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A Game of Chairs (Families)


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The Rhodes

"All Rhodes lead South"

The Rhodes Family can date back to the American Civil War. Legend tells of a Union soldier who was shot and wounded in the Battle of Gettysburg. He was captured by Confederate soldiers and imprisoned in the ruthless violation of humanity, Andersonville prison. His fate was not to die here with 100s of other imprisoned federal soldiers. He faked his death just to escape into the woods. He was hunted down and chased by the hounds and other rebels. It wasn't until he succumbed to malnutrition and exhaustion that he wounded up in a barn to rest on a rainy night. He awoke to find the owner of the property pointing a gun at his face. He pleaded with the man to help him. Luckily for him, the man was a Minister and did so out of his duty to help the weak. It was when he asked the name of the young federalist his name did he make up a name on the spot to seem more southern to not arouse suspicions, "Rhodes". 

Whether the legend is true or not, is still debated in the Rhodes family to this day. Now, the Rhodes family live on Blue Ridge looking over the city of Coyote, West Virginia. This family prides itself on leadership qualities and helping others. After the collapse of the United States, the Rhodes family took their moonshine making business to further levels. Moonshine found it's uses as a currency, cleaning solution for medicine, and a way to forget the rough days. What sets the Rhodes apart from some of the other warring Families is their acceptance to anyone not directly related to them. The Rhodes have few brothers and sisters but many cousins. Often those who respect their practices or people they rescued, have adopted the last name Rhodes and joined the family. Currently, the Rhodes family number is the 10,000s with only a few hundred being directly blood related. Even more rare for the warring Families, the Rhodes allow people to earn their status by merit. A Cousin can become a Station Master, Road Master, or Train Master. These levels of leadership are not limited to blood.

The old saying "All Rhodes lead South" has several meanings. "All Rhodes..." meaning that anyone with the last name Rhodes they willfully adopted, "... lead..." meaning that all Rhodes can and will be a leader and must earn this right. It's the duty of the Rhodes family to guide those who are lost. Even if it's as simple as guiding them back to lost family or simply to medical help. And finally, "... South," their inherited southern beginnings and their territory of being in the south. Their territory stretches from the mountains of West Virginia to the marshes and swamps of Florida and Louisiana. Anyone who has gone to a car or hospital along their travel routes has seen, tasted, or felt the burn of Rhodes Moonshine, or nicknamed, Coyote Moon. 

The Rhodes have many enemies and allies. But not greater enemy exists than the Family Feud of Barley's and the Rhodes

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