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Nyheim - BadRP & Powergaming - 04/07/2021 @ 20:30 - 20:50 (ish)


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Posted (edited)

Server and location: Nyheim, West side of town (southern road opposite clinic)

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 04/07/2021 Roughly 20:30 Server time

Your in game name: Luca Thijs

Names of allies involved: @pl4nk@OwXgleSimp@Ethan-J@UniiLR @arttu

Name of suspect/s: Mike White @sainz0ne

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Possible recording from @pl4nkif it managed to save the last 10 mins + OOC Chat evidence


Detailed description of the events: 

@OwXgleSimpand I were doing medical RP with @pl4nk when @UniiLRruns in and tells us she just saw a guy cut up a body of a guy that was killed in a previous situation, and this random-ass dude is now running around wearing the dead guy's face. We obviously decide to check out the situation and meet @sainz0neon the road with 2 companions who claim they only just met him. We talk to him for a bit and he's being hella suss and can't give us a good explanation to why he's wearing the skull on his face. I recognise his voice and ask him a few times via emote in chat if I recognise his face from a previous situation that happened the day before, repeating it over and over in text rp, to which he responds with "Using chat is badrp" or something along those lines, check logs for that line. We then initiate and move him into one of the warehouses nearby and begin questioning him. I ask him (again) if I recognise him, to which he says "Idk do you?" when I am literally emoting looking into this dude's face. He eventually says he's on a new character, so I decide I don't recognise him. (Whether that's actually true would be nice to know, otherwise I should've been able to recognise him.) We then ask him why he's wearing someone's face, which he responds with  "I stumbled and fell into the mans face, thats why I'm wearing it" (again, paraphrasing here)

I then leave the situation to go afk briefly, and when I come back @OwXgleSimpmentions that they ended the guy, because he was talking a lot of shit and being obnoxious. Apparently he also said something about being touched as a child (??) according to @pl4nk who might have more context 

If we do have a recording, it should show this dude's terrible roleplay during the entire situation and him refusing to emote back to me in text chat, accusing ME of badrp for using text chat.

Powergaming: As mentioned, this is the same guy we had hostage yesterday who was claiming that a magic tree was giving him special powers. I am not reporting that situation of course, but it should give a bit of context. According to @Rover, who checked his profile, he has only EVER played on mike white and he was not wearing a mask, so I should have been able to recognise him. telling me I don't recognise him from the day before is powergaming.

Here is a screenshot of his face from the day prior that showed his face was visible for us to see, provided by Morytania



He also wasn't using // in ooc chat whilst responding to my ooc questions.

@OwXgleSimp, @Ethan-J @arttu and @pl4nk might be able to give more context to what happened when I went AFK.

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Its just boring to get held up by you guys for the 5th time in 2h! The big groups are the reason this server is low pop

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1 minute ago, sainz0ne said:

Its just boring to get held up by you guys for the 5th time in 2h! The big groups are the reason this server is low pop


1) You need to post your full and written POV of this situation

2) We only held you up once today. Yesterday we held you up because you were telling my friend to turn her radio off and being sketch, and when we had you hostage you were talking shit about how the magic tree was giving you power.
3) Please explain to me why you refused to respond in ooc chat when i asked if i recognised you at least 5 times??

I won't respond further until asked by staff.

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pl4nk's POV:
We got word from @UniiLRthat a guy cut up a body from the community center and wore his face, so we went to intervene, as we were involved in the situation leading to said individual being killed and left. We walk up and talk to @sainz0neand the two gentlemen beside him, ask him what that mask is about and trying to confirm what info we got from @UniiLR. The two guys beside him does not seem to be affiliated with him, and soon enough we let them go and continue questioning @sainz0ne. @Lucaseems to recognize his voice and tells him to take the mask off, then walks close to him and asks him through an emote, if she would recognize him. At first, he does not reply at all, and when he does, he claims that writing in chat is "badRP". Getting no straight answer from him at first, we kept OOCly pressing on as it was holding up the RP. Eventually he does reply he is on a new character, which I personally find a little bit funny.

We decide to initiate and move him to a nearby warehouse, where we continue to question him. We asked him why he was wearing a mask made from another man's skull, and he claims that he fell into the mask, which seems like a silly reply to me. Getting no straight answer from him at first, we kept OOCly pressing on as it was holding up the RP. While @Lucatries to get an answer out of @sainz0ne, I pat down his person and see what he has on him, trying to continue the RP as much as we can. Eventually he does reply he is on a new character, which I personally find a little bit funny.

