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Sébastien Dusseault's History in Nyheim and beyond.


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Posted (edited)

This journal can be found as an in game item and whoever gets their hands on it in game and understand French can ICly know about everything that is written in it. 



*The following Entries are all written in French*


Entry 1

I've been sitting here for a good 15-20 minutes debating about how I should start this damn journal... I've never taken writing seriously when I was younger because I didn't think I was good at it... Even if the Elder Scribes told me otherwise. I just never understood the fun in staying in a room and write stuff all day long. I get why it's important obviously, so the next generations knows what happened in the past.
But now that most of my settlement is dead, I have to write my history of my time in Nyheim. Who know, maybe one day this will be part of stories for the children's of my childrens? I'll write my story the way Edler Scribe Viktor taught me when I was younger. Put as much detail as you can first. This way, when you can come back to it and have more than enough stuff to work with...

I'll start after me and my Scouting Group left Karlsborg Fortress. There was 11 young adults and myself. 8 men and 4 women, all of which were the best hunters of our settlement. The Elders sent a few other Scouting Groups to different known Settlements in hopes of finding help with the Madness spreading through our home... Our group was sent to the furthest and hardest to reach settlement, Nyheim. We were the best hunters, the best at surviving in the woods, the best at hitchhiking. If anyone could do the very long walk to Nyheim, it was us. We were all in good physical shape and our minds were motivated to the max. But nothing could prepare us for the dangers of Nature and the hard way to the north of Sweden... Even if it was towards the end of Winter, the cold was bitting our skins with all its might. The first few days went alright, we progressed a lot but, after what I think was a week of walk, we were running out of supplies way faster than we expected so we had to start looting towns... Which got 2 of us killed... Viktor Junior and Anna went to a nearby village to find loot while the rest of us setup camp but they never came back. We heard many gunshots and ran to their aid but it was too late. We found their bodies riddle with bullets, their gear missing... Fucking Scavs...

After their deaths, we avoided towns and villages at all cost. We stick to the woods and the small trails, which were as dangerous as the towns if you weren't careful... A few days later, we had to use a very narrow trail on a mountain side... Jeremy was leading the group and lost his footing on a loose rock, which send him tumbling down the long and Rocky mountain side... We all heard the crunch of bones when he finally landed, eyes and mouth wide open, blood pouring out of his ears... We had no way of reaching him anyway.... With the 9 of us left, we stopped at a nearby radio tower to reach our settlement. We told our Elders about the loss and asked them about their situation with the Madness... It was spreading way faster to the point where they would all be infected by the time we reach Nyheim... None of them wanted to turn into these Mad people and hurt others so all the remaining members of the settlement made the decision to commit Mass Suicide so none of them would turn on the ones they love. This news hit myself and my group like a Bear charging you at full speed... We couldn't believe it... We would never be able to accomplish our mission. We wouldn't be able to save them. But, the Elders made it very clear. No matter how difficult this was, they wanted us to keep going to Nyheim. Make it to somewhere safe and bring our culture and way of life with us to spread it...
We then each took turns on the radio to speak with our loved ones... Saying my goodbyes to my parents was the hardest thing I've ever done, even harder than seen Jeremy fall down that hill and crush his skull... After this, we all stood around the campfire in silence. We could only heard the sound of the wood cracking and the soft cries of some of us. The next day, some of us wanted to go back to the settlement while the others wanted to do as the Elders asked us to do. No matter what we said, the 4 that wanted to go back, Émilie, Hasan, Isak and Erik, still chose to leave. We hugged them and said goodbye before going our separate ways... God if only I knew what was next for us, I would've joined the others and went back to Karlsborg too.... 

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Entry 2

Marcel was our navigator. He believed we were only a few days of walk away from Nyheim. We were all tired and running low on supplies but we kept our heads up and kept pushing. We were almost there. We could all imagine all arriving at Nyheim and finally stop and take a break all together... But life had other plans...

One night, we did like usual and setup our camp. There was only 5 of us left, Alissa, Melissa, Marcel, Arthur and myself. The mood was energetic. Even if we've been walking for weeks, we were very hyped because we were close to Nyheim. Less than 2 days of walking! We were close to our objective! We all went to sleep with high spirits and excited for the next day. During the night, I woke up to go pee. To not bother the others with the smell or risk attracting animals, we were taught to do our business far enough away from our camp. While I was at it, I heard the snow crunch not to far from me. I thought it was an animal at first but then I heard some kind of whimper... I finished my business and slowly walked towards the noise. I moved pass a small tree and landed face to face with a small figure. It was a women, a young women at that... Her cloths were shredded to pieces, barely covering her skin. I could see her shiver from the cold and her eyes were wide with terror.

"Heeeyyy.... It's alright... I'm not gonna hurt you okay?" I softly said while slowly approaching her. I had to help her, get her back to the camp and get her some cloths. She stumbled backward, terrified. I stopped moving to not scare her more. "It's alright. My name is Sébastien, I want to help you. What is your name?" She just looked at me with those terrified eyes. Could she even understand me? I tried speaking to her in French, no reaction. I knew a little bit of Swedish so I tried my best to translate my intention.

"Jag vän, vill hjälpa dig." (I'm a friend, I want to help you.) or at least that's what I tried to say but it sounded wrong coming from my mouth, but her eyes flicked to mine as she recognized the language. She mumbled something that I couldn't hear. "Vad?" (What?) I asked. She spoke up but my Swedish was so bad that I only understood some words...

"Dåliga människor... Slavar... De är här." (Bad people... Slaves.... They're here.) I could hear the pain in her voice as she said that. I was thinking about how to tell her she was safe now with me when I heard 2 distinctive female screams coming from my camp! I spun around quickly before turning back to look at the girl but she was gone... I thought for a second about following her but that was cut short by the sound of a first single gunshot, quickly followed by the sound of 2 or 3 burst of shots. I got up and ran back to my camp in less than a minute but it was already too late... When I got to the edge of the trees, I saw 3 people running inside the trees on the other side of the camp... I ran up to my tent but stopped in my track... Right there next to the fire were the bodies of Alissa and Melissa laying in pools of blood... Arthur's body was in front of his tent, also laying in blood. I couldn't see Marcel at first until I heard some sort of gargling noise coming from his tent... There I found him, clenching at his throat, trying to stop the bleeding. But before I could do anything, Marcel exhaled his last breath, his body slumping to the side. This made my Winchester he had on his lap fall at my feet... 

A wave of rage and adrenaline overcame me at that moment. I grabbed my Winchester, pulled the slide back to eject the empty shell and put a fresh round in the barrel before grabbing my rig and running after the murderers. Their trail was easy to follow in the snow since one of them was bleeding heavily. Good, that meant they would be slowed down. I followed the trail of blood for maybe 500 meters until I reached a small clearing. On the other side of the clearing, I could see someone sitting down, leaning on a tree. His hands were holding his stomach, blood pouring from between his fingers. Marcel had hit him alright. I could see an AK on the lap of the man so I raised my gun and shouted :

"YOU THERE BY THE TREE! TOSS THAT WEAPON AWAY RIGHT NOW OR I'LL KILL YOU!" This startled the man who tried to grab his gun. But his action was promptly stopped by my bullet connecting with his face, hitting just between his left eye and his jaw, painting the tree behind him with his blood and brain matter. I stayed there in the trees, scanning the surroundings for any signs of his friends but, after a few minutes, nothing came by. I slowly moved to the body. I needed to grab his AK. My Winchester was good but not against more than one enemy... Once at the body, I tossed my Winchester on my shoulder and quickly grabbed his AK and the extra mag he had in his Vest. As I started following the 2 trails in the snow, I looked at the weapon. It wasn't an AK but it looked just like one. I had used that gun before, a VZ.... 58 I think? Decent gun. 

