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The Volunteers [WIP PLIKT Loyalists]

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Consider this body of text mostly a placeholder, I am creating this post to gauge interest in membership of a PLIKT Loyalist citizens' militia. The idea is that we would limit our RP to PLIKT's jurisdiction, and we would essentially keep the peace in the name of PLIKT when they're offline. Here's some basics:


Our primary objective is helping PLIKT protect Nyheim's civilians, not participating in political conflict or group war

  • We ARE volunteers who support PLIKT and believe they fundamentally need our help
  • We ARE ideologically aligned with PLIKT and endorse their continued existence
  • We ARE wannabe PLIKT rejects IC - all member's lore should involve an interest or attempt in PLIKT membership that didn't work out
  • We WILL patrol PLIKT's jurisdiction of Nyheim to kill Zeds and intervene to protect victims of violent crime/robbery
  • We WILL obey PLIKT's official instructions when expressed IC, and report crimes when deemed necessary
  • We WILL be a player group, meaning we don't experience special privileges to use non-lethal force, exile players, lockers, spawned kits, etc
  • We MAY attempt to ID players or detain suspicious persons and solicit bribes to refrain from reporting crimes
  • We MAY violate some of PLIKT's prohibitions ourselves, using automatic weapons and drugs/alcohol during our duties
  • We MAY set up extortionist checkpoints in Nyheim and attempt to extract tolls from players passing through
  • We WILL NOT attempt to regularly enforce PLIKT rules (It isn't our primary concern to stop drug trade or seize automatic weapons)
  • We WILL NOT actively attempt to search players for contraband, attempt to verify ID numbers (If anyone asks for ID we have no way of validating numbers anyway)
  • We WILL NOT actively oppose or combat the enemies of PLIKT, nor will we intervene in riots or come to the defense of PLIKT operations


That's all for know. Please respond with your suggestions, thoughts, and interest. I am open to criticism, constructive or otherwise, so please share.

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Hello @Stellaboy,

We do not allow people to have WIP groups as per the Group Rules and Requirements. When you are ready to have this unarchived, let a Mod+ know.


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