas free for predatory animals to encroach on our territory. Naturally, whilst our primary concern will always be what goes on within the city walls, we wish to harbor a safe environment where civilians and refugees alike can travel to Nyheim without being harassed by said animals. As such, any registered civilian that is confident enough in their ability to hunt these animals are welcome to find me at the eastern Community Centre where I will provide information on any outstanding hunting contracts. Once you have eliminated the thread, and provided proof of the kill, you will be rewarded."

"Secondly, we wish to re-institute the ancient profession known as 'Bounty Hunting', in order to ensure that justice is still dealt to those that manage to elude us. We have begun to prepare a registry of persons of interest, each with their own crimes to answer for. Once we feel we have enough information to warrant the capture of these individuals, we will offer these contracts to registered civilians who have proven themselves trustworthy, and who have proven themselves competent enough by completing a number of hunting contracts for us. As I mentioned previously, our main priority as PLIKT will always be what goes on within our walls, hence why we're hiring civilians who we deem worthy enough of venturing beyond them on our behalf."

"Finally, for those of you who are inspired entrepreneurs and wish to start a business within the city limits, I ask that you speak to me personally so that we might discuss how we can go out establishing your business idea. Whether it be in person, or on my private frequency, if you wish to open a business then please seek me out. PLIKT is not only here to defend the city, we're also here to encourage and assist any law-abiding citizen however we can."

"This has been Captain Lazarus Hardacre, thank you." 

*The voice fades, replaced briefly by the soft sound of the PLIKT anthem, which too eventually fades to silence.*



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