I followed the trails for maybe an hour or two until I reached a small stream... These connards used the stream to leave so I wouldn't follow them... By then, the rage I had was replaced with logic and I knew I couldn't follow them by myself in the middle of the night... So, I went back to the camp. Only then did I take a good look at the scene... Melissa's and Alissa's body were by the Campfire, long trails leading to them from their tent... They had been dragged out of their tents while they were sleeping! In front of their tent was Arthur. I guess he tried to stop the murderers but was held to the ground by one of them. I'm guessing that's when Marcel used my Winchester to shoot the guy holding down Arthur, which probably gave the Girls a chance to fight back but all of them promptly got shot and killed.... Fuck, if I wonder if I would've died with them if I hadn't left my tent or if my presence would've been enough to save them... That's when I remembered what the little girl said earlier. "Slaves" and "They're here". Did she meant them? Were they slavers looking for her and just stumbled on our camp? 

Regardless, that doesn't change the fact that I was the last survivor of my Scouting Group... But that would not stop me from trying to reach my goal... I grabbed a shovel and dig one big grave for all 4 of them. I gently layed them to rest in the grave before saying my goodbyes to them, having a minute of silence and then filling the grave. I filled my bag with as much shit as I could before putting the rest in 2 separate bags with a note on each of them. 

"These used to be my friend's supplies. But they won't need it anymore. I know they would've want me to give it to someone in need so, if you are in need, grab what you want. Stay safe out there. -S" I then packed my tent and left for Nyheim. Since I was alone, I should be able to reach it very quickly... I just hope this was all worth it, all these good people's life worth sacrificing... 

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Entry 3 

Since I was alone, I could move at my own pace. I was taller and had longer legs than most so I could move faster. With a group, you have to follow the pace of the slowest, but now I could go fast. So, when the sun was coming down the following day, I could see the outlines of a city that I hoped was Nyheim. But I was extremely tired since I've barely slept last night. I setup camp and slept before going to the city. The next day, I was thrilled to finally reach my destination! I was finally here, or so I thought... I walked through the empty city streets, finding no one, no signs of life... I was confused... I looked at my map, which was an old map from before the Madness from what I was told. But even so, it should be accurate. City don't just move... I roamed around, trying to find some sign or something to tell me where I was. I eventually found someone, a scavenger. I slowly approached him, gun in hands but lowered to not scare him. The man was caution at first, understandably so, but he answered my question regardless. He told me this wasn't Nyheim... I showed him my map and where I wanted to go and the man showed me where we actually were. We had traveled to far west and were a few kilometers away from Nyheim. I thanked the man and traveled East.

I reached a large town in a few hours. But, as I roamed the west side of it, it was also abandoned... No one to see in sight, garbage everywhere.. This wasn't what I was expecting to see... Was this really Nyheim? The city that had a government? The city of hope and life? No... I had to be mistaken... I eventually found someone and asked him if this was Nyheim. He confirmed it was. When I shared my thoughts about the state of the city, the man quickly told me that there was another part of town to the East that was controlled by the PLIKT, the government. All I had to do was to look for tall walls.

"But before you go, you could stop at our Bar and Fighting Ring if you want to take a break... Looks like you could use one..." Said the man, looking at me. I must have looked tired. I have been walking for weeks after all... I could use a break actually, so I followed him to his Bar. When we turned the corner, I could see a group of people in the street. We suddenly heard a single gunshot ring off not to far away from us. I heard a bullet impact on the wall maybe 20 meters in front of us and I saw the group of people take their guns out and unloading on something that was out of my sight! I immediately duck down behind a metal box in front of me while the man who was escorting me ran to the group of people, his gun out. I stayed there for maybe 5-10 minutes while bursts of bullets were flying and people were running everywhere. Once it all calmed down, I carefully approach the group of people. When I asked what just happened, one of them told me someone just tried to kill their Boss, Nate! Apparently, a group of maniac had been trying to kill them all day but they think that they've got them all now... Nyheim really wasn't what I expected to see... I was expecting a beautiful city with friendly people around, with a government to look over them and protecting them... Not this! Not a destroyed city with people killing each others! But, the man did say that there was another part of the city under PLIKT control. I decided to go check it out.

I reached the walls he was talking about quickly. They were impressive! 20 or 30 meters high, with guard towards at regular interval, a large metal gate blocking the entrance. But it was wide open and no one was around so I just walked in. The city inside the walls were different. Less destroyed and prettier than outside the walls. But I didn't see anyone... That's when I started hearing gunshots... A lot of full auto bursts, and they were close... I hide in a building and waited. The gunshots stopped rather quickly but I stayed in the building for 10 or 15 minutes before coming out... I was more careful after that with my exploring. I found what looked like a military area further down the road and I was looking around for shit to take when I heard footsteps outside my building. I peaked out the front door and saw someone looking the other way. He was wearing a protective vest with the letters PLIKT on it. He turned to me and immediately raised his gun when he saw me.

"PLIKT! PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW OR I WILL USE FORCE!" I immediately went inside the building but then showed my hands to him.

"Don't shoot! I'm unarmed and I'm coming out!" I quickly shouted. As I got out of the building, the PLIKT man looked at me and lowered his gun, realising that I wasn't a threat. He told me that there was an active firefight happening in this part of the city and that I needed to leave immediately for my safety. He pointed towards the east side and told me to run, which I did... Until I hit a dead end in a construction area... I couldn't find a way out other than going straight into the firefight... At that moment, more shots were fired and I hide between a car and a concrete wall, hoping I would be safe. I started getting scared for my life at that moment... I was stuck right in the middle of a fight and couldn't get out... Not long after that, I heard multiple footsteps coming towards me. A first man walked in front of me, not seeing me. Then a second, then a third. It's only when the first man turned around that he saw me. As he was raising his gun towards me I raised my hands and shouted that I was unarmed and was just trying to get out of the area. He ordered me to get out of the corner, which I did. By that time, there was 6 or 7 of them around me, guns drawn. I was terrified...

"I-I was told to leave the area but got stuck in this dead end! I'm just trying to leave. I'm not part of this fight!" One of them approached me and spun me around. He pointed at a gate maybe 100 meters away and ordered me to run to it and stay our of the area. I thanked him and ran.

As I got to the gate, another civilian was looking over to us, apparently confused at to what was going on. I heard one of the PLIKT order him to leave and I turned around to look when a shot rang out from the right and I saw the PLIKT man's head explode! Both me and the random civilian cursed and we ran away in different directions. I ran up a hill and turned into what looked like an industrial complex only to land face to face with 5 people. They all turned to me at the same time and I immediately realized that they've all been infected with the Madness. They rushed me all at once. I sprinted to my left, into a building and slammed the door shut. They were all around me but thanks to the solid metal door, I was able to grab my gun and kill them...

This was my first fucking day in Nyheim and I've already seen many different groups kill each other, I've almost been shot by the local government, saw a man get his head blown into pieces and almost got shredded to pieces myself by the Mad People.... Nyheim wasn't the Dream City I was hoping for... 

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Entry 4

At the end of that hectic day, I went back towards the west side of the town. I had heard of a Community Center over there and I wanted to go over there since I had a few extra supplies I didn't need. I still don't really know what to do now that I'm here but I do know that I want to help as many people as I can. And a Community Center might be the best way to do so. Once there, I met Clint and Mouse. Clint seemed to be the guy in charge of the CC and was a friendly man that emanated good intentions. It was something you could feel by being around him. I hang around there the rest of the day and talked with people, asking questions about the city. One guy told me about these mysterious "Vending Machine". You can sell some objects to them and buy other objects that other survivors sold to it. There was a few VM spread around the city and all of them sold exactly the same items! No one could explain how that was even possible but many had theories. One claims it's because of magic, another claims its because there's an system of underground tunnels connecting each VM to a central point where a secret group of people operates the machines... I don't know which is true and I don't really care as long as it works. I sold some extra supplies I had and left the rest that I couldn't sell in the Community Center.

It was weird having "Extras". In Karlsborg, there was no such thing as "Extra supplies" but here, there was an abundance of shit everywhere! Anyway, after hanging out at the CM, I found a room in a nearby apartment complex and slept in it. I hadn't slept inside of a building in a long time. The comfort and safety from the weather was very very nice and needed.

The next day, I woke up late. The sun was already high up in the sky. When I got to the CC, many things had changed already! A large Yellow medical tent had been setup on the road, large tents covered the main area from the rain and food was cooking in the fireplace! There was a lot of people around, talking, trading and just generally being happy! It was nice to see the effect this Community Center had on people. I stayed around, talking with people for a while until I heard someone talk about an abandon Nuclear Plant to the north of here. A nuclear plant? I've never heard of that so I asked.

