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Other versions of winter parka.


Other versions  

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  • Emerald

Unsure if winter parka is made by devs here or an external mod, but it would be cool to have more colours of it, Black, Blue, Grey, Yellow etc etc


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  • Emerald

I'm pretty sure this was answered in another thread somewhere (not sure) and if I remember correctly it's an external mod that they can't modify? I'm sure a Dev would know better though.

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  • MVP

Yeah if you're talking about the open jacket with fur on the hood, that's an external mod one.

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  • Diamond

Jill's Collection added a bunch of retextures of the windstride's stuff, could check that out.  


some of the options are really bright, i'd suggest turning them off, but it's a good collection of retextures people might enjoy

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  • Emerald

The things I would do for a bright red winter parka

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