@Luca leaves the building shortly after, so mainly me and @Ethan-J continue interrogating him which can be seen in the clips below. If further comments are needed on the rest of the situation, I am happy to oblige, however I will keep my first POV to what is relevant to the reported incident.

The following video evidence is split up into different parts, as YouTube do not allow videos over 15 minutes, because my channel is not verified. This has been cleared by @Rover
I am not a skilled video editor, clips might overlap. Sorry for the inconvenience.




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OwXgleSimp POV:


Doing some medical RP with the lad @pl4nkand during said session @UniiLRcomes up to inform us that he's seen someone running around with the face of a man that just got killed. We wrap up the medical RP session and begin running in the direction that his character Berry is leading us when we come across the accused and his two friends. After some brief questioning we send his two boys on their way and not long after @Lucainitiates on the accused. He's then led into a nearby warehouse for further questioning. During majority of the time that the questioning was taking place I was outside keeping an eye on the guys friends we told to fuck off since they were still lingering in the nearby area, they eventually leave and I start keeping an eye on the immediate area around the warehouse he's being kept in. During the interrogation I get told OOCly that the accused wasn't responding to the OOC chat and even claimed that the use of it was Bad RP,  and then claimed (As I was told) he was playing on a different character in OOC chat when Luca continued to ask him if she'd recognize him. I pop into a HD call with Hofer and ask him some questions in regards to the OOC chat that is taking place and eventually make my way back inside and inform everyone that he is still playing the same character (I told them this OOCly) so they would recognize him from the hold up that happened yesterday after the accused attempted to make one of our friends turn her radio off when he came across her alone cutting down trees. I occasionally hit the accused when he starts getting mouthy and when he eventually starts talking about how "all of us MUST have been touched as children due to our behavior" but I wasn't present for majority of the questioning. He doesn't last much longer after his last comments. 

I'll only be responding to staff

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  • Luca changed the title to Nyheim - BadRP & Powergaming - 04/07/2021 @ 20:30 - 20:50 (ish)
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Connection Logs


OP & Allies
19:38:19 | Player "Luca Thijs" is connected
21:54:24 | Player "Luca Thijs" has been disconnected

19:40:10 | Player "Thomas Schmidt" is connected
22:05:38 | Player "Thomas Schmidt" has been disconnected

20:12:48 | Player "Atlas Griffin" is connected
22:08:38 | Player "Atlas Griffin" has been disconnected

20:25:00 | Player "Fin Norgaard" is connected
22:31:52 | Player "Fin Norgaard" has been disconnected
22:33:32 | Player "Fin Norgaard" is connected

19:38:59 | Player "Ichigo Nygard" is connected
21:24:03 | Player "Ichigo Nygard" has been disconnected

19:54:54 | Player "Eemil Koskinen" is connected
21:39:36 | Player "Eemil Koskinen" has been disconnected

19:50:13 | Player "Mike White" is connected
21:25:29 | Player "Mike White" has been disconnected

Hit Logs


20:47:26 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 97.4927] hit by Player "Atlas Griffin" into LeftArm(22) for 7.5 damage (MeleeBrassKnuckles_Heavy) with Brass Knuckles
20:50:39 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 99.3486] hit by Player "Thomas Schmidt" into RightArm(19) for 1.75 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
20:50:57 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 98.989] hit by Player "Thomas Schmidt" into Torso(16) for 0.9 damage (MeleeFist)
20:52:38 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 98.6596] hit by Player "Thomas Schmidt" into LeftArm(18) for 4 damage (MeleeFist)
20:53:28 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 90.9207] hit by AKS74U into Torso(24) for 9 damage (FirearmHit_Rifle_Buttstock)
20:53:38 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 82.2809] hit by AKS74U into Torso(25) for 9 damage (FirearmHit_Rifle_Buttstock)
20:55:53 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 84.926] hit by Player "Fin Norgaard" into RightArm(31) for 4 damage (MeleeFist)
20:55:53 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 75.116] hit by Player "Atlas Griffin" into LeftArm(18) for 30 damage (MeleeBrassKnuckles_Heavy) with Brass Knuckles
20:55:54 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 71.116] hit by Player "Fin Norgaard" into (64) for 0 damage (MeleeFist)
20:55:56 | Player "Mike White" [HP: 7.26904] hit by Player "Fin Norgaard" into Torso(25) for 63.937 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 1.72703 meters
20:55:56 | Player "Mike White" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Fin Norgaard" into RightArm(30) for 63.937 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 1.72703 meters
20:55:56 | Player "Mike White" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Fin Norgaard" into Torso(1) for 63.937 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 1.72703 meters
20:55:56 | Player "Mike White" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Fin Norgaard" into Torso(24) for 63.937 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 1.72703 meters
20:55:57 | Player "Mike White" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Fin Norgaard" into RightArm(19) for 63.937 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 1.49003 meters
20:55:57 | Player "Mike White" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Fin Norgaard" into Torso(24) for 63.937 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 1.49003 meters

