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An alternative to spraypaints


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Since spraypaints will not be added back in any time soon we should have the option to trade clothing/weapons for dyed clothing/weapons but for a price, but this should only apply for clothing/weapons that can only be colored via spraypaint. So lets say you are in a shop and if you say have a ghillie suit on you that is autumn colored, you should be able to use that to trade for a mossy or woodland colored one, same with M4's, SKS's and-so-forth. (Again, dying of items should really only apply to items that can only be colored via spraypaint, but spraypaints are not available so this is the solution. Essentially, what I am tryna say is, is that there is no way we can get woodland ghillies, camo SKS's, green M4's, and all the other loads of stuff currently, I do not particularly care what solution there is put in place, as long as we can have these items, I am just brainstorming.)

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I feel like the effort this would take to be implemented in this way is far greater than the amount of players that would actually benefit from it/ consider it a significant improvement.

The base idea is not bad but then again, we are 50+ years into the apocalypse. I think it fits the setting just fine that if you want to obtain an item in a certain variety, you will have to invest time into finding it. The trader system we have is already quite generous in my eyes and even if we would be able to tweak it, I doubt it`s a smart idea. "Never change a running system" unless it`s truly neccessary.

Another idea might be the following: Maybe there is a way to let a low percentage of the weapons spawn in with the colour variants you talked about (if they don`t already). This way you could find them yourself if you invest enough time, or make a deal with the traders around Nyheim. There is quite a bunch of people offering goods ranging from building equipment, food to medical supplies and, well, "medical" supplies, if you know what I mean. Maybe someone would even dedicate their time to collecting weapons/gear in rare variants, selling them for a higher price.

With this solution I believe there should be less of a risk to crash/bug the already existing trading system and the RP would actually benefit from it, even if it`s about PvP gear.


(Not voting on this for now since I can`t really see myself in either of the options, but I hope my 2 Cents were a little helpful. 🙂)

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