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Nyheim Feedback: Facts (factions) and the City


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Foreword/Motivation - mind this before possibly going nuts or skipping

Nice title pun, ehhh? Facts' and the City? Sex and the City? Ahem. Anyway, there's a few feedback threads out there. So why this thread?

For one, it's a specific suggestion almost deserving its own thread or discussion, apart from suggestions like map size or loot tweaks.

On another note, I partly posted this in an internal feedback process and indirectly in other feedback threads. But the issue or topic bugged me for quite some time. I did get some partial feedback but felt the issues I brought up were lost between posts - or ignored. Other than someone else asking about something, where staff gave clear replies and opinions, I felt I also didn't get much of any official reply or stance about the core aspects. Of course someone probably saw it, someone may be debating this in internal feedback processes I can't see. But if I can't see it and don't hear about it, when in doubt I assume it was lost, forgotten, pushed aside.

Long story short, I'd like to involve the wider community, as the thread will definitely get reactions and opinions beyond a few discord views and reactions.

I also want to make something clear. My main motivation is possible improvement. I'm not here to really shit on anyone or anyone's (prior) work - even if I may use a ranty tone at times-, nor do I think I know it all or that what I propose will fix everything. No. But it's viable to fix some things for a while and that's already why I feel it was worth it investing all the time into making the graphics and making this thread.

Please also bear with me - I know walls of text aren't sexy.  Can't always TL;DR though without losing info. I'll make it as easy as possible to get through due to structure and graphics tho.  Alternatively, just open the "TL;DR" part. It's better you just read the TL;DR than completely ignoring anything in here because it might seem like much.




Let's keep it simple and get to the point, as you have stuff to do.


1) Perceived problem/s

-> I tell you what I think is problematic



1) Perceived problem/s - and why I perceive it like this


Bit of text, bear with me now. I know you can do it, but a recap is at the end of this block.

Also, some of the lower parts may seem ranty, but I'm just trying to give you a good description from my POV here.


When Nyheim was announced, I was like many hyped. While I saw some of it during my short time in staff at the beginning of the year, it was in a state that wasn't definite. The point was, I wasn't overly 'spoiled' and on a detailed level, didn't know what to really expect. While sceptical about some things, I began to overlook them come announcement. Why?

Because I have a Half Life 2 RP background (wasn't my name obvious?) spanning roughly a decade, about 10-years on and off. And the lore and marketing showed a certain picture: A sort of postapocalyptic Half-Life (2) experience. Of course you can throw stones now and imply I maybe had unrealistic expectations. By no means did I expect this to turn into a carbon copy, but some things you can universally 'apply'.

Long story short, when I started playing and seeing things, I began to notice how in-game reality clashes with the »lore (see "Nyheim 2070-2071" and "PLIKT"). Yes, I played less over the last weeks. Not always during US prime time. But I played as both "city guest" and saw two (or three?) PLIKT deployments out of nearing a dozen, to get a good initial view of things. I saw different angles therefore. I did see lots of good or fitting RP. But I also saw ... bad RP. Simple as that.

This might sound offensive now but I need to stress it like that to show people how others could've perceived these things. I witnessed situations that totally clash with the (implied) lore or status quo, something we'd joke about on HL2RP as something to only see on a DarkRP server (if you have a G-Mod background you might know it as contextual insult). The city itself during "PLIKT off hours" at times seemed like an unlawful cesspool of people from Mad Max (meant IC, not OOC) instead of a controlled beacon of light or technology remaining. I had people in "unroadworthy vehicles" drive through inner city main streets and blast music while running around with fully automatic guns. Alright, not the end of the world.


Only though I saw similar things when I was online as PLIKT. It was partial chaos with eventual gunfights in many (if not all) deployments with even random civilians (non-faction or group aligned) causing a ruckus. Some was justifiable IC. Other stuff was ... pure nonsense. Someone making weird animal or mouth noises via megaphone in a street protest that realistically would've been gunned or tear gassed down, "baiting" and open threats on PLIKT including armed incursion, while the lore strongly implies that PLIKT did have losses of territory, but rebels lay low and that the inner city area should be safe-ish. That doesn't just mean spamming attackers with reinforcement waves (not that it even happened) - it also implies a bit of 'restraint' that people should naturally have when they tread in PLIKT territory. In HL2RP you didn't see actual rebels rush the inner city and main square when not enough cops were on. It would be bad RP. Sadly comic relief was only added by a besieged PLIKT by both crazy raiders and random rioters, who in turn was even too reluctant to enforce direct action against certain enemies. It also seemed to make little sense to me how we are going on a witch hunt for drugs and automatic weapons but let people keep other military equipment in the city such as combat helmets and plate carriers - realistically it would likely be reglemented. You already give your hidden enemy an advantage if they can legally walk around in protective equipment and only have to worry about weapons.

