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Broadcast from beyond.

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The static would be interrupted by the sound of an engine, followed by multiple detonations. After mere seconds a male voice follows.

"Eco, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu, Zulu, to traffic of Alta." 

"Eco, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu, Zulu, to traffic of Alta." 

"Eco, Charlie, whi-"

The speaker is suddenly interrupted by a louder detonation within the engine. Almost immediately after the sound of the engine would begin to decrease significantly.

"PAN, PAN... PAN, PAN... PAN, PAN... -Eco, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu, Zulu, RPMs dropping, engine parameters reaching red."

The speaker would remain silent, for a couple of seconds all that can be heard would be the sound his hands frenetically going through the POH.

"No oil pressure."

Another detonation is heard within the engine, killing it completely. Not long after, a mere sigh is heard, drowned by the sound of the wind, crashing against the aircraft.

Eventually, the transmission goes back to a bunch of white noise.

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Thyge's voice comes over the radio


"Pan? Oil? Are you cooking food?"

"Echo, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu?"

He asks someone beside him in Danish what these words mean, he then gets told they don't know and the transmission ends.

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An Anglo-Scandinavian voice, amidst the sound of wind rustling through trees, transmits from the radio:

"Phonetics, hmm its been a long time.."

You hear the sound of pages turning in the background.

"Echo, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu, Zulu, send grid coordinates..." static interrupts, "bearing and airspeed, ove..." 

The transmission cuts out.


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