"From what I was told, it used to generate electricity to the nearby towns. But now, or at least for a while, its been abandoned by humans and many Infected roam the area now." Answered the man. My interested was peaked to say the least! I knew where I was heading today. I asked the man where it was on a map, to which he pointed the spot on my map. It was to the north east of Nyheim, reachable by the main highway. I grabbed a bit of food from the shelf and headed that way.

After maybe less than an hour of walking, I reached the Nuclear Plant and was amazed by the sheer size of these tower looking things! There were huge and large! But that was pretty much the only interesting thing there. There was nothing else to see since the main building was all locked down and I couldn't find any way inside... After looking at my map for my next destination, I saw that there was a large area with many buildings to the south of Nyheim. I was curious to see what it was so I headed that way. I passed through Nyheim to get there and I asked someone while I was there if they knew what that place was. They said it was an airfield that used to be use by planes...? These flying vehicles that my father use to tell me stories about when I was young. Now I was really curious to see this airfield!

I was at it pretty quickly. It wasn't far from the city. On the left side of the airfield, I saw and got close to different vehicles that I'd never seen before. They were all wrecks that looked burned or were in pieces. Scavengers probably went through them a long time ago. I walked through different buildings that looked like dorms and huuuggeee hangars! I was amazed by everything I saw! Everything was new to me. After an hour or two, I had looked through the whole airfield so I looked at my map to see where I would go next. There seemed to be a large amount of buildings to the far South East so that's where I headed.
I was walking through the woods when I ended up in a large clearing. In the middle of it I saw some small cabins, makeshift tents and 2 Campfires that were lit. I approached and shouted a few Hellos but I got no answer. I peaked around in the cabins and tents, curious to see what was in it. I first thought of grabbing some stuff I could need here and there but I chose against in the end. If that were my camp and someone would steal from me, I wouldn't be happy. But, in one of the cabin, there was a lot of dried meat hanging on dryers. And I mean A LOT! There was enough to feed me for weeks! I've never seen that much food! I was grabbing just a few pieces when I heard footsteps approaching. I quickly got out of the cabin to see a man with 2 women behind him. They all stopped right there, surprised to see me in their camp.

"Who the fuck are you!?" Said the man. I saw his hand move towards the gun on his back. I quickly slightly raised my hands to show that I wasn't armed.

"Hey, hello there! I'm not here to steal or anything! I was walking through the woods when I stumbled upon your camp. I was saying Hello around but it was empty. That's when you arrived." This seemed to calm the man who then presented himself and his friends.

"My name is Magnus. Here's Nea and Charlie." I told them my name and we talked for the next few hours! They were very friendly people. I learned that they were Pagans, people that believed in the Nordic Gods. Thor, Loki, Odin and the Nordic myths. Back in my settlement, there was a few Elders that taught us about the different religions people used to believe in and still do. So I had a little bit of knowledge in it but I wasn't a man of faith myself. Especially the stupid Christianity and the like. But they way Magnus was talking about the Nordic religion got my attention and I wanted to learn more.

"Well, you are more than welcome to hang around here and talk with people. If you want to get specific with the religion, you should talk to one of our Seer. None of them are here right now but they should be in the following days. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to rest a bit. It's been a long day for me." Magnus then left me with Nea and Charlie. I talked a little more with Nea and she told me some stories about the Nordic Gods. The more I learned about it all, the more curious I was getting. I really wanted to know more! That religion seemed to make everything have more sense with how they were telling me about it. Help your next of kin but, compared to the other religions, the Nordic Religion also praised Warriors. Fighting for the right reasons of course, but those who dies on the battlefield would go to Valhalla and be seen as heros and legend. For some reason, this appealed to me a lot. Soon, more of them showed up with some large boxes of building materials and they all started working together to build more small cabins in a small rectangle. Like a commune area. It was amazing to see them all work together. I hadn't seen this kind of stuff since my settlement! This tugged at some of my heart's string... I missed this kind of friendship... 

Not long after Magnus left, the sun was starting to vanish in the horizon so I said my goodbyes to Charlie, Rea and some others with who I talked and walked more East, where I found a building to sleep in. That night, I dreamed about dying in a fight next to my Friends from the Settlement that died on our trip to Nyheim. We all died one by one but all got back together in Valhalla... 

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Entry 5

Later that same week, I woke up pretty late during the day thanks to a pack of wolves that kept me up a good portion of the night, running around my camp and howling. At some point I had enough and killed 2 of them before the rest coward away. Didn't waste any of the meat tho. Cooked it all and made myself a really good meal with some rice and a bottle of whiskey. I slept like a rock after that and woke up well pass mid-day. I made my way to the Pagan's camp but it was empty. I waited there, next to a fire or under one of their tent when it started raining. Eventually, they came back to the camp but they all looked tired. When I asked about it, I learned that they just came back from a pretty big day in the city doing pretty much anything from chatting to robbing an asshole who's been talking shit and being an overall pest. They stayed around a bit to talk with each other and layoff some steam by having some fist fights. Ivar, the leader, seemed to be the best at hand to hand combat. He beat many opponents in a row. Seeing them fight like that, with everyone else forming a circle around made me think back of how we would settle most differences and issues at our settlement. The Elders would put the two who's having the issue in the ring and they would fight it out, no matter how many rounds was needed. Not long after tho, most of them went to sleep. Myself and a few others stayed up for a bit longer.

I was talking with Charlie when a car pulled up. I rarely saw working vehicles so I was somewhat amazed by this one. It was a long and large vehicle with many reinforced plates around it. It looked rusted and beat up but it was better than walking I guess. The man who got out immediately asked to talk with Charlie in a jovial tone. They chatted for a little bit but she then walked away, looking for Ivar. I stayed with the man, who's name was Rurik. We introduced each other and did some chit chat until he asked me a question.

"Sébastien, I've got a question for you. Do you know about The Raiders? People also called them Rats." I told him that I've only heard the name and that's pretty much it. "Well then, let's just say that some of these Rats has been harassing and going against some people I care about. So, if you ever see any of them or ever find where they live, give me a call on the radio will you?"

"Yeah sure. What's your frequency?" I asked him. I hadn't told him the entire truth, I had heard about the Rats. Bad stuff mostly. I didn't tell him cause I wasn't sure why he was asking. For all I know, he could be one of them, asking to see who to fuck up next. Rurik gave me his frequency and left not too long after that since Ivar was sleeping and didn't want to wake up.

Not long after he left, Charlie and the others went to sleep so I left towards Nyheim. I wanted to stop by the Community Center to donate some stuff. I arrived in maybe 30 minutes and was surprised by the amount of stuff that was added! A metal roof was added above the main area, lockers and cabinets were also added, with a lot of stuff inside. There was also a lot more people hanging around and talking. The area was pulsating with life, it was energetic! Even when the sun came down there was still a lot of people. The next day, I wanted to explore the north west side of the country. I could see a bunch of buildings over there and I was curious. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't what I saw. A very tall building formed with metal shacks and other small buildings. It was like a huge pill of trash! Not far from it tho, there was a small military looking compound. After investigating it, I realized that it used to be a military medical center of some sort. More to the north, I could see a small mountain with buildings on top so I headed there. On my way there, I came across a Vending Machine so I used that opportunity to sell some stuff.

While I was selling, someone came out from around the corner, gun in hands. He had a ski mask on and a helmet with a white skull painted on it. All of this made him look very menacing and made me be on my toes, ready to defend myself if needed. But, the guy wasn't aggressive. He just asked what I was doing around these parts. When I told him I was just looking around out of curiosity, he seemed to relax a bit. We talk for a few minutes and I learned that he was part of this group called the Raiders but people always called them Rats for some reasons. Immediately, I remembered Rurik from yesterday and his request to have information about the Rats. I pretended not knowing anything about his group and asked some questions, one of them being is they lived nearby.

