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I cant find the passphrase in rules section

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Hello, my name is John and im trying to applicate for DayzRp whitelist, and i've stumbled upon a problem where i just cant find any passphrase for going onto the next step. I have read the newcomer rules 3 time now, top to bottom, but i cant seem to find it. On my first initial read i saw some unusual phrase but i didn't know i will be needing that phrase later, then when it was needed from me to go on twitch site i clicked on the button that sent me to twitch site, and then afterwards i went back on the rules site, and finished reading the rules....long story short....i lost the phrase. Which led me to an information that passphrases change location and the phrase itself once the page is refreshed....which concludes now to a problem where i simply can't find no phrase whatsoever. I hope you understand my writing :D.

Best regards,


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Read it slowly and out loud word by word and you will for sure find it. It's obvious when you do.

Good luck

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