Kill Logs


20:55:56 | Player "Mike White" (DEAD) (pos=<2238.9, 2400.4, 35.8>) killed by Player "Fin Norgaard" (pos=<2240.5, 2399.7, 35.8>) with AKS-74U from 1.72703 meters
21:24:20 | Player "Mike White" (DEAD) (pos=<2033.6, 2475.4, 35.5>) died. Stats> <--- Slayed by @Rover for breaking NLR and returning to situation.

Chat Logs


20:27:52 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* yo uh, might need u for somethin atlas in a sec
20:28:13 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *nods to berry*
20:28:16 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* sum weird mans one of em wearin the mans face they shot
20:28:39 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* The guy ya'll shot, they cut him up and took his like face and are wearing it
20:30:21 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* ey
20:30:34 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* same guy we shot 3 times in a row
20:30:46 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* by the voice, that guy, no that's skinny and fin
20:32:02 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* A guy wearin a skull on his face, also missed u a lot.
20:33:06 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* Yeah that's funny cuz I saw you cutting up the body.
20:33:34 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* Jus saw him cutting up the body along with another guy
20:34:09 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* Uhh, I don't think so..? They were chillin together for like 15 minutes.
20:34:35 | Chat("Thomas Schmidt"): |
20:34:48 | Chat("Thomas Schmidt"): *Thomas looks down at the gloves. Are they bloody?*
20:34:55 | Chat("Thomas Schmidt"): *His gloves, rather.*
20:35:07 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *talks into her radio* "Hey, berry watched this dude cut up the body of the guy she just shot and he;s wearing his face now."
20:35:15 | Chat("Thomas Schmidt"): (( helloooooo?
20:35:17 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* Ay I was with Mick when we he told me bout some guy cuttin up the bodies.
20:35:26 | Chat("Thomas Schmidt"): (( Are your gloves bloody??
20:36:10 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *inspects his face* // do i recognise u from yesterday or new char?
20:36:29 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): // helloo?
20:36:41 | Chat("Thomas Schmidt"): (( its hard to rp with you if you dont respond in the chat, pal
20:36:53 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): // respond to text please
20:36:56 | Chat("Mike White"): iTS BAD rp IF YOU NEED A CHAT
20:37:01 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): // stfu
20:37:01 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *Would visibly be getting irritated*
20:37:25 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes* He's a cannibal, fuck him.
20:38:32 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): // do i recognise u from yesterday? yes or no?
20:38:37 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): She writes:* radio
20:38:48 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): // RESPOND TO TEXT!!
20:38:58 | Chat("Mike White"): No
20:39:04 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): // i dont recognise u?
20:39:14 | Chat("Mike White"): maybe idk do you?
20:39:30 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): // yes or no? is this a different character?
20:39:47 | Chat("Mike White"): yes
20:48:50 | Chat("Thomas Schmidt"): *Thomas presses the knife to the man's upper arm, pressing it into his skin, drawing blood.*
20:49:39 | Chat("Mike White"): I'm a 1pp stud i dont see it if you point guns at me
20:50:00 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): .//btw stop power gaming your identity
20:54:47 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): .//he's on the same character so we know him
20:59:06 | Chat("Thomas Schmidt"): *Thomas wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.*
21:00:02 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* wats ur name
21:00:11 | Chat("Ichigo Nygard"): *She writes:* very cool man

Position Logs


2021-07-04 20:55:56 ::: Character Mike White (sainz0ne |) killed at X:2238.9, Y:2400.4 by [REDACTED] with AKS-74U from 1 meter
2021-07-04 21:12:27 ::: Character Mike White (sainz0ne |) position X:1873.7, Y:2495.5 ::: Distance: 377m, Since death: 00h 16m NLR break!
2021-07-04 21:17:26 ::: Character Mike White (sainz0ne |) position X:2033.7, Y:2477.6 ::: Distance: 219m, Since death: 00h 21m NLR break!
2021-07-04 21:22:26 ::: Character Mike White (sainz0ne |) position X:2034.8, Y:2474.9 ::: Distance: 217m, Since death: 00h 26m NLR break!
--- Slayed by @Rover after being witnessed engaged in conversation with the same people in the same engagement he died in. ---


OP & Allies

@Luca - Luca Thijs - OP

@pl4nk - Thomas Schmidt - Posted

@OwXgleSimp - Atlas Griffin - Posted

@Ethan-J - Fin Norgaard - Posted

@UniiLR - Ichigo Nygard - Posted

@arttu - Eemil Koskinen - Posted




@sainz0ne - Mike White - Not Posted


Calling in the above to post their full points of view, and any unedited video evidence they may have.