"Yes we do." He turned to look towards the direction I came from. "You see the smoke over there, by the big structure? That's where we live." Huh.... I wonder if that's why people call them Rats, because they live in a structure made of junk and trash... But that was a very interesting information. Shortly after, I continued on my way to the mountain. Once on top, I took out the piece of paper with Rurik's frequency and tuned my radio to it.

"Hello uuuhhhhh.... Rurik right? It's Sébastien, we met yesterday. You told me you were looking for people called Rats yes? Well, I think I found where they lived. I stumbled upon a base at coordinates Top - 005, Side - 012. It's a large scrap looking building close to a trader on the West side of this country. I met someone who claimed to be a Raider but people called them Rats. He claimed that the pile of scraps is their place.... I hope this information helps. Good day." I waited for an answer but nothing came right away. Rurik had told me that he might not always answer his radio right away so I just kept moving towards the buildings on top of the mountain. There, I found more signs of a base. Beds, sleeping bags, lockers with stuff in them, all in a building without a door nor a lock... I grabbed my radio again. "There is also another base looking place at coords Top - 002, Side - 006/007. The man didn't say exactly where they lived, just that they lived nearby so I'm assuming it's either of these places." A few minutes later, Rurik's voice come up on my radio.

“Thank you very much Sebastien! We’ll go check that when we got the time.” Good, if this pans out to be good for him, that means he will owe me one, or at least, I would have gain some good points with him. I looked around to make sure no one was around before searching through these people's stuff. Most people wouldn't want to steal from others, I wouldn't hold someone at gunpoint for their shit but, if someone just leaves their home open like that, I'll take what I want. Their fault for not locking it. There wasn't much shit to take. A bit of ammo, some food, a cooking pot and that's pretty much it. I left the area quickly before somebody showed up and started making my way back to the Pagan's home.

It took me maybe an hour to get there so it was late in the afternoon. Some of them were around just talking or organizing some stuff around. Magnus, Nea, Valkyrie, Torbjörn, Ivar, Kaya and some others I didn't know the names of. For a while, people just chatted, especially making fun of Magnus for being a "Shieldmaiden bringer". Apparently, most of the women in the group, who are called Shieldmaiden in their religion, found the group because they were with Magnus and he brought them to the group. It was nice to see the friendship between everyone. It was something I wanted to have too and I was slowly getting it with some of them. At some point, people started getting bored, which started a series of Hand to Hand combat between people. Since the previous day after seeing them fight, I wanted to fight with them too. I got into a fight with a man named Torbjörn. Not to brag or anything but the fight ended up pretty quickly. He went down after I gave him a series of solid hooks followed by many hits to the sides and face. I helped him up with a smile and told him that he had a solid right hook. He had landed one on me that hurt my side pretty badly. After that, there was a few fights until Ivar beat 2 people in a row again and wanted another fight after taking a little break.

"I'll fight you." I said as I got up and dropped my gear. To fight, you had to keep only your pants and boots, drop everything else. No gloves, no shirt. I could feel the eyes of everyone on us. The new guy was going against their leader and I knew everyone was curious to see what I had to give. I got into my usual hand to hand combat position and got ready. We danced in circle a little bit, waiting to see who would strike first. Ivar faked a push and I fell for it, hitting the air. He tried to strike me but I moved away.

We moved around like that a little bit until I did a move that I often use. I faked pushed him to his right, which makes him move left, but then I quickly pushed his left with a powerful right hook. It doesn't always work but when it does, the right hook hits hard enough to stagger the person backward, giving me the opportunity to land another powerful left hook and sometimes another right hook. This move worked perfectly against Ivar. Strong right hook then strong left hook then another right hook, I could see he was very shaken up by these 3 hits so I landed 2 or 3 more hits to his sides and another one to his face before he could move away. When that series of hits landed, everyone went "OOOOHHH" and "DAAAMMNNN" in surprise! That gave me a boost of confidence, knowing that I just impressed a lot of members of this group. I was beating the shit out of their leader, who was also their best Hand to Hand fighter as far as I knew! When Ivar started moving away, I could've followed him and keep hitting him until he goes down but the reaction of everyone boosted my ego, which made me let him back up and breath a little to make to fight go on for longer, to show off longer. After a few seconds, Ivar was back at me, landing hits left and right. I blocked the first few of them but the last ones hit me hard, one of them connecting with the side of my head, which made me see stars. I backed up, trying to shake off these stars. Ivar pushed me again and gave me another solid right hook and I went down...

I came too moments later. Ivar helped me up with a smile.

"Good fight!" He said happily. Maybe it was just me but, it felt like the others were seeing me in a different eye after that fight. I had almost beaten their best fighter after all. After that, we kept talking a little bit. I especially talked more with Torbjörn. He was a special character but he seemed like a nice guy. We got along well. Not long after that, people started getting tired and going to sleep one by one. At some point, I also went to sleep, knowing I would need to be fresh for the next few days. I was planning on going exploring more....  

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Entry 6

For the last few days, I've been exploring around more. I went back to the Nuclear Plant to try and find a way in but found nothing... I explored the north area a bit more before going west. After a few days, I was running low on food and couldn't find much animals to hunt up north so I went into Nyheim to buy some. These Vending Machines are pretty useful! I can buy almost whatever I want as long as I have the Kroners or whatever that currency is called.

After getting some supplies, I heard people talking about how PLIKT just executed someone on the East side of town... Ever since I arrived to Nyheim, I've heard a mix of bad and good stuff about the PLIKT. Since I only met them once and it was in the middle of a firefight, I couldn't really interact with them. I wanted to make an opinion of them myself so I went towards the East looking for them. I found the man they executed on the West gate... Poor guy had so many bullets hole in him he looked like a Suisse cheese... He was still tied up when he was killed too. Firing squad... Damn... A part of me hoped that he deserved it but the other part knew it wasn't the case... Not long after, a small group of people walked by me. I didn't recognized them at first but it turned out to be a few guys and girls from The Northmen! Magnus, Valkyrie and some others I didn't recognize. They were heading towards the Community Center so I went with them.

Shortly after, we heard Kaya on the radio, saying that there was 2 random guys at their camp looking for PLIKT. Now, I learned pretty quickly that the Northmen HATES PLIKT and anyone who wants to help them. The 2 guys there turned out to be helpers of PLIKT. Apparently, Magnus and some others met these 2 guys before and had sold them off to the Scrap Rats for helping PLIKT. And now, they were in our camp, alone with Kaya... We ran to the camp. When we arrived, Magnus and Ulf slowly walked behind the 2 guys. Magnus stopped right behind them and didn't say a word, waiting for them to notice him. One of them, which I later learned was named Oscar, eventually turned around and jump, letting out a "Aaaahhhhh Fuck!!" when he recognized Magnus.

Magnus and the others talked with them. Turns out they didn't know it was the camp of the people that sold them off to the Scrap Rats. They just randomly found it just like I did a week ago. Which was a problem... They had all the reasons in the world to come back and rob us. Most of our cabins weren't locked anyway but still. Ivar and Magnus came to a solution. Oscar and his friend, which was named Williams, would work for us and build 2 doors. If they take to much time, trying to buy their time for backup or whatever, it wouldn't end well for them. After telling them, Magnus called me. I was grabbing some food out of the stand.

"Yes? I heard my name?" I said, looking around for who called me.

"Here!" Said Magnus, waving at me so I could see him. I got closer to him. "I've got something for you. I want you to watch these two guys while they work. Alejandro here will be with you, questioning them."

"Sure! Not a problem." We made Williams and Oscar remove their weapons and got them to work.

For the following hour or so, I watched them work while Alejandro was asking questions. At some point, we realized we needed wires to make the doors but we didn't have any. I brought the issue to Magnus and we agreed to let Williams and Oscar to go back to their base, which wasn't far, to find wires. While they were gone, people did their own things around the camp. I stayed in the middle when Magnus called me over. I walked to him and he just blankly stared at me... He looked so lost I could stop myself from chuckling. 

"Yes Magnus? You wanted to tell me something?" I asked with a little smirk on my face. He obviously had a huge blank in his mind. Ivar, who was sitting next to us, laughed a bit.

"I... I just had the biggest brain fart ever... I don't fucking remember what I wanted to ask you..." Said Magnus before walking away, mumbling to himself. We laughed at his confusion. He came back minutes later. "Right, I wanted to ask you about you stay here. How do you like it?" That question took me by surprise so I stuttered a bit.

