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Enoch Monroe's Tattered Bound Journal


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By Happenchance
Today is the day, i put pen to paper.
A day in which has no particular awe to it, yet I feel it time to return to mental normality.
I left Ander's Holdfast and Albion with it three years past.
The loss of anyone that once held council in your heart and mind is enough to make one do the most unexpected things.
In my case I sailed away and across an ocean to escape Grief, yet Grief was a stowaway and sailed with me.
Greif's greatest ally is Death, and my mentor Bernard, met him.
Bernard taught me everything I know. Be it writing or my love for literature, it all grew when Bernard planted and nurtured this knowledge within me.

Beneath the cobbles at Ander's, there is a vault. I refer to this under croft as the now heart of England, as it's contents hold written works of the upmost historical importance and beauty.
The job i was tutored to do by Bernard was that of Bookkeeping and recordance.
I used to write; be it short radio dramas, poetry or even just the simple diary entry. But this is the first time since his passing.
Maybe Fin can help with ideas, for my thoughts did not get on that boat with me it would seem.

  "There is nothing so hollow as pens,
There is nothing so gloomy as ink,
When a man is obliged to think of something,
And doesn't  know what to think."

If by happenchance i return to these pages, I will bring something a little more worth the ink than a sad past and trivial words.
However, verbosity is my best friend, and I intend to bring them along.


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