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Hello, I'm Chris (C.Hall) IGN: "Howard Stone"

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Hello all. Hoping to get approved to play on the server. 

My player name is Howard Stone. Howard is from New Orleans and lost his family (Wife and two children) to raiders and set off to start a new life.

Pretty sad guy, but not bitter. Still wants to do right by others, but carries a deep pain and an unrealized rage within him.

If anyone has any critiques or suggestions on my character profile, I am all ears, as I am completely new to the RP side of gaming.


There is SOOOO much to learn! 

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Welcome to DayZRP, a wonderful community full of people who enjoy the Roleplay experience.

If you wish to get suggestions, i recommend reading the Newcomers Guide, Rules and Lore closely before going ingame.

If you are still feeling a bit unsure on how to roleplay, i would gladly take you under my wing and show you how i personally roleplay and get you started on your adventure as a sort of "Mentor"

Other then that, i hope to see you ingame!

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Welcome!  I hope you enjoy the server.  Perhaps we will get to meet one day out in the wild!  Have fun out there!

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Welcome to the community man!

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Welcome to the community!


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Welcome dude, a lot of nice people here if you need help. Watch out for the Raiderz in game though!

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