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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-03 10:51

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TODAY | 2021-08-03 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 8 hours, 8 minutes | Nyheim City

Nyheim: Wrongfull execution and attempted wrongfull execution, 7/1/2021 22:51

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Server and location: Nyheim, road near the first PLIKT gate 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  7/1/2021 22:51

Your in game name:  John Moose

Names of allies involved: -

Name of suspect/s: @Final Krullix

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  -

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): -

Detailed description of the events: After initiation I complied too I was placed in the building and interrogated. In the process of interrogation my character was shot twice in the leg. First time I was shot I started bleeding and @Final Krullix left me to bleed on the ground and said to his friends no to bandage me. After i while when I went into yellow for sometime he decided to order his man to bandage me.As the interrogation proceed I was shot again and was left bleeding till the end of encounter where they left me on red blood bleeding in the building and left and said that i need to count to 15 after they leave and then I can struggle out of handcuffs and then bandage myself. That is the attempted execution part as I survived because some people found me and bandaged me as I myself had little chance to do that in time.  After that I left the building and they were just outside so encounter proceed and they escorted me behind the PLIKT wall and while they were leaving they shot near me few times and that attracted zed to me and as I was low it downed me on the spot.

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Survived the encounter* in the end
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Hello, I've got to say this is one of the strangest report I've ever seen but ill post my POV

Color Code





key points

POV: So basically Skinny was just taking an afternoon stroll when he stumbles upon the man hunched over with a ushanka hat on. Skinny instantly remembers this creep from 4 days ago where he was held up and released and shot @Millie. Skinny SPRINGS into action and holds the man up bringing him outside the community center and alerts his Grandbaby @Deathwingthat they have the guy that shot his Grand Daughter @Millie. Rudy runs over and watched the hostage as Skinny goes to the community center and asks people if they want to join in. One of em joins in and Skinny gets to asking questions. The first one being why did he shoot Millie. Him replying with "I didn't shoot her" Skinny knows he's lying because when Millie was shot he saw a man in a Ushanka hat with a large backpack wearing the same clothing as the hostage SPRINTING out of the Hospital. We told him to put his hands up but he continued to run that day.


 This is a screen shot that I took of the man running away. Unfortunately I don't have any video evidence of this event. But this proves I saw the man ICly and knew it was the same guy as the hostage.

This proves the Metagame claim to be invalid.


Now continuing the POV: Skinny knew he was lying so he pressed the guy more saying to tell the truth and the guy responds with "I will say yes I did shoot her so you wont hit me." Which I responded saying "Stop saying that just to please me, I know the truth that you shot her, I want you to admit it." He looks around and says "Because you have your gun out I will say I shot her." This angered Skinny because the guy wouldn't own up to his actions. Skinny says "I told you to stop saying that just to please me I want you to ADMIT IT." The man proclaims that he has a different side to the story. Skinny says "Alright you know what ill give you 2 mins to make up your bullshit story when the timer goes off you may begin telling you lies." The man looks at the walls and thinks to himself. (I played a watch alarm going off for immersion) "Ok, you time is up you may begin your story." The man proclaims that he was tied up after drinking his "alcohol" which was actually disinfectant spray and he was let go and he just "Ran off." Skinny called him out on his bullshit and said "It was disinfectant spray first of all which is poison to your body, second of all you did more that just "Run off" you ran off and grabbed a gun and shot Holi and ran off. Do you have 2 eyes, because I certainly do, not good ones but I got em and they saw you running away after you shot her. I may be old but I aint dumb, don't play me as a fool son." Skinny says "Ima give you another chance to tell me the truth, did...you...shoot...her?" He replies with "no." Skinny in frustration after getting lied to grabs his gun and shoots him in the leg. The man just stares at skinny seeming to be unaffected. Skinny felt a wave of fear after knowing this man can get shot and not react at all. Skinny stares the man down and he finally falls to his knees but not screaming or saying a word. Rudy also being affected by this wave of fear quickly says "Should we bandage him?" Skinny replies with "Let him bleed a little bit and maybe it will get him talkin." Skinny waits a little bit and patches the man up. He then stares at the man and then stares at a sickle that was lying on the ground and grabs it and hovers it over the man. (I asked perms to cut off a finger and he denied it like 2 mins after) Skinny presses them sickle into the man and says "I don't like lairs boy tell me again did you shoot her?" The man replies with "No I did not shoot her." (I checked the man to MAKE SURE he had bandages to patch himself up.) Skinny picks up the gun and shoots the man in the other leg. The man AGAIN doesn't react at all and another wave of fear comes across skinny from this beast of a man. Skinny then tells him "Alright when you see us leave you may struggle out your cuffs do NOT head towards the community center and head EAST down the road" Skinny runs out of there passing a group of people that says "is it over?" Skinny nods and keeps walking to the community center. A minute passes and Skinny goes to see if the man is still there which he comes walking out of the door and starts heading STRAIGHT towards the community center and Skinny says. "Didn't I tell you to not head to the community center?" and escorts the man FAR away this time. As we were going down the road the man started crouch running and talking shit to his captors. Skinny ignored it and acted like the bigger person and did not give into the man. The guy next to skinny was threatening to shoot him and the hostage proclaimed "Shoot me than if you're so brave." Skinny continues to ignore the man telling to other man not to give into it. (Clearly baiting) The man also stated "Dont you have something else better to do?" Skinny continues to escort him back to the city and lets him go a little bit after the west gate. END POV

