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Item Shop Update [Adding Belts/Colours]


Adding Items to Shop  

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  • Diamond

Are we able to get maybe the following added:
• Belts
• Rifle Slings
• Leg Holsters 

There are a few new colour variants, like the white and black jungle boots. white tactical gloves or the different colored aviators that maybe could be added?
Not sure if this is stuff we can add to the item shop, but think it would be cool to add them if possible.

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-1 on belts, slings and holsters. They are not just fashion and prove to be good trading tools. I think the sling itself needs to be reduced in size for easier collection but  adding them to the shop means 5 bucks takes a very demanded item and reduces it's value significantly.

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  • MVP

Anything giving any sort of advantage is not allowed on the itemshop.

Advantages can be armor or storage. This is why you dont see vests or backpacks in the shop.

Clothes are an exception to this as we provide free substitute in the shop as well.


Bohemia ToS and nothing we can do.

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