I didn't feel I was part of a fascist order faction (even a somewhat battered but yet firm one). I felt like I was an UN peacekeper or a member of BOPE in the Favelas, surrounded by enemies, not safe on their own home turf. The issue isn't losing or being engaged per sé, the issue is a stark contrast to implied lore. The other issue is that PLIKT only deployed every other day, and then over time less.

The whole point of permits and other things becomes pointless if PLIKT only is there 'once in a blue moon', relying on "mass deployment" at certain times that may not be viable for others due to timezones - while no other organization is around to enforce anything when they don't deploy. But why get a permit or mind inner city laws if you know PLIKT isn't on, not even in lower numbers? Speaking of non-viable timezones for some, last time I deployed I ended up in a gunfight extending to 1AM. Had work the next day. Was reluctant to deploy again whenever an event would start at 9PM my time zone during the week. And this weekend, no deployment, less activity.

Speaking of activity, there seems to be a recessive trend. This can have many reasons, including holidays, the generally warmer weather, Tarkov resetting (someone said that), initial launch hype degrading etc. Nevertheless, make of this trend what you will, about 2,5 weeks after launch:




Source: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/dayz/6304774

There's somewhat of a degrading average amount of players per day since launch. I'm NOT saying it's the end and dead. When I typed most of this post on a Sunday, there were about 40 people on, about 23:30 my time. And for US folks about 6-8 hours earlier, so their prime. Not bad. But could also be a few more, is my point, and the point is to show a degrading trend. You can see it since the launch. Sure, launch generally brings large activity and attention. But not sure if hanging at about half capacity is good 2,5 weeks in.

My theory is, that some lost interest partly also because of what I consider a problem or "unused potential".


You have reached the Recap! Don't worry, from here on it's going to get easier. So, several problems I saw regarding the city and factions:



  • PLIKT is supposed to be everywhere but they can hardly provide coverage throughout the day
  • PLIKT's effective absence results in a neglected city and a "ghetto-fication" even in inner parts at times
  • Some people in select cases, without or with PLIKT around, behaved in questionable ways, partly "ruining" the whole lore vibes
  • PLIKT, when it deploys, can be inflexible for some depending on timezone based on the day.
  • General activity dropped (through aforementioned problems, but not exclusively)



2) Possible solution/s

-> I tell you how we could possibly/partially fix it from my view



2) Possible solutions

Let's move on, finally. I described what I perceive as odd or problem, now it's possible solutions time! You still with me? Remember, it's gonna get easier from here on now!

To really put things in a nutshell I believe we need to try a set of actions and changes as it could inject notable stimuli into the city, thus make RP there or in general more interesting. No wall of text now, but pictures.






To elaborate: If a perceived problem is lack of PLIKT/government faction in the city as a hub and thus neglect is, we need to put people there. Staff has made it clear they will not change PLIKT "classic" in how they operate. While I find that disappointing, it is what it is. Then, I feel an alternative must be considered: complementary groups added that work without the same (mass) deployment restrictions, but nevertheless can and need to operate freely to inject RP into the city and get things going. Not just when staff offers it or say so, but largely at their terms or at least with lesser restrictions.

It can be anything in between: A complete normal player group (not sufficient imo, will die eventually), a "player group with benefits" where staff is involved IC or OOC as the group would be aligned with PLIKT more closely, or anything else in terms of setup. But I'd almost not take "No" for an answer because if we're unwilling to add stimuli just because "something could go wrong", then we might as well cease it all and consider it a goner, no?

I personally think a softly supported group consisting of maybe 'vetted' non-staff with some staffers in supervision roles would to the trick - in addition to keeping the current PLIKT 'staff lore faction' of course. In addition, staff would occasionally replenish potential uniforms of said groups if need be - the rest, they get and scavenge themselves. Staff would mostly just provide occasional uniform pieces - or allow that all who are part of that group CP can spawn that in themselves like in last lore iteration. Voila, simple.

I want to highlight that solely run player groups with some (or situational) staff oversight already managed to portray government groups, despite any OOC hiccups that may have occured for other reasons. We saw enforced quarantine zones that worked until some OOC beef. Todd Howard said: "It just works!". We can try the same again. It probably won't be worse!