I never executed this man and he claims that I "Wrongfull execution and attempted wrongfull execution" I don't recall ever "Wrongfull executing" this man or "attempting wrogfull execution." Sure I shot him 2 times and let him bleed out but it was in RP and it definitely wasn't invalid. After I shot him once I let him bleed out a little bit but I bandaged him so he wouldn't start passing out. I also checked to make sure he had food and water and BANDAGES so after I shot him again he could bandage himself and continue surviving. I did this in RP to send a message to not lie or fuck with us. I didn't think it could be an "attempt wrongfull exectution." 

I have video evidence of after I let him go and me escorting him to the city after I noticed him baiting. I knew I should have clipped him giving BadRP but its whatever.

Also staff team I put the clips together in one video instead of making separate videos if you would like for me to prove it wasn't alternated. DM me and I can hop in a VC rq.


My skinny voice was not on point my bad 😞

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Connection Logs:


21:04:12 | Player "John Moose" is connected
00:36:43 | Player "John Moose" has been disconnected

21:58:57 | Player "Klone Fischer" is connected
23:27:56 | Player "Klone Fischer" has been disconnected

20:38:45 | Player "Alexandre Lemieux" is connected
00:27:13 | Player "Alexandre Lemieux" has been disconnected

20:40:27 | Player "Johnathan Jones" has been disconnected
22:14:56 | Player "Johnathan Jones" is connected

Hit Logs: 


22:24:40 | Player "John Moose" (pos=<1991.2, 2566.5, 35.5>) hit by Player "Alexandre Lemieux" (pos=<1990.2, 2566.7, 35.5>)  into Torso(24) for 1.75 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
22:27:55 | Player "John Moose" (pos=<1991.3, 2565.8, 35.5>) hit by Player "Johnathan Jones" (pos=<1990.2, 2565.8, 35.5>)  into (73) for 0 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
22:32:10 | Player "John Moose" (pos=<1998.6, 2563.9, 35.8>) hit by M4A1
22:36:37 | Player "John Moose" (pos=<1998.4, 2564.2, 35.8>) hit by Player "Johnathan Jones" (pos=<1998.4, 2565.1, 35.8>)  into (75) for 0 damage (MeleeFist)
22:39:48 | Player "John Moose" (pos=<1998.4, 2564.2, 35.8>) hit by Player "Johnathan Jones" (pos=<1998.5, 2565.5, 35.8>) with M4A1 from 1.35888 meters 
22:43:00 | Player "John Moose" (pos=<1997.7, 2564.7, 35.8>) hit by Player "Johnathan Jones" (pos=<1998.5, 2565.5, 35.8>) with Project Alpha AK-74 from 1.13916 meters 
22:45:58 | Player "John Moose" (pos=<1963.9, 2558.4, 35.5>) hit by Player "Alexandre Lemieux" (pos=<1963.7, 2559.1, 35.5>)  into RightFoot(2) for 5.6 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
22:57:11 | Player "John Moose" (pos=<2808.4, 2337.5, 31.7>) hit by Player "Klone Fischer" (pos=<2808.5, 2336.4, 32.0>)  into RightLeg(5) for 4 damage (MeleeFist)

Calling in the following people to post their POVs & any unedited video evidence they might have:

@Slaviox- John Moose - Posted

@Canadian- Alexandre Lemieux - Posted
@Final Krullix- Johnathan Jones - Posted

@klone- Klone Fischer - Posted

If either party wishes to talk out the situation in voice, feel free to contact any of our staff team and we can mediate a talk between both sides.

