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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-06 03:31

Dynamic Events - Contracts / Mutants
TODAY | 2021-08-06 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 15 hours, 28 minutes | Nyheim City

Possible AOGM and Combat Logging


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Server and location: DayzRp Nyhiem / Snohaug 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5:45 am UTC  (10:45 pm pst)

Your in game name: Claire Shepard

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: N/A 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: 

I woke up to the sound of opening doors and storage. 1 men approached me. we said hi and I said to please respect other peoples stuff and privacy as if I caught you stealing I would shoot u. He most definitely herd me. His friend showed up and told me that they had to go. they left my site and I went back to my shack. I then saw them go and grab a Large tent from a broken house which is a friend of mines. They both walked down the tall mountain some how 1 carrying a huge mili bag and another one holding a large military tent. Restart was amoung us and I kept my eyes on them as they began to approach a cabin down the mountain. Restart hit and I waited it out for 20 mins and there was no sign of them. I even rped it out and brought 3 other guys and we further surveyed the area for them. 


below is and image of where I was standing and where they were right before restart.


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Hello @thanosegg, do you know the names of the 3 allies you had with you when you were searching?

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Connection Logs:


05:23:35 | Player "Claire Shepherd" is connected 
05:39:51 | Player "Claire Shepherd" has been disconnected
05:41:36 | Player "Claire Shepherd" is connected 
06:30:31 | Player "Claire Shepherd" has been disconnected

02:01:58 | Player "War Jon" is connected 
05:39:51 | Player "War Jon" has been disconnected

02:15:57 | Player "Danny Robinson" is connected 
05:39:51 | Player "Danny Robinson" has been disconnected

Position Logs:


05:26:17 | Player "Claire Shepherd" (pos=<249.8, 4410.9, 291.0>)
05:31:16 | Player "Claire Shepherd" (pos=<230.9, 4398.3, 290.4>)
05:36:15 | Player "Claire Shepherd" (pos=<249.3, 4403.2, 291.1>)
05:46:34 | Player "Claire Shepherd" (pos=<343.9, 4387.9, 271.9>)
05:51:33 | Player "Claire Shepherd" (pos=<262.3, 4809.4, 156.5>)
05:56:32 | Player "Claire Shepherd" (pos=<233.9, 4752.7, 187.2>)
06:01:31 | Player "Claire Shepherd" (pos=<234.9, 4403.5, 290.6>)

05:16:18 | Player "War Jon" (pos=<390.1, 4068.8, 167.3>)
05:21:17 | Player "War Jon" (pos=<333.6, 4154.2, 174.7>)
05:26:17 | Player "War Jon" (pos=<249.8, 4409.1, 291.0>)
05:31:16 | Player "War Jon" (pos=<228.3, 4391.5, 289.6>)
05:36:15 | Player "War Jon" (pos=<328.4, 4621.8, 190.3>)

05:16:18 | Player "Danny Robinson" (pos=<425.5, 4040.9, 168.2>)
05:21:17 | Player "Danny Robinson" (pos=<273.9, 4379.4, 288.0>)
05:26:17 | Player "Danny Robinson" (pos=<232.7, 4448.9, 291.3>)
05:31:16 | Player "Danny Robinson" (pos=<222.7, 4412.3, 289.0>)
05:36:15 | Player "Danny Robinson" (pos=<329.5, 4614.6, 192.2>)

Calling in the following people to post their complete POVs and any evidence they may have:

@thanoseggClaire Shepherd - OP

@Nuxramma | War Jon

@Warmetal| Danny Robinson

If either party wishes to talk out the situation in voice feel free to contact any of our staff team, and we can mediate a talk between both sides.

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Seeing that@Nuxramma visited forum and joined game after being called out, he will be temp. banned until providing his POV.

