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certain items that would help with RP

certain items that would help with RP  

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  • Game Master

Hi Dicky,

Can you please add an un-biased poll to your suggestion, with a little bit more information regarding your suggestion?
You can find the Suggestion Guidelines here.


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  • MVP

Gonna have to say no to this. We probably wont add any big mods for a few items only and Munghards is a perfect example of such a mod.

Also I fail to see how backpacks help RP.

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  • Administrator

The 1st mod was very good and I voted accordingly, but after I saw the image below I was not wholeheartedly impressed:



The other mod we don't need because expansion building already allows for snapping.

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  • Diamond

No to both. I'd rather have Masse's or Squad's than Mungard. 

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  • Emerald

Whilst I'd love some see some of the items from the first mod added I'm not certain another huge itempack that needs sorting through is needed. 

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  • Emerald

Zippo very cool indeed, but not cool enough to add the rest of the stuff.

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