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Matt Chillas Final Warning Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/32776-matt-chillas/warnings/6988/

Why the verdict is not fair: It was completely fair and well deserved.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 

Ah, yes, this was a long time coming and I'm quite excited as I'm writing this. The last 3-4 months of time that I spent on DayZRP has most definetly the most fun I've had since the beginning. My adventure from being a Meme Lord to becoming a Avid Roleplayer has been a tough one with ups and downs. But, I'm safe to say that I'm happy to see how far I've come as a member of this community.

When I returned to the community in early February I had zero care for my interactions and only focused on PVP. Looking back at this, I'm quite ashamed of the things I did. They were edgy and very cringe worthy. I rolled with no shits to give and found myself breaking rules on the occasion. When I was banned for Metagaming I honestly did not realize the problems that would arise in the future. I kept up my antics and soon found myself Banned Permanently from the Community. At the time, I didn't really care. But, as the days past, I started to miss my friends and all the shenanigans we'd get up to. I missed DayZRP.

I kept in touch with Yakmouth and after almost a month I wanted to apply for an Appeal. I wrote out a Appeal and thought nothing of it. However, a day or two later I realized that I was avaliable for Amnesty. I don't know what Yakmouth saw in me but, he'd offered to pay for my Amnesty fees and he sure as hell kept his word. I sat down and saw myself unbanned and arguably noticed that it was time for change. 

Creating Manuel Del Toro was absolutely amazing. I'm proud to say that by far he's the best character I've ever played and will be the most memorable one. I soon started rolling around with El Familia again and I felt the feeling that I had been lacking for a while now. DayZRP has a different type of "click" that other servers lack.  I figured this out the day I was back. As I spent 3 months roleplaying actively on DayZRP I developed some of the closest friends I have on DayZRP. Time flew and people started changing their opinions about me. The friends I had lost came back and noticed the changes I began making. 

After the 3 months of actively playing on the server, I noticed that there was a Lore Wipe coming and when my friends started leaving due to other altercations I wanted something different. I loved playing Manuel Del Toro but, everyone had gone. All my friends had either went to other servers or stopped playing DayZ entirely. I was the last of my entire group on the server and it got boring. I lost the strength to log on and check on the base everyday and do my daily tasks alone. I had even forgotten to make this entire appeal that I so long waited for.

So, I took a break. I played other games and focused more on real life. However, there was always the memories of the fun I had when I was playing DayZ. My friend Hampze kept bugging me about coming back to the server and a couple days ago I decided to give it another go. I want another start at something that I loved doing. So, might aswell start fresh. I hope that my changes were enough for me to be considered to be taken off Final Warning. I've truly given it my best and my all. But, I really couldn't have done it by myself. I want to thank the entire DayZRP community for helping along the way and the countless DayZRP Staff that had to DM me back and forth as I asked about rules that I was unsure of.

Thank you all for being so damn amazing.




What would you like to achieve with this appeal: 

Taken off Final Warning so I can start a new chapter on DayZRP.

What could you have done better?:

I simply could've seen the damage I was doing to the community. I hurt people and took no one seriously. I fucked up and I didn't realize until it was too late and the deed was already done. I should've remembered the core goal in Roleplay and given more attention to the people that tried to warn me. 

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Hello @Matt Chillas,

Given how your attitude and demeanour has changed after your return from amnesty, you have proven to us that you are ready to have your final warning removed. You have shown great improvement in your attitude on discord, where I have seen you help many people, including your attitude and your willingness to help on the forums. Your in-game activity during the Chernarus period was great, and you contributed to many role-play stories and of course sticking by all the in game rules along the way; it is for these reasons we are now accepting your appeal and removing you from final warning.

//Appeal Accepted

Signed @Realize@Inferno@Hofer

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