"Oh well uhm... It's... I...." I cleared my throat. "I like it. You guys are a nice bunch and you care for each others. You know how to have fun tho and joke around. Also, you are the first group of people since I left my settlement that made me feel welcome and who has been super friendly with me. Everyday I learn a bit more about your religion and the more I learn, the more I want to know about it." Ivar chuckled.

"We're friendly but you've seen what we can do, forcing people to work for us and shit." He said. I knew he was testing to see what I would say about that part of his group. 

"Yes but you don't do that to everyone. Only to those that deserves it and these two wanted to work with PLIKT, they deserved it." Ivar chuckled again.

"I like that guy! He gets it!"

"Yeah, I like that too. Keep it up Sébastien and you'll be one of us soon enough." Said Magnus before walking next to me, tapping my shoulder with his hand. I smiled. I was really glad I met these guys by pure luck out in these woods! They made me feel welcome and at home right away and have shown only good faith towards me. Even if I knew Jack shit about their religion, they didn't try to force it on me.

Not long after that, Ivar spoke up about organising a fight night soon to find a second Beserker. Torbjörn is the only Beserker for now and Ivar wants one or two more. I wasn't sure what a Beserker was so I asked.

"A Beserker is our experts at hand to hand combat. We select one with a series of fights. Kind of like a competition. The best one gets elected Beserker." Said Ivar. That surprised me since I beat Torbjörn fairly easily the other day... I know I'm good at Hand to Hand combat but maybe I just got lucky with him. I was excited about that fight night! I know I have the potential to be a Beserker! I beat Torbjörn and almost beat Ivar too. It would be in the following days so I wouldn't have to wait long thankfully.

Before Williams and Oscar came back, someone named Jari brought many metal wires and a box of nails for the doors. When the 2 Willing Workers came back, they got to work but once again were stopped... We needed pliers... Which we didn't fucking have either... I was getting tired so I asked Ulf if he could take over, which he did. I was about to walk away to find a place to sleep when I heard something that got my attention... A dog whimper and a tiny bark... I stopped walking and listened. I heard it again, coming from the garden area. I walked there to find Ivar and Magnus talking with Valkyrie and Nea, who were both holding a wolf puppy! One black and one white! Apparently, the women found them in their lair, the wolf mother dead in front of it. They brought them back but Ivar and Magnus weren't keen to the idea... The women wanted to keep them and train them to be pets, guard dogs. It wasn't a bad idea but they were so small, it would take a very long time before they could be a threat to anything other than a bunny or a chicken... Ulf also heard us because he walked up to us not long after I did. He was against the idea of keeping the pups, especially the black one. In their religion, a black wolf is a sign of Loki, an evil God. He supposedly took the shape of a black wolf to walk around and observe the humans... It was a sign of bad luck in a way... But, the women ended up convincing the men to keep the pups. Once that was settled, I went to sleep in a free tent nearby. 

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Entry 7 

When I woke up the next day, Ulf told me they were around the Campfire just talking. There was Ulf, Ivar, Valkyrie and some random guy I've never seen before. I sat down with them and we just chatted. It was mostly Ulf telling the random guy about the Nordic Religion. After some time, Valkyrie walked away briefly and came back with the white wolf puppy. She gave it to Ivar before walking away again, coming back with some bone and some raw meat. The puppy was cute even tho it would grow into a very dangerous animal... It was playing with the bone between Ivar and Valkyrie's legs.

I don't remember how, but the conversation ended up about Loki and the stories of how he would transform as a Black Wolf to spy on people and do other things. Which was why Ulf wasn't keen to the idea of keeping the black puppy around... This made me remember something that I had long forgotten about...

"I had this recurrent nightmare when I was a child... I would dream about this massive Black Wolf that would go from room to room in my settlement, killing the people inside. I would be stuck in bed, not able to move or do anything other than listen to the scream of people getting eaten by the Wolf. It would then enter my room and stare at me. That's when I would wake up in terror. This dream happened for months. I would first have it once in a while but it would happen more and more often until I had it every nights. And it ended as abruptly as it had started..." Ulf listened to it and started saying something about maybe it was Loki trying to send me a message or something but I wasn't listening... I had just remembered another... event in my childhood. Something that coincidently happened just before that nightmare stopped happening...

"There's.... something else... I just realized the coincidence of it all... Just before the nightmare stopped, I had been out with friends late one night. There was this wooded area near our settlement that we weren't allowed to go in. But we were little shits back then and didn't listen to our parents warnings. One night, my friends and I went there to play Hide and Seek. I'd been hiding for a while now, not moving in a bush, when suddenly, I can feel.... something close to me. I look to my right to see some sort of silhouette come out of the shadows of the night. It's barely visible but I can slightly see it. It looked like a wolf and it was looking right at me. I could see it's two yellow eyes fixated on me. But it was more than just looking. It was observing me, judging me, I could feel it. I stayed there, not moving, taking the gaze of the wolf. After what felt like hours but was most likely a few minutes, It slowly backed up and vanished into the darkness. I heard it run behind me and then silence. I was the only one to see It that night. My friends saw nothing..." Everyone around the Campfire was silent, staring at me. Ulf seemed to ponder on what I just told them for a moment before talking.

"You know, story goes that Loki sometimes takes the form of a Black Wolf to judge people, see if they are susceptible to fall for his mind tricks. Maybe that recurrent nightmare you had and the encounter of the Black Wolf was Loki testing your mind. The fact that you're still here means a lot. Maybe you should talk to the Seer about that, see what he thinks of it all." That was.... an interesting thought... I mean, I couldn't explain how the wolf manage to get that close to me without me hearing it or explain the coincidence of the nightmare suddenly stopping right after my encounter with that Wolf... I'll try to talk with the Seer in the following days.

A bit later, Magnus came to us, saying he and Kaya had a meeting to attend and told us we could come if we wanted. Almost 10 of us came with them to the city to meet with a group of people. The 2 Willing Workers were part of them, which was funny. They knew what we were capable of but also that we weren't dicks. We gathered inside their warehouse and just in time too. It's suddenly started raining heavily and thunder was crashing down on us too. I could see Ulf looking up and he seemed to listen to the Thunder. At the same time, Magnus started talking with some guy named Zach... And he was the most boring person I ever heard talking... To the point where I don't remember a dam thing about this meeting other than they agreed to help us dealing with PLIKT when it will come to it.

Once that meeting was done and we all woke up from the boredom that was Zach's talks, we head off to the west side if town to look for an underground area. I had heard of underground tunnels but never found the entrance. We found it rather quickly... problem was, some asshole blocked the entrance! So, we took down their barrier and went down to explore. Sadly, there was barely anything interesting down there. We climbed back up and we kept going west towards the community center. Sadly, at this point I was falling asleep so I went into a house to sleep. 

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Entry 8

I left the city after I woke up. It is too loud, too cramp and too...... solid. These tall buildings feel overwhelming and I don't like it... I prefer the woods, the trees. I went back to the camp and looked around it for a good spot for my own cabin. It didn't feel right to build one in the camp itself so I looked a bit outside of it. To the East of it, I found an area that might work. I've always been good with my hands so all I need to find are all the materials that I need. The others from the Northmen gave me good location for such materials so I spend the last few days gathering them. In the mean time, I setup a little tent that I found on my way out of Nyheim. Someone had tried to hide it behind a pile of garbage but it wasn't well hidden enough. 

One night, after a long day of bringing materials to my little stash in the woods, I made myself a nice meal of deer meat, rice and some tomatoes, with a bottle of Whiskey. It was always my favourite drink and let's just say that the bottle was my friend of the night... Which also made me do a stupid mistake... I forgot to store away the rest of my food... I just left it next to my tent like a fucking idiot. I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of animals around my tent. I got out of my tent with difficulty from the alcohol that was still in my system but what I saw made me sober up real quick... Wolves... 6 of them... One of them was a black one, a big one. Bigger than the others. I stopped moving the second I saw them, they were going through my food bag, eating at the meat. I slowly reached behind me, trying to find my VZ but I hit my bottle of whiskey, which loudly fell on my bag. That attracted the attention of the wolves, who started growling at me while slowly approaching. My hand finally found my VZ, which I quickly pointed at the nearest wolf and shot him three times. When he died, two more wolves jumped towards me. I killed one but the second jumped on me, scratching my left arm badly. I shouted in pain before shooting it. The remaining 2 white wolves were behind the black one, who was staring at me intently. I shouted at them and shot once near them. The black wolf stared at me for a few seconds before turning away, the other 2 following him. That's when I heard someone's voice in the Northmen frequency asking what was all those shots about.