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POV: Hi, so I'm War Jon, and I was around the area when I spoke to you. We found some building kits in the village north as I was looting around with Danny-boy, my pal. He didn't grab a tent as far as I recall, but he did grab a few rifle safe kits and other locker kits that we were looking for in our base. (we didnt dismantle anything that was built, again, and didn't take tents as we didnt have space for it having done a loot run from the container-trader north). after talking to a girl who introduced herself as "Bunny", I'm guessing thats claire. She warned me not to steal from anyone in the compound, and I agreed. She had no weapon drawn and it was a friendly situation overall I thought. Very shortly after we left north east, me walking down the mountain with nothing in my hands as I accompanied Dannyboy who was WALKING, not jogging, down the mountain, given he was carrying a building kit (isn't a large military tent, afaik, but a bed or locker, cant remember now, but it was a green kit), me intending to log off, jason too (considering it was almost 4-5 am, and we had to work early in the day). We stayed in the cabin until the restart, we probably arrived at the tavern 5-6 minutes before restart, and I logged off after placing a gun rack down in the tavern.


We did hear shots, but honestly it wasn't aimed at us at all, in fact we heard a gunfight before arriving to the tavern, with two distinct streams of fire, one probably coming from Claire's settlement, and another automatic weapon firing from the distant south (not at us, seemed to be between them.) 

Given the time we spent before the restart just chilling and overall walking, I'm surprised you didn't try to engage on us as even looking down in our direction you'd of seen us slugging along.

Now, I understand that on your POV you initiated on us, but honestly, you came up to us as we were just chilling in the center of the town, and our conversation, while you did say that "if I catch you stealing I will kill you" , turned friendly as we chatted a bit more, sharing our names and bidding each other farewells and after that we left, without grabbing any tent, but a kit that we looted, did not dismantle. We proceeded to walk down the mountain, and stopped at several points as we were both getting ready to call it a late night. Had we known what you told us was a PVP initiation we'd of logged straight back in, but the ambiguity of it and the friendly conclusion to our conversation including the compliance to I guess the one demand there was leaves me completely baffled as to this report.




I'd be more than happy to be able to mediate this issue as I'm 100% sure it was a misunderstanding, given the initiation by Claire was ambiguous and we still complied.



Looking at the map you linked, the area that you marked "them" is not where we were, but we were in a tavern building further  north east, where there's green. From solely the position logs you seem to have not come over to the tavern position and probably headed the wrong way.

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Posted (edited)

I understand. Totally a confusion. All good on my end.



edit 1: if you want to talk we can but i dont need too. 

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I believe this is an example of 'rule' play. 

3.4 You may not focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP. For example, "rule play" is prioritizing things like kill rights or OOC information above more appropriate IC actions or behavior. Always prioritize role play over rule play.

It probably would have made more sense to just let this go instead of trying to get anyone punished. All that was lost was a tent. I also wanna be clear that I wasn't present nor did I have any inkling that you 'initiated' because from the looks of it you and my friend were just making small talk as I looted.

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8 hours ago, Warmetal said:

I believe this is an example of 'rule' play. 

This wouldn't constitute ruleplay on Claire's behalf. Both parties agree there was an initiation dropped, Claire gave a demand and a consequence ("don't let me catch you stealing or I'll shoot you"), which is considered the basis for any valid, verbal, initiation.

That being said, @thanosegg, @Nuxramma, @Warmetal, it appears both parties want an amicable resolution to this report. Would you all still like to speak to one another in Discord, or can we go ahead and close this report?

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I think it'd be best to close it, I don't see a reason to mediate given both parties seem to have an agreement to conclude this whole ordeal. 

@QueeriosI'd like some clarification on that initiation though, don't you need to raise your gun AND make demands for it to be a proper initiation? or I can just provide a demand with a consecuence and that institutes a initiation?


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Hi @Nuxramma, pertaining to your question if we look at the rule underneath:


4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system.

This doesn't mention anything about weapons so if you really wished you don't necessarily need to initiate with a weapon as long as you still give a clear consequence and demand.

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13 hours ago, Lettuce said:


Alright that's fair. I assumed clear initiation meant some kind of weaponry flashing or maybe I read it somewhere in the forums.

Thanks for clearing it up. Could this be locked? 


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@thanosegg do you agree with Nuxramma for closing the report?

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all good yes

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Due to both parties agreeing to close this report, we as the staff team have decided to accept this request. I would however like to go over a few things just to clear them up for future reference. When initiating on someone always make sure your demand and consequence are crystal clear. You can elaborate after if you feel you need to for example, instead of saying "Don't let me catch you stealing or i'll shoot you" you could have specified the area's so they knew exactly and secondly you don't actually need a weapon to initiate on someone.

With that being said, happy gaming!


Signed : @Lettuce@Cor @Basko

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