@sainz0ne - Your POV is not sufficient for this report. Please address the accusations of powergaming and BadRP made by the OP, and provide your detailed explanation for your actions in this situation.



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@RoverWill post soon sorry for the delay! Just got out of game.

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arttu pov:

walked into the warehouse to see this guy getting held up, kind of just stood around there and listened to the conversation that was ongoing between the different people. even answered a question, if it sounds legit that he had slipped and the mask had gone onto his face. i wasn't really paying attention as i was playing clash royale, so nothing else from me.

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  • Administrator

@sainz0ne I have temp banned you from playing on our server until this report has been resolved.

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Ethan's Point of View:

I come to meet my pals @Luca @OwXgleSimp @pl4nk @UniiLR (@arttu met up with us a bit later), and see them talking with three people. I immediately recognize the accused @sainz0ne's voice because we took him hostage yesterday for being really suspicious toward our friend Nina (asking her to put her radio down when him and his friend came up to her). My friends initiated on him because it appeared his character was defiling a body and committing acts of cannibalism. 

I don't say anything at first just because I know people switch characters and I don't wana make the weird/awkward RP situation where I'm like "hey, I know you" and the other person is on a different character. But before I even decide to say anything, @Luca asks him "// do I recognize you?" so I just leave it be for the time being. At that point, @OwXgleSimp and I leave the conversation to make sure the other two guys weren't getting a position on us. A few minutes later, I went to the warehouse where Luca and Thomas were questioning the hostage. 
When I get there, Luca tells me that the hostage was not the guy from yesterday, which I found hard to believe but went along with it in case he was on a different character. I figured he had switched to an alt and forgot to change his name in the parameters (as often happens to ppl, myself included), but was still a bit skeptical that he had not made a new character (which was later confirmed). 

I would ask the accused @sainz0ne as to why he feels it warranted that our characters, after having spent an hour+ with you yesterday, would not recognize your face. I recognized your voice immediately, and the "//" question Luca asked is just to confirm so that we don't have bad/weird RP -- but wouldn't it be bad roleplay if we somehow weren't able to recognize you?

Once in the warehouse, I start to interrogate and berate the hostage for his obnoxious behaviour. After some time, the hostage continued talking back with snide, facetious, and inane remarks. These remarks came to a head when he accused Thomas of "being touched" by his parent as a child, and then accused us all of having been abused as children. At this point, I felt it well within reason to plug him full of bullets and end the situation.

My clips are unfortunately not as long as @pl4nk's, but I think whatever isn't in my clips is covered by his.


 please let me know if my POV needs more detail / if there's anything I missed.




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Hola, so I saw the accused man cut up a body and put on the skull of said body which icly I thought was weird and something I had to adress so I went and found some of my friends doing medrp as shown in the logs I'd imagine and let them know about it, in which they swiftly followed me and we quickly found the lad. In which I've ran into him a few times and every time it's been driven to an initiation from our/my side for various reasons. In which this time we talk to him and after some back and forth I find myself getting quickly agitated in the situation icly as I rp'd and after one more comment I initiated in which he quickly complied and @pl4nk opted to handle him throughout most of the situation. In which half of the time I was munching a bit of garlic bread and talking to my good friend @Ethan-J on discord as shown in one of his evidences and just havin a lovely chat. I have one single piece of evidence other then obvious chat logs above and other evidence provided above which is a minute instant replay clip that I most likely clipped because it made me laugh in the moment. I do not typically save these kinds of situations cause my storage is like 2gb free most of the time. But either way I will provide the clip none the less, as for music in the clip it is not edited I was just simply listening to music during the clip to avoid any confusion. I apologize if my POV is less useful but other then dropping the initiation I was mainly having a munch and a chat with my friend. I hope everybody reading has a lovely rest of their day.


Also I will only respond to staff questions 🙂


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As the accused has been permanently banned from the community, we're going to go ahead and close this report.

Apologies for any inconvenience. 


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