"It's me, pack of wolves attacked me. One of them scratch me but nothing I can't handle. The rest ran away." I said in the radio, looking at me bleeding arm. I wrapped it in a bandage after pouring the rest of my whiskey on it to disinfect it. It will hurt like a bitch for a while but I've had worse. I was left with my blood pumping, my left arm pulsating from the pain and with 3 wolves bodies to deal with. There was no way for me to fall asleep anytime soon and I didn't want to attract more animals by leaving these bodies there so I got to work with my knife, removed the pelt from the wolves and cut the best chunks of meat that hadn't been touched by a bullet. I then lit up my Campfire again and cooked the meat.

Now here I am, only barely starting to feel tired after all of this. I used this time to write more in this journal and to think about the Northmen more, especially what Ulf told me about my encounter with a Black Wolf and the recurrent nightmare I had. I wonder if he is right, that Loki had visited me and judged that I was to strong mentally to fall for his tricks... I should get in touch with the Seer like Ulf suggested cause that's all I've been thinking about... 

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Entry 9 

I passed a few days away from the Northmen camp to do my own things. I wanted to explore the woods more to find the right spot to make my own little cabin. Today I came back to the camp to hopefully talk with a Seer, but no one was around... While I waited a bit in hope of someone showing up, I looked around the camp. A lot of things had changed since I last came here. There was more greenhouses and gardens. There was many more cabins and small wooden shacks too. It was slowly forming an L shape area. After maybe an hour of waiting, I decided to go into the city to the Community Center see how it was going. I made my way to the East side of town, thinking of looking around again for supplies. Before entering town, I met 2 guys, one of them speaking a little bit of French! Which was nice since I haven't spoken French with someone since the Murders at my Camp... I had tried to reach out to the others that went back to the Settlement but never got an answer back... I'm guessing I'm too far away for my little handheld radio to reach that far. So I talked with the 2 guys a little bit when one of them asked me a question.

"So uhm... What are you doing with a PLIKT Plate Carrier? Who'd you got it from?" He asked with a smirk. I looked down at my Plate Carrier. It was a white and black camouflage Plate with the PLIKT tag on the front and back. I told him the truth.

"Not from someone. I found it on the ground next to a Vending Machine a week or two ago. Either someone forgot it there or he couldn't sell it and didn't want to carry it around. So I grabbed it. It fits my color anyway." I have a specific color pattern I like to wear. White boots, white gloves, white hat, white backpack and white shemagh. Red and black jacket and black pants. I think the color mix fits very well so I took the Plate for myself when I saw it was White with black spots. The man told me to be careful when around town since PLIKT will not take it nicely that I'm wearing their shit. He was right but, from what I heard, PLIKT has other problems to deal with and their rarely around anymore so I didn't care. If it came to it, I would just give it back to them. I can buy another Plate no problem anyway. We chatted for a few minutes before going our separate ways.

I was going into town when I started hearing a lot of gunshots coming from the center of town. Last time I went in the city after hearing shots like that, PLIKT almost shot me so I walked out the East gate. That's where I found 2 men sitting next to a fire. I approached them and introduced myself. One of them asked me in a very strong accent that I didn't recognized if I wanted some Gumbo. I had no clue what kind of food that was but the man, who I learned was named Jebediah, poured some of it in a bowl and handed it to me. It smelled good and it looked like a mix of meat and vegetables. I took a bit and an explosion of tastes blew up in my mouth! That was delicious! I guess my face was speaking for me cause Jebediah smiled and said.

"It's good isn't it? It's a family recipe."

"Wow... It really is! I wasn't expecting that! What's in it?" I asked, curious.

"Well, spices that we are not at liberty to tell you. But there is tomatoes, there's peppers, there's saucisses, some rice."

I thanked him for the bowl and continued eating. During all of this, there was bursts of shots being fired in the city. After maybe 10-15 minutes, the shots had stopped but I still waited another 10 minutes before going into town. I walked to the Vending Machine to sell some extra stuff when I saw someone with a gun in hand, in all military cloths and with a yellow armband approach me. PLIKT... I remembered my Plate but it was too late. The guy was already walking to me. He started asking me something when he stopped himself, staring at my Plate.

"Yes? Can I help you?" I asked him, crossing my arm to hide the PLIKT tag.

"You heard the shots earlier right?" I nodded. "Do you know where they came from? Cause we're still looking for the shooter." I told him I didn't know since I stayed out of the town to not get shot. The man hesitated for a second before stepping closer to me. "Why are you wearing our Plate Carrier? Where did you get it." He asked me in a more aggressive tone. I told him the same thing I told the other guy earlier, how I found it on the ground near a Vending Machine. "Alright. I'm gonna need you to give it to me."

"Aww come on man. I didn't shoot anyone for it. And it fits my color! What if I remove the Tag or hide it under some tapes?" The PLIKT guy shook his head. At that moment, a voice inside of me was telling me to just shoot him. I knew I could take out my VZ very quickly and probably hit him before he can react but another voice was telling me not too. He was alone for now but I didn't know how many of them was around. And if they were just shot at, they'll be very trigger happy... The PLIKT guy saw my hesitation.

"I'm not gonna ask again. Give me the Plate or I'll have to detain you and search you for more illegal items. I just want the Plate. You can keep the Pouches." He said aggressively at first, before calming his tone. I sighed and started removing the Pouches off the Plate. At that moment, 2 more PLIKT member walked in the building. Good thing I didn't shoot the guy. His friends were right there. I threw the Plate on the ground and looked at the PLIKTs.

"Happy? You're forcing another civilian to walk around without protection." I said, walking to the Vending Machine to look if there was another Plate for sell.

"That's what we're here for, to protect you." Said the man.

"Yeah right." I mumbled to myself. One of them said something back but I just ignored him. They walked away with my Plate and I found another one in the Machine. It was Tan but it was better than nothing. I attached it while I walked down the road.

I crossed path again with Jebediah and his friend. They were trying to give PLIKT some of their Gumbo but they were asking for Jeb's friend's gun. He was carrying an assault rifle earlier. Guess PLIKT didn't want to lose their little advantage over us civilians. Taking Plates and guns from people. Good thing they didn't know about the VZ in my backpack. I wouldn't give that one as easily as my Plate... I was standing nearby with some other passerby. We were watching PLIKT forcing these two poor guys to give them their guns when one of the PLIKT forced us to disperse. We walked back maybe 20 meters and watched from there. The same guy came up to us again and aggressively ordered us to go back another 50 meters. I took my time walking away just to spite him. Fuck these guys. We aren't doing anything. We're just watching, we're not even talking! Fucking Power Tripping fucks. I tried reaching out to the Northmen, see if any of them wanted to get down here and fuck with PLIKT but no one answered... I was left alone in town so I went to the Community Center. There was a few people here and there and I think I heard Kai's voice but I couldn't find him. Not long after that, I found a room to sleep in. The interaction with PLIKT left me annoyed and irritable. It wasn't the time for me to start trouble. I want to do more with the Northmen against PLIKT. They claim its to protect us but it's obviously just to keep control over us civilians. They're no better than bandits. 

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Entry 10 

I woke up the next day in a better mood. My rested mind realized that I was maybe antagonizing PLIKT a little bit too much... I've only had two interactions with them yet and the first one was while they were being shot at. And as much as I wanna hate them for taking my Plate Carrier, I understand why. It was theirs and they can't allow some random guy to run around with their tag. I guess I should wait and see what the next interaction with them will be.

