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Enable clipping to the Expansion walls and add EvenMoreDoors as a replacement.


a really good poll tittle that explains to people reading what the poll is about and is not made up randomly to have no purpose at all either than wasting people's time that read it  

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  • MVP

Currently the base building IG is at an all time high, with the new map and the influx of new people and the large pop the server gets. This is not an issue as I am incredibly happy about it, what is an issue though is the Rust like bases I personally bump into on a daily basis.

The way expansion walls work right now is that clipping is currently disabled and as such allows people to put walls through buildings. This in itself is not that big of a deal and I have no issue with someone putting a wall in a door to protect their base, issue comes when it turns into a 5 door interdimensional travel with walls sticking out of buildings or people making the next Mont-Saint-Michel on the roof of some random house.




This is not how base building should work on the server and unfortunately there are many other places just like this. This is why I suggest removing the ability to place the base building walls everywhere by enabling the clipping.

However, this will mean building a protected base will become quite hard. As such I also suggest we add EvenMoreDoors. This is a standalone mod, similar to MoreDoors but it looks way better and it should work just like normal vanilla but it's a small door that can be placed inside so that rooms can be barricaded off easily without having a forest worth of wood sticking out of it.

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  • Moderator

I don't wanna see roof camper bases on my roleplay server pls fix this is good idea and I think it will make bases much more realistic instead of having walls through walls in walls through stairs so on so forth. People are unable to follow the AOGM rule unfortunately and the clipping is too much.

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  • Diamond
Posted (edited)

Please for the love of god add evenmoredoors.  I thought that was the plan with the new map anyway, and I was sad it wasn’t put in.  I’m so tired of seeing expansion doors on houses x.x


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  • Diamond

Remove expansion basebuilding, add moredoors and then keep vanilla base building. The rust bases ive seen are gross and the clipping of the base walls is ridiculous. 

@Rolandpls fix.

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  • Titanium

Please add EvenMoreDoors! When we had the MoreDoors mod à few months ago, it made everything sooo much better! This EMD mod really is something we need right now since most people live in the city itself so being able to build small door would give everyone more opportunity for a base without seeing the horrible wall clipping. 

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  • Moderator

Yes please. I'm tired of seeing bases built like that, especially since materials for it are so easy to find.

As for the Doors mod, I believe @Rolandforgot to add it and should put it some time soon 🙂  This would surely give people the option to hide their gear while not building Rust fortresses...

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  • Emerald

Just remove all the hideous walls and add moredoors instead.

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  • Emerald

I personally like the challenge of cracking into a rust base

However, they’re so fucking ugly and the clipping through walls not only allows me to AOGM chop them down but also breaks my immersion 

Please moredoors 

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