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So I was chilling at the community center when Skinny came up and told everyone they had found the guy who shot Holly, so I decided to go check it out, as Holly was one of the first survivors Alex met. The man was being held outside of a small building near the community center and was being questioned. To be honest, the man did not seem to care at all, giving lacklustre responses and audibly sighing when we asked him questions. We moved him inside and tied him up for our safety. @Final Krullix explains the interrogation very well so I won’t repeat it, but afterward, we left the building and I returned to the community center. I then turn around and see the same guy we had just interrogated returning to the community center after we CLEARLY told him to not return two minutes before. I then go with skinny and we confront him. He started talking shit to us so I punched him as my character is pretty short tempered and got angry at the man. We then walked him to the east and after a lot of shit talking towards two armed people, we finally let him walk off. He wasn’t really leaving, so skinny let off a few warning shots to encourage him. I then left the situation and returned to my business.

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Posted (edited)

If you find this strange I’m rly sad. You left your hostage to die twice and he survived only because of luck. Me having bandages did not matter at all as I needed to count to 15 AFTER you left and then I needed to struggle out of handcuffs and ONLY THEN I could bandage while being in the red blood already before you even started leaving. I was saved just because some people ran in looking for dead body to loot...


RP was stale from the beginning of the encounter, that's true. Was is BadRP? Would not go that far. Spending the first 15 min with no interaction besides “keep your hands up” was boring and then the interrogation of asking one question over and over was not very creative either and then other than you were not menacing at all besides having guns like everyone else . I as a hostage have limited wiggle room. Don’t trust you enough to go into torture RP as your normal rp was mediocre at best.


Edited by Slaviox
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13 minutes ago, Slaviox said:

You left your hostage to die twice and he survived only because of luck.

No I let you bleed out during the RP I wasn't going to let you die, the second time I made sure you had bandages to bandage yourself. You did not survive off of luck. You survived because I made sure you were able to survive.

14 minutes ago, Slaviox said:

Me having bandages did not matter at all as I needed to count to 15 AFTER you left and then I needed to struggle out of handcuffs and ONLY THEN I could bandage while being in the red blood already before you even started leaving.

I don't ever recall saying count to 15 after we leave. I said Struggle out of the cuffs when we leave and then bandage yourself and left right afterwards for you to struggle out. I also DOUBLE checked to make sure you had bandages and the means to survive after I shot you the last time.

16 minutes ago, Slaviox said:

I was saved just because some people ran in looking for dead body to loot...

As soon as we came out the door those people were outside and said is he still there and I nodded and they went in. Don't make it seem like they were the reason you survived the encounter because they entered literally as soon as we left. Again I checked to make sure you had the bandages and equipment to survive.

23 minutes ago, Slaviox said:

RP was stale from the beginning of the encounter, that's true. Was is BadRP? Would not go that far. Spending the first 15 min with no interaction besides “keep your hands up” was boring and then the interrogation of asking one question over and over was not very creative either

Yeah because I was walking you to a safe place where I wouldn't get shot out of no where. I also took sometime to radio @Millieto let her know that we had you hostage and if she wanted to participate That's why it was stale from MY end. Afterwards it picked up and we had some GoodRP. But don't forget your BadRP where you didn't react at all after me shooting you TWICE. AND don't forget you were talking shit to your captors OVER AND OVER again. We gave you so many chances and I was feeling very patient that day. I would say that was some pretty StaleRP from your end. Don't try to spin the story on me you were the one that made it "stale"


24 minutes ago, Slaviox said:

I as a hostage have limited wiggle room. Don’t trust you enough to go into torture RP as your normal rp was mediocre at best.