In the mean time, I made my way to the Northmen camp again, hoping to talk with a Seer. Strangely, it was still empty... Actually more empty than last time. Someone had breached some of the locks and stolen some gear. When I tried to reach any of the Northmen on the radio, I only got silence as answer... I waited there for a few days, hoping that one of them would show up, but none did. With no point in staying there, I made my way to the city. At least, people were there. If the Northmen were gone for whatever reason, I needed to make new friends, new connections. I knew pretty much no one outside of the Northmen... Sadly, Nyheim was also very empty... Barely anyone in sight, places that used to be fenced out now have their gates split apart on the ground, the inside abandoned. The Community Center was empty of life and of supplies. The Fight Ring was open and empty too... Every day that followed, I thought more and more about just leaving this place. Go back to my settlement in Karlsborg and hope to find some of my people there.

It had been a few days since I last saw PLIKT around. I had taken residence in an apartment building to the East of town. I mostly passed time by going hunting or wandering around town, exploring the abandoned buildings. I was getting more and more used to the city. One morning, I was abruptly awaken by the sounds of gunshots. A lot of them and very close. They were coming from the streets just below me! I hide as far from the windows as I could for a little bit, bit wanting to get shot. Eventually, I peaked out only to see many PLIKT bodies laying around. Further to the East, next to the gate, I saw what I think was a PLIKT soldier stuck behind a building, shooting at someone outside of the main gate. I looked at the bodies again and I could see their Plates and guns... I could probably sell them for a high price! I quickly went down to the streets and passed the next hour or so carefully move around town, looting the dead. A white and black Plate here, 2 black Plates over there, 2 different assault rifles over there. There was a body on the side of the main road. He was more in the open but I could see a large rifle just under it. I looked around and saw no one so I thought that I could quickly run to it, push the body aside and grab the gun before running back to cover in only a few seconds. I ran to the body and was about to roll it aside when I felt a burst of bullets fly next to me, exploding the concrete next to me. I heard the sound of the gun right after the impact, coming from further away. I quickly ducked behind a nearby container.

"That was way too fucking close... Fuck." I mumbled to myself. I expected to be shot at obviously but I didn't know from where exactly. I think it was coming from the East so I ran south, using the nearby construction area as cover. I made it out of the South gate without anymore trouble. I was getting up the hill when another shot ran next to me, barely missing me. I ducked down and sprinted to the closest building. It was a tall apartment building so I ran behind the destroyed stairs.

A few minutes later, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was a PLIKT soldier looking out the door, probably looking for who was getting shot at. I was looking at him, almost praying he wouldn't check behind the stairs and leave me alone. I was full of PLIKT gear after all... Which would definitely get me shot. But, my prayers weren't answered... The soldier went behind the stairs and jumped back when he saw me. I already had my hands up but he still raised his gun at me for a second.

"No no no! Don't shoot! I'm unarmed! I'm just trying to hide!" This was the second time PLIKT found me hiding in a corner, trying to get away from a firefight...

"Fuck me! You scared the shit out of me... What the fuck are you doing here?!" Shouted the man.

"I woke up in one of the apartment buildings in the middle of this fight! I'm just trying to get out of the city but I was shot at so I hide in here." This seemed to convince the man. He asked me if I wanted to leave or stay in the building. When I asked if it was even safe to get out of the building, the soldier shook his head.

"It would be safer for you to stay inside for now.... Come with me upstairs, we can protect you." He started heading upstairs. I wasn't sure I could trust the PLIKT to protect me but at least, if they were to fight me, I knew where they were. Outside, I had no clue where the shooter was. So, I followed him upstairs. Once up there, they put me in a room with another guy. He was in handcuffs, silent. Another PLIKT soldier came into the room and told me he's gonna have to take my radio for now and he's gonna handcuff me for their safety. I tried to protest but he told me it was either that, or I could take my chances in the streets. I had no choice. I didn't mind about the radio, I had no one to contact anyway. After he cuffed my hands, he lowered my facemask to see my face.

"Alright let me see what you look like... Huh, that's an ugly ass face..." He smirked before turning around to walk out. I saw his companion shake his head and mumble something to him. The Asshole shrugged and walked away. The Soldier looked at me with a "Sorry" face. Or at least, that's how I took it as.

They kept us in that room for maybe 5-10 minutes before the Soldier came back in and asked me some questions like what I was doing here, what was my name, etc. I answered it all honestly and he seemed satisfied enough because he removed my handcuffs.

"I'm probably doing something very stupid, but I'm gonna trust this civilian." He said in his radio. "I'm removing his cuffs." He then turned his back on me, talking on the radio. At that instant, I looked back at the other guy behind me, who was looking at me with a pleading face. The Soldier was back to me, I could easily take him out silently and allow the random guy to run away. But a tiny voice inside of me told me not too. This guy protected me when he could've easily throw me back out in the streets, he looked sorry for the insults of his companion and he trusted me enough to free my hands. I'm not that much of a dick.

Instants later, we heard a distant gunshot, a bullet impact and something heavy hitting the floor in the adjacent room. The Soldier ran in there and shouted in his radio that his companion had been shot. He ran to me and ordered me to get out of the building now. Which I did. I ran down the stairs and booked it out of the building. I ran until I was further up hill and inside a house. The shots continued for maybe an hour or two after that. I stayed hidden in the same house this whole time. I got lucky and didn't want to test my luck again by running around. This interaction with PLIKT surprised me. I heard a few people say that PLIKT was there to help it citizens and protect them but I kept hearing stories about PLIKT being super aggressive and doing bad stuff to civilians but they just protected me and gave me a shelter mid firefight... They didn't take anything from me, didn't try to search me for weapons, even trusted me. I'm not sure what to think of it all anymore... 

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Entry 11 

After that stressful moment of almost getting shot twice, I stayed in that house to relax. Rain was pouring down outside anyway so it was better to stay inside and dry. A few hours later, the sun was coming out so I did the same. I went down to the Vending Machine to sell some of the items I had grabbed for the bodies. I had found a nice gun that I had seen some passerby at my settlement use a long time ago. An M16 I think? Before going down to the city, I shot a few rounds to get a feel of the weapon and it was really nice! It kicked a lot less than my VZ and it felt more solid, more slick too. If I could get a few more mags and some ammo for it, I'll start using it and sell the VZ. At the Vending Machine, I bought some mags and ammo for the M16 and sold some stuff. I couldn't sell the Plate Carriers nor the other rifle I found tho so I kept those, thinking of trading or selling it to someone else.

I was making some room in my backpack when I heard someone enter the building I was in. I looked up to see a women carrying a large and heavy looking box.

"Hello there. Need help?" I asked her.

"Nah, I'm good. I'm just dropping it here." She answered back, dropping the box in the corner. She looked different than the other women. She looked to be in her early twenties. She looked... exotic too, not from here. I remember seeing a family going by my settlement when I was a kid. They looked very different and when I asked my father about it, he told me they were Hispanic. So I'm guessing this women in front of me was Hispanic too because she looked very similar to that family. Another thing that made her different than others, was that she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The weather was still pretty cold and most people wear long sleeves shirts and pants. But not her. She also had a darker colored skin compared to most people around here who had light colored skin. I've never seen a women like her and I found myself staring at her. I looked away, hoping she didn't realized I was staring at her. She came by the Vending Machine and I saw she was wearing only a thin Press Vest. These things provides little to no protection. I had 2 extra Plate Carriers in my bag that I was looking to sell. She might be the perfect buyer. 

"Hey, I see that thin Press Vest you have. Do you want something better? I have a Black Plate Carrier for sell." I took the Plate out of the backpack and showed it to her. She looked it for a few seconds before answering.

"Uhm yes I would like to buy it."

"For you, I'll make it 50 kroners. It's pretty cheap for a good protective vest." She pouted when she heard the price. She searched in her bag and took out a Can of Bacon.

"Would that do?" She childishly asked. I laughed. It was cute how she offered the canned bacon and really funny at the same time. I could've said no but, part of me pushed me to just give it to her. A pretty women like her gotta have some contacts around Nyheim. If I'm friendly and generous with her, she might return the favor later. Anyway, with the Northmen gone, I need to make new friends, get new contacts around. 

"Alright here, I'll give it to you for free because you seem like a nice person and you are very pretty, not gonna lie." I told her with a smirk on my face. I saw her slightly blush and she giggled as she took the plate and put it on.

