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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-06 04:17

Dynamic Events - Contracts / Mutants
TODAY | 2021-08-06 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 14 hours, 42 minutes | Nyheim City

executed wrongfully

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Server and location: nyheim, top right corner of map 024x001

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:55

Your in game name: Remington Struck

Names of allies involved: Chim Richalds

Name of suspect/s: Hannibal Oak

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: I was killed during an rp event was invited to have dinner. Claimed a friend i was with disrespected him and when we got back to their base put him in a cage. I asked them not to kill him and when i did was told to put my hands up and crouch. He claimed i disrespected him after asking me if i thought he was a pussy and than i answered no and than proceeded to execute me. i had not attempted to escape or had been rude or insulted them in anyway and cooperated with all of their demands.

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I was also in this RP situation. We met them walking through the woods. he invited us to dinner and said it would be disrespectful. We were out in the woods i had my rifle out for personal protection, i was told that having my weapons out was making them nervous and to put them away i complied. he brought us to his base along 3 others. on the way he roleplayed and made me take my shoes off and started talking about my toes and he then cut them off. that RP made me very uncomfortable i think it was borderline breaking rule 3.1. i still remained roleplaying as i am new to the server. we got to the base the put us in a garage at this point we were "guests sharing a meal" at no point did we become hostages. at the base i was told to get in a cage. I complied and continued to RP thats when i was sure i was hostage but they told me it was a gesture to show respect. My buddy Remington senses its off and asks him to "please dont kill my friend". He tells Remington to put down his guns and then put his hands up, then Hannibal points the gun at me and then turns and just shoots my friend. He complied and i complied fully. My friend wasnt even aware he was a hostage until 10 seconds before his death. They opened the cage and one said i should run for my life so then i did. I ran and survived. This was fail RP because RP was convoluted and very hard to follow. very weird and uncomfortable. KOS because he killed a hostage when he was fully complying and about 10 seconds into his hostage status. I am new and i abided by the rules and so did my friend. We wanted to RP the situation out and now my friend is randomly dead and i lost a bunch of stuff.

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Hannibal here. My character is someone who doesn't enjoy being disobeyed or disrespected. I gave him commands to be quiet for over 3 minutes and he would not be quiet. It is part of my character being from outside the walls that I do not enjoy most peoples interactions. I apologize that it got that intense, it could have been better on both sides. I got annoyed over someone not being quiet, but they should have listened especially in the situation they were in.

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I literally told both of you multiple times if you talked that you would be killed. Im sorry that it had to escalate to that point but it did. These things happen, If you want we can compensate you if you come back to our base tonight.

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that is simply untrue unless your forgetting the part where you asked me if i thought you looked like a "pussy" to which i replied no sir as you than preceded to say ive had enough of this as you executed me after asking me to put my hands up and get on my knees. i dont not want compensation just simply as one of my first rp experiences on this server that was pretty shitty

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Do not post in this report past this point unless you are called in.

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  • Game Master

 Connection Logs:


21:08:02 | Player "Remington Struck" is connected
21:10:10 | Player "Remington Struck" has been disconnected
21:28:44 | Player "Remington Struck" is connected 
00:58:08 | Player "Remington Struck" has been disconnected

21:13:32 | Player "Chim Richalds" is connected 
23:16:47 | Player "Chim Richalds" has been disconnected
23:37:25 | Player "Chim Richalds" is connected
00:58:08 | Player "Chim Richalds" has been disconnected

21:03:56 | Player "Hannibal Oak" is connected 
21:21:05 | Player "Hannibal Oak" has been disconnected
21:33:47 | Player "Hannibal Oak" is connected 
23:06:32 | Player "Hannibal Oak" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:


22:54:57 | Player "Remington Struck" [HP: 59.9163] hit by Player "Hannibal Oak" into Head(0) for 20 damage (Bullet_22) with MK II from 2.03798 meters 
22:54:58 | Player "Remington Struck" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Hannibal Oak" into Head(0) for 20 damage (Bullet_22) with MK II from 2.03798 meters 
22:54:58 | Player "Remington Struck" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Hannibal Oak" into Head(0) for 20 damage (Bullet_22) with MK II from 2.03798 meters 

Kill Logs:


22:54:58 | Player "Remington Struck" (DEAD) killed by Player "Hannibal Oak" with MK II from 2.03798 meters

Chat Logs:


22:40:58 | Chat("Hannibal Oak"): //SLICES BOTH PINKIE TOES OFF
23:02:49 | Chat("Hannibal Oak"): //CUTS OPEN NECK
23:03:28 | Chat("Hannibal Oak"): //*PINCHES THROAT CLOSED*


Calling in the following people to post their complete POVs and any evidence they may have:

@Dizzzer400| Remington Struck - OP

@Chim_Richalds| Chim Richalds - Posted

@YerYayo| Hannibal Oak - Posted


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I apologize as I did not handle the situation correctly. It was a tense RP situation and I could have acted more properly when it came down to the actual execution. I don't want to make anyone's experience on the server to be affected with any actions that I had caused. 

I did tell him on multiple occasions to be quiet and if he hadn't listened then I would kill him. He was barely complying and I should have done something other than killing him. It was an annoying situation for me and my friends, they too were getting fed up with the situation.

100% should have handled the situation better though, so again I apologize.

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@YerYayo | Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - INCONCLUSIVEUnfortunately, as either side of this report were unable to produce any video evidence, we have nothing to prove conclusively that @YerYayoinvalidedly killed @Dizzzer400. As such, this has been ruled INCONCLUSIVE.


There are a couple of things the Staff would like to mention to the three of you involved in this report:

  1. To all of you - One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to install some kind of recording software (Shadowplay, Medal TV, OBS, etc...) so that these kind of situations don't arise in future. Video evidence is usually the best evidence you can provide us, and it ensures we aren't left with word vs. word for reports. 
  2. To @YerYayo- We understand that you're playing a character that doesn't like backchat/disobedience however, if you're going to go through with the effort of taking people hostage, try to remember there's other players sat behind those screens and make an effort to keep the situation interesting for them aswell. Unless you're in immediate danger, or you suspect your captives of trying to relay information over their radio, commanding them to keep silent really limits the potential RP from the hostages. Try to keep the RP engaging for everyone involved.
  3. To @YerYayo- We noticed in one of your replies to this thread that you were willing to "compensate" the OP for their troubles, this is something we don't want to see again, as it is something we strictly prohibit. Rule 3.5 specifically states that: 

    When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. You may not return to the general location (approximately 250 meters) where you died for at least 1 hour after your death, no matter the circumstances. You also cannot get involved in the same situation that lead to your death, even if it has moved to a different location or 1 hour has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Server restarts, crashes, game glitches, dying without any other players around or any other circumstances do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR).

    As @Dizzzer400was killed, all their memories of this situation are null and void, and we don't want to see anymore out of character arranging to give gear. Regardless of whether or not you feel it is owed, or if a rule was broken, this is not behavior we allow. 

Signed - @Queerios, @Lettuce, & @PaulB

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Looking Josie Gibson GIF by This Morning

After reviewing the connection logs, it seems something was overlooked. 

@YerYayo After reviewing the kill logs with your connection logs, it is seen that you logged out under the 30-minute combat log timer. I will link the rule below for you to review.


4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. If any players have kill rights on you or your group, you may not log out from the game until 30 minutes passed since you broke the line of sight with any of those players. This rule can be ignored if the players involved give you OK to log out earlier.

Overturned Outcome

@YerYayo | Combat logging (CL) | 2 day ban, 10 warning point

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