You call my RP mediocre and non creative when you crouch run around and drink bleach as good RP? I told you I knew you shot Holi and my character wanted you to admit it but you just agreed just to please me saying "Just because you are holding your gun I will say yes I did shoot her" word for word. 

I will no longer post on this thread unless called by a staff member good day sir.

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I'd like to start off this by saying I was NOT apart of this robbery/hostage situation, so I don't know why I'm listed as ACCUSED

Klone's POV is strictly from a bystanders sight. 

Skinny walks into the community center, stating they found the person who shot Holly, @Canadianfollows Skinny and I stayed with my little clique of people because Klone isn't a fan of Holly anyways. I ran by at one point to go loot some cars and heard their interrogation, seemed perfectly normal. Went back to my little circle at the Community Center, and told them we should probably stay over here so we don't get caught up in their little dealings. Then 5 seconds later we run over as they come out, me and another guy patch up @Slaviox.

He proceeds to run out the building and get approached again by @Final Krullixand they continue their engagement with him, leading him East down the road. My little circle of people and me were going to do our own thing and were going East anyways and passed Skinny and some other guy on the way as they were returning back from whatever they did to Moose. 

My melee punch to Moose was carried out as a "slap on the knee" as I stated to my group as a joke cause he was damaged and I actually saved him from the Zombie attacking him. I didn't intend to hit him to be fair, seeing how damaged he looked. So, oops.

We moved along because Moose was unresponsive in game, figured he was reporting the other two, so we cleared the area to make sure there were no other zombies and moved along.

Request to remove myself from the ACCUSED, as I had no part in this engagement.


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Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - @Final Krullix - Not Guilty  (Both Instances)

Attempted Invalid Kill  - @Final Krullix - Inconclusive  (First instance)

Attempted Invalid Kill  - @Final Krullix - Not Guilty  (Second Instance)



It would appear this report is covering two instances, however as we have no conclusive video of the first incident and the parties disagree, there is an inconclusive determination on the unrecorded instance of @Slaviox being captured and released while bleeding.

In the second instance, all parties seem to agree that @Slaviox was initiated on, taken hostage, and released. During this he was shot, interrogated, etc. No one is disputing this fact, and the video evidence begins with @Slaviox being escorted away from the area he was captured in, and released.  Warning shots were fired numerous times while walking @Slaviox to the wall and after releasing him, apparently due to @Slaviox moving slowly or shit talking.



Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Not guilty - By virtue of the simple fact that @Slavioxdid not actually die.

Attempted Invalid Kill - Inconclusive - The evidence and POV's are not conclusive on the first situation that occurred before this one.

Attempted Invalid Kill - Not Guilty - @Slaviox was released outside the city in a state where he could move normally, and was not subjected to being repeatedly rendered unconscious due to bloodloss. For the entire extended walk over, he was able to move without issues. For this reason alone, we find it hard to believe he struggled to deal with a few infected, at least to the point we could lay fault on @Final Krullixfor a parting shot to get the lead out of @Slaviox feet and send him packing. If we felt that the reason was to draw infected down on @Slaviox we would view this differently, however it wasn't the first shot in the video seen fired to encourage @Slaviox to move faster.



@Slaviox- Had you died, we may be considering hitting you for NVFL. You are being told to run away, run faster, etc, and are still in the crouched hobble. When told you are going to be stabbed you yell back "Just do it then if you are so fucking brave." That is blatant shit-talking to hostage takers that presumably have made it clear they are not to be trifled with by the fact they shot you. Had they executed you on the walk out, it would have been perfectly justified. Do not let your OOC anger and annoyances at how a roleplay situation is going lead to you giving poor roleplay to your hostage takers.

@Final Krullix - While you are allowed to hurt and harm your hostages, we would heavily encourage you to be more judicial in your application of high caliber rifle rounds. Had you accidentally killed @Slavioxwith one of the two rounds fired into his leg, you'd have been found guilty of Invalid Kill. While you are allowed to color code your POV, the method in which you chose was far from helpful. Be more sparing, and don't turn it into a rainbow. It was difficult to read.



Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - @Final Krullix - Not Guilty  (Both Instances)

Attempted Invalid Kill  - @Final Krullix - Inconclusive  (First instance)

Attempted Invalid Kill  - @Final Krullix - Not Guilty  (Second Instance)


Signed.: @Rover & @Duplessis

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