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What to do when the Vending Machine robs you?


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Hello Staffs,

With the old mod we had a handy dandy thread for posting videos when the trader from the old mod didn’t pay up. (Referenced in this thread with a dead link: )

Is there a new thread, procedure, or set of instructions to give when the malicious capitalist greed of the vending machine steals our wares without supplying coins?

Also yes I know it was posted in announcements the mod is broken and not to use it, asking more for future benefit when it inevitably screws someone over.


Asking as it came up in #help and I hate not having answers.



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Hello Rover,

Roland used to have a thread for this before the new map dropped. However this thread was closed with Nyheim release, since we did not have the same trader anymore.
Perhaps @Rolandcould open up a new thread for TraderPlus too?


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Currently at this moment in time it's highly recommended for people NOT to use the traders till posted that issues have been fixed. However if by any chance you do get scammed you could file for your insurance claim through a support ticket. Using the last thread's format/template when you put in a ticket for this using this would greatly help not only keep the ticket organized but also give the required information to help.


Server date and time of the loss:
Character name at the time of loss:
Amount lost:

Remember, you MUST have video evidence of the trader/ATM scamming you for your request to go through.

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