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Ban Appeal

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Just trying my luck to see if I can get this ban appealed. I know it's only temporary but I understand the mistake. It was a stupid in joke that I had done with a friend without regards to the note being public. I want to apologise and see if I can get it overturned as I've only started playing yesterday and would like to keep playing with friends. I take roleplay seriously when involved but as I said this was nothing more than a stupid joke amongst friends that I don't intend to repeat.


Link to the source of punishment (report/post): (Not 100% sure here as it was DM'd directly, but it's on my profile) Skorn94 - DayZRP

Why the verdict is not fair: I disagree with this, the ban is fair, honestly. If I have to wait it out I will but I have enjoyed my past day playing and it'd be a bit of a bummer to be banned for a week right after initially playing. As stated, the joke was an in joke between friends and I really don't mean to repeat it. I didn't consider any other circumstances of the note being left around for others to discover and I apologise for my mistake.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I wrote the note and immediately gave my friend it. It was genuinely forgotten about between us two within minutes but I didn't mean for anyone else to see the note (if they did.).

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Make sure I'm not writing and/or leaving stupid notes around.

What could you have done better?: Not written the note in the first place. Even if so, make sure it's not left in the open for anyone to stumble upon it.

Thanks for checking this out. As I said I don't disagree with the ban and if I have to wait it out, so be it but I've been enjoying my past few days and would like to continue playing as I understand my actions and don't intend to repeat them.


- Chris.

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Hi there @Skorn94,

A separate portion of the Staff Team have reviewed your appeal and we have decided to DENY IT. We understand mistakes are made and jokes are had however our server has strict rules to upkeep a high level of immersion and roleplay at all times. As such the notes system in game is a privilege and one that should not be abused, please be aware we require -ALL- notes to be IC at all times no matter what. Any deviation from this will result in penalties. Hopefully this clears it up for you to not repeat it in the future.

With that being said,


Signed : @Lettuce@Basko

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