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Any Riders here?


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  • Sapphire
Posted (edited)

So as life has hit me, I unfortunately can't play as much as I used to but I like to keep myself busy so I got into riding about a year or so ago? Did my CBT and got myself a cheap Lexmoto Assault 2017, biggest mistake I ever made. Sold that and bought me a nice little Yamaha YBR 2007 EFI. Hasn't missed a beat. Any other riders in the community? 





Plan is to pass my test and get on this hog.


1997 Suzuki Bandit MK1.

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  • Emerald

I ride, currently getting rid of my rather rare MT03 2006 660cc, that has served me for a nice 3 years.

Jumped on a ER6N from 2015. And am eyeing a Yamaha bolt or a Yamaha Teneree 700 maybe as a second bike.

Love taking the motorcycle out 🙂



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  • Sapphire
5 hours ago, RedSky said:


That is nice but other good choices too. Damnn, new toys are tough :S

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