We could for example just make a new paramilitary branch or militia with a different spin tasked with guarding the outer wall or immediate zone beyond it (cleanup vs. infected). They can play more freely and try not to overly police the inner city area, so PLIKT classic faction doesn't become obsolete. They are to complement each other, just like a civilian government group would complement city hub RP.


In addition, citizens overstepping their boundaries should (based on circumstances) receive harsher reactions including prison labor and work to crack down on certain things in the inner city.


3) Benefits and closing note/s

-> I tell you how we profit and other stuff


The point largely is to define the city more as a unique hub with more focus on a factional presence and perhaps - here and there - a tweak in behavior, mindset and approach. Partially IC, partially (or a lot) OOC.

The idea is that adding/supporting (new) groups close to PLIKT will flesh out parts of the lore, inject RP stimuli into the city and to allow more interactions in the city other than a place to go loot or run into strangers. The more the wider "government" is present, the more unique of a hub the city becomes and people can interact more. The civilian side would focus actively on permits, take over other jobs such as "construction" or removing barricades and the wider thing could organize work events.


Long story short:

  • Players who take part in new branches and boosted groups have things to do
  • Other players can interact with them more
  • The city itself and PLIKT as a wider government (that is likely more than a few military dudes with berets and guns) get defined more
  • The resulting investment will lead to more hub activity and interest
  • Antagonist groups like "the rebels" actually have an active enemy and in turn more options for RP or interaction with their enemy (why bother spreading propaganda if PLIKT is rarely on?)

   -----> The city becomes more interesting and unique of a hub with different vibes. In turn this can make the outlands more lucrative for other types of people.


Again, this likely isn't the solution to end all problems. But parts of that would be solutions to fix some problems and improve interest and fun. Personally, we can easily shoot all ideas down and blame some other (temporary) reason like holidays. But that frankly won't make the server more interesting right now in my eyes.


I've seen how interesting an urban hub can be in HL2RP because people invested into said hubs and made it fun to be there and play because you could do shit. Right now the city feels more or less like any other part of the map without being overly special. Other than "on paper".


We can collectively change it and make it better. But it'll require acceptance and actually trying things instead of saying "No, we can't do it" or "No, this and that could go wrong." The prior lore iteration has already shown that you can put some things in the hand of vetted or trusted players with some staff oversight or interference options. Staff alone seemingly can't manage to run a PLIKT group which isn't mean in a blaming way, but they all have their other duties and are in other groups as well.


It's time to empower the "common player" as well and embed them into solutions or improvements we try.


4) TL;DR version (just the graphics)








Now roast me or throw in your pitch or even support. Just ... do something. I feel we can't keep this going or we can close down in due time.


Thanks for reading and most of all, considering/commenting all of this!

Discuss away!

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Theres two things I've noticed that don't make sense. People still talk and act as if it was 2021, using phrases and pop culture terms. Another one is the hatred for Plikt, Plikt may be an authoritarian group on paper however, not many people would actually view them as an authoritarian group. If I wasn't playing an chaotic evil character Plikt would genuinely be the light in the darkness. A group who run a city, doesn't have to many restrictive rules, the rules they do have are in place to keep the majority safe within the walls. They give out food and water and medical attention. I honestly don't know why people hate them, I feel like this is just an attitude thats carried over from previous lores where people hated the U.N for no reason. Plikt in my eyes are the good guys of the server, and anyone who hates them are fools considering that the group I am in is here to take over and make life miserable. I think we have reached a point where it would be easier to erase this lore and start over. Just my opinion. My heart goes out to those in Plikt, as everytime they're on I am trying to get an interaction with them however they end up in a PvP fight with someone.

I don't know exactly if this reply fits in with the topic of your thread but I hope it does. @Combine

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6 hours ago, Craig said:


I don't necessarily think it's fully that many people are carrying it over from other lores. Its more or less that I think a lot of people have characters who are born in an anarchistic wasteland. They fear the authority of PLIKT and fight against it. Or perhaps they were wronged by PLIKT, or PLIKTs laws oppose them, etc. While I certainly think some people hate PLIKT because of that sort of mentality, I don't necessarily think its fully that.

As for the fights, usually they are a consequence of PLIKT's actions. The biggest one I can think of was when we executed Stags and were attacked, that's fine. We did something stupid and got hit for it. As time has gone on though, it seems that the fights have become somewhat less common.

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