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Apparently my name is similar to n word

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):Character: Nick Gaz VI - DayZRP

Why the verdict is not fair: The name isnt slang or supposed to mean anything its literally Nick Gah-z like not guh its gaah-z, not supposed to mean anything slang or derivative. I cant believe I actually have to write this out and explain how my name doesn't mean something racist wow. 

I have had a character in the past named Nicky Gaz da sixth who was British it was supposed to be based off him, this character was Nick Gaz the sixth but i had to change that character as well due to how I worded him being sixth generation, so it wasn't my intention to have a name that kind of sounds like a slang n word..

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: you guys are really something else this shit is so silly 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: minus the 10 points i got for making a character 

What could you have done better?:  Put how to pronounce my name? i don't know this is actually a bit insane 


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Hello @Nik,

A separate portion of the Staff Team have reviewed your appeal, and we appreciate your effort to come to an amicable resolution, as such we have chosen to ACCEPT it. We feel this warning, and the accompanying points, were given too hastily and that you should have been given the standard 24 hours to change your character name. That being said, we want to take you up on your offer, and we would like you to change your character name as soon as possible. 

So, without further ado:

APPEAL ACCEPTED - Warning & Points Revoked 

Signed, @Queerios, @Duplessis

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