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The Men From New York

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     In the Year 2071, names and boundaries such as "New York" and "New Jersey" are just novelties of a time long forgotten. New York City was previously a sprawling metropolis of five boroughs and millions of inhabitants. The significance & influence of New York City was so great in the old times that a sprawling conurbation expanded outward resulting in the surrounding dozens of miles being packed to the brim with dense suburbs. This population density thins out the further you get from New York City, something that historians in 2071 have observed, noting the frequency of apartment buildings and multi-family housing diminishing roughly 30 miles from the city, giving way to sprawling single-family suburbs. Historians believe those privileged enough to find themselves with a home and land quickly faced the living and infected inhabitants of apartment buildings descending on them. Overall it is widely believed that people living through the 2020s undertook three options: 1) Flee to the Suburbs, 2) Flee to New York City, 3) Flee the New York Metropolitan Area.

     Little more is certain of the "New York Metropolitan Area" in the year 2021, and even less known as to how "Governor's Isle" developed into the beacon of civilization it is today. Visitor's to the Governor's Isle will quickly learn of two major inhabited territories. Primarily, there is the Governor's Isle, which encompasses many of the former boroughs of New York, and the dispersed communities that inhabit these areas. The second you set foot outside the walls & checkpoints of Governor's Isle, you stand in the ungoverned anarachy of "Bergen." The inhabitants of Bergen are often looked down upon and referred to as "Bergenites". There have been historical tensions and war between Bergenites and inhabitants of Governor's Isle, with the Bergenites living in broad anarchy, protecting their property personally, or by participating in local gangs, militias, and mafias. There are a few towns and community areas in Bergen, such as "The Ridge," and "The Manor", and they are usually either loosely governed by local citizen's militias, or subject to criminal strongmen who provide protection and extort inhabitants.



Typical Gambino Soldiers that one could expect to see in the "Bergen" region

     The origins of the Gambino Crime Family is unknown, however they claim to be descended from powerful criminal mafia lords who graciously protected civilians in the 2020s as the government collapsed. In 2071, the Gambinos are a wide network of families who's Boss is always the first born Gambino. Second and further born Gambinos usually marry downward into Underboss families, tightening the Gambinos' grip on the whole structure, however some further-borns have attempted assassinations, or started allied & rivaled gangs in neighboring areas of Bergen. The influence of the Gambino network runs deep, with some rumors claiming that even Governor's Isle answers to them. Regardless, it is widely known that the Gambino's control a significant portion of Bergen from "The Manor" - a tremendous mansion at the edge of "Bergen" territory, widely considered the geographical marker of the "Skylands" region.

     Little is known of the Skylands, and the Gambinos put significant effort into ensuring no one ventures too far west into these areas. People attempting to sneak through the dense of the forests of the Skylands are seldom seen again. The Gambinos insist that a "Preeminent Threat" exists in the Skylands, and that these areas are off-limits for the safety of Bergen. Some rumors hold that the Skylands has several other communities, which are speculated to either be additional victims of Gambino tyranny, or noteworthy rivals who are pushing The Manor toward an existential crisis.

The Manor - The Gambino's headquarters, the furthest extent of the "Bergen" territory, and the beginning of the "Skylands"



     In the year 2071, Governor's Isle is still recovering from the damage caused by bombings, uprisings, and invasions from Bergen. The major communities of the Governor's Isle live in fear. The largest of these community is "The Square". These people are derogatively known as "Under Dwellers." Their primary hub is the subway station beneath Time Square, however their influence and community spreads deep through the tunnels and passageways beneath the city. "The Square" is seen pictured from the surface on the cover of this story. The most well known of the Governor's Isle communities is "The High Port". Inhabitants have established themselves in shipping containers, taking full advantage of the convenient access to riverways and oceans. It is from here, where our story begins, and how the Men From New York found their way to Nyheim.



     In the hour before chaos erupted in Governor's Isle, a man calling himself "Frank" came to High Port, and sought passage anywhere he could. It is known that he left with a sail boat, headed northward, but more importantly, away from Governor's Isle. Within 3 days a second man arrived, calling himself "Frankie". An inhabitant remarked the coincidence of having just encountered another "Frank" only days before. The first man was Franklin Blake, a lowly bastard of the Gambino Family, who was instrumental in the recent decline of Governor's Isle. The second man was Francisco Gottie, a Gambino hitman, firstborn son of Caporegime J. Gottie.
     Francis pursued Franklin relentlessly, as their history runs deep. These men from New York are in fact half-brothers, something which drives Gottie toward obsessive hatred of his father and Franklin. Strangely enough, both men were destined for Nyheim, but Francis arrived first. He continued his first original tactic of using the alias "Frankie" hoping someone else may observe a coincidence yet again, giving him a potential lead. Francis quickly encountered Tobias, a friendly man of few words who Francis immediately realized had similarly unsavory history. The two worked together, traveling under the guise of helpful sherpas & merchants, but ultimately interested in gathering information. Pictured below, Francisco Gottie as "Frankie."



     Only yesterday (as of writing) a remarkable development has occurred. Francisco "Frankie" Gottie was attempting to pass through a PLIKT checkpoint and leave Nyheim to store a significant lump of cash for safe keeping. As Frankie attempted to leave, PLIKT pulled him aside for extra searching. This didn't make much sense since he was leaving, but he decided to comply. Frankie fussed with his oversized backpack, items spilling on to the floor. The pack was so heavy and tight, that removing it was rather difficult. With the help of Tobias, the pack was ripped off. PLIKT began to search, and a bead of sweat dripped down his brow as a PLIKT inspector asked "Are you a drug dealer?" A small compact weapon was pulled from his bag "This is an automatic rifle, we have to take it."

     Before Tobias could get involved, he was escorted beyond the walls, leaving Frankie behind with PLIKT for extra interrogation. What happened next is unclear, and rumors abound, but all that is certain is that Frankie died in PLIKT custody. PLIKT asserts that Frankie died of infection, however some believe he had swallowed a lethal dose of drugs in a vain effort to conceal his contraband. Another rumor was that he was arbitrarily shot, killed in cold blood. Others assert that he had in fact succumb to his infection and turned, with PLIKT simply dispatching the mindless zombie he became. Still, the community remains divided on this matter. Some travel, spreading the word of Frankie, vowing to raise an army and bring justice against PLIKT. Others assert that Frankie deserved to die, purporting rumors that he had been resisting PLIKT, swallowed drugs, drawn a weapon, or was an otherwise sketchy person who should not go on living. Regardless, just as these rumors began circulating, Franklin Blake had finally arrived. After trekking through the harsh wilderness, he stumbled upon Tobias, who quickly offered him new shoes to replace his old battered pair. Now it would appear that Tobias has met both of the Men from New York. The first man has perished, and his greatest mark upon Nyheim was made in death. The second man draws breath, but for how much longer? Will there be more Men from New York?

That is all, thank you for reading, there may be a part 2 describing the life & death of Franklin Blake in Nyheim

Learn more about Francisco "Frankie" Gottie here under -> 
Character: Francis Gottie - DayZRP
Learn more about Franklin Blake here under -> Character: Franklin Blake - DayZRP

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I changed him to deceased before editing-in his cause of death. RIP Sherpa - you will forever be sketchy and sell contraband in the after life.

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