"Thank you. What's your name? Mine is Lucia."

"Sébastien. Nice to meet you Lucia!" We chatted a little bit and at some point, she asked me if I'd seen her Newspaper. I had! I saw her papers spread around town.

"Ooooh those are yours?? I saw them a few times around town! Nice work with them!" She thanked me and we slowly walked outside, talking about the other newspaper. She really didn't like them. She wanted to get rid of them somehow. She said that in a sadistic way too, which should've scared me but I found it... interesting. I was curious about Lucia. She seemed so innocent but she had this aura of danger. But not crazy danger. Danger in a way that tells me to not fuck with her cause she'll come after me. Kind of like me. I can be the friendliest person around but if you fuck with me, I'll come after you. The guy that killed my friends all this time ago found that out pretty quickly. If he hadn't reached for his gun, I would've made his death slow and painful. Lucia gave me that same feeling.

She started walking down the road, saying she had to go to her office. I asked her if I could follow her. She spun around and smiled.

"Sure! You're welcome to join me!" I smiled back, somewhat excite to talk with her more. She was the first person in a while that was very friendly with me and actually took the time to talk. Most people just walk away after exchanging a few words. We walked to a small school building to the east side of town. She was checking her things when a female voice came from downstairs, checking if anyone was home. Lucia quickly walked down there. The other women was called Holly and she seemed to be a friend of Lucia. She had a friend with her but I can't remember his name. They talked with Lucia a bit but, at some point, Holly talked about Ivar and how she beat him in a fist fight not too long ago.

"Oh Ivar is a very good Fighter but he seem to always loose to women." I chuckled while saying that. "I saw him loose to two women before." Holly looked at me surprised.

"You know the Northmen??" I nodded and explained how I was on Trial to join them when they just suddenly disappeared. She asked me if I've seen Valkyrie around and I shook my head.

"No, the last time I saw any of the Northmen was maybe a week ago. Since then, it's been radio silence from them..." This seemed to make Holly a bit sad. They walked outside, talking about the gunfight that happened earlier. At some point, Lucia looked at her Office building.

"Does anyone of you would want to show me how to build a wall here? I wanna make it more secure but... I... I don't know how too..." She said, sounding ashamed.

"I can show you!" I said enthusiastically. "I know how to build small doors or gates. I'll happily show you." She smiled at me and thanked me. I hadn't used these hands to build in a while. Doing something like that would be good for me. Holly and the other man walked away after saying goodbye. I stayed with Lucia a bit to talk about these walls she wants to put up. We will start building them in a few days when we'll have the tools and materials needed.

"Alright then. I'll go out to look for what we need. It'll be nice to spend some time with someone. I've been alone for a little bit now so some company will be nice. Especially the company of a pretty women like you." I said, winking at her. She giggled and slightly blushed again.

"Yeah, it will! See you later Sébastien!"

"See ya Lucia!" I replied before making my way towards the south. The day had been long so I found a house I could block the door to be safe while I sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of my radio and the nearby speakers in town coming to life. Someone from PLIKT talked about setting up some contracts for registered civilians. Hunting contracts and Bounty Hunting contracts. The Hunting contracts could be interesting. I should get informed about getting Registered. Couldn't hurt to make money and help everyone around Nyheim at the same time. 

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Entry 12

I cannot believe building supplies are that freaking hard to find!! I've been looking for 3 fucking days for the right tools and materials! I found the hammer and the handsaw the first day. I found the pliers and the nails the second day. On the third day, I couldn't find nails nor metal wires... I thought of just buying it at a Vending Machine but they're all gone! Someone just took the Machines away. I blame PLIKT personally. It would be like them to make. A move like that to have a better control of the economy... So now, I've gotta find what I need.

Today, while looking through town, I stumbled upon a building that had a gate in front of a door that got torn apart. In the rooms, I found some remnant of a home. Some raiders got into it first so it was pretty empty. But, I found the jackpot in one room in the back... 4 boxes of nails! Who ever raided this place missed the fucking jackpot! I quickly put them in my jacket and made my way out of the building before anyone else stumbles upon it. It was getting dark so I went back to the cabin I wanted to make my home. There is a bunch of cabins to the south east of Nyheim, on top of a small mountain. It overlooks the city and the view is amazing from up there! The woods aren't too far either for me to hunt. I went to sleep with plans on starting building the next day.

I was woken up during the night by the sound of growling and barking. I quickly got up and grabbed my Winchester. I looked out the window and saw a pack of wolves fighting over the corpse of what looked like a Deer. For some reason, the sight of these wolves brought fear deep in my bones... Since my last encounter with wolves close to my tent in the middle of the woods, and adding on top the stories of Loki disguising as a Black Wolf to watch people seemed to have created a fear of wolves in me... I'm usually someone very composed and in control of my emotions, even if I'm getting swarmed by infected, I stay calm. But now, the sight of only a few wolves is enough to terrify me... The wolves went at the corpse for what felt like hours, which stopped me from sleeping more. The memories of that recurrent nightmare I used to have when I was young kept coming back, preventing me from falling asleep... Eventually, the wolves had finished and finally left. It was hard, but I eventually fell asleep.

The next day, I was tired but I still had to find some fucking metal wires to make a door for my home and to help Lucia. I had every else I needed. While down in the east side of Nyheim, I stumbled upon what looked like a small community center. Lockers, Cabinets and small sheds were installed around a Campfire. No one was around but I checked in the lockers, hoping to find metal wires. No luck. I heard someone coming up to me.

"Hey. Can I help you?" I recognized that voice almost immediately.

"Is... Is this Holly?" I asked.

"Uhm yes that's me... Who are you?" She asked, skeptic of me. When I sais my name and mention I met her when I was with Lucia, her face lit up with recognition. We made some small talks before I asked her if she had any metal wires. She didn't sadly. She asked me if I had some 7.62 rounds.

"Oh! You know where the Vending Machine used to be in the East part of Nyheim? There is a gun rack in which I dropped I shit ton of that ammo a few hours ago! If you're lucky, it might still be there." As soon as I said that, she smiled with excitement, thanked me and ran down the hill towards the location.

Not long after, I met another familiar Fac and voice. But I couldn't replace him at first. We talked a little bit before I asked if he had and wires. He nodded and said he probably has some in his home. We made our way there and he gave me a roll of metal wire! Fucking life saver! I gave him some extra food that I had in return even tho he didn't want anything. When I asked his name, he said Mick. I had heard Lucia and Holly talk about a Mick the other day!

"Mick? So you know either Holly or Lucia right? I heard them say your name the other day!" He seemed surprised for a second.

"Yeah I work with Lucia for her Newspaper. And I know Holly from this settlement right here." He pointed at the Community Center I was just at.

"Ooooh that's you guy's place? I pass through it earlier. Well, thank you so much again for the metal wire! You have no idea how long I've been searching for some. If there's anything you're looking for, let me know and I'll bring them to you if I find some."

"Ah actually I am looking for more fences or fence posts so if you find some let me know! Here's my radio frequency." He grabbed a piece of paper on which he wrote his frequency before giving it to me. We then went our separate ways.
I went back home and finished building my door before putting a lock on it and collapsing on my bed. It was barely mid afternoon and I was already beat. The lack of sleep from last night was catching up. I feel asleep very quickly. 

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Entry 13 

Today was... interesting, to say the least. I got up and started looking again for some fucking wires. I can't believe I can't find any! I was searching through the upper areas of Nyheim when my radio suddenly came to life and the voice of Lucia made me jump.

”Hellooooooo anyone theeeeree? It’s Luciaaa, holaaaa como estaaaas?” Her sudden energy and enthusiasm took me by surprise a bit.

"Jesus Lucia you startled me." I chuckled a bit, shaking off the surprise. "Yes I'm here! How are you doing today? Feeling ready for some building class?"

”I guess so, just know, if I hammer a nail into myself, it’s your fault and I’m killing you.” She answered back. I was fairly certain that she would stay true to her words but I still laughed.

"Well then, I'll make sure to show you correctly. I'll hold your hands in the right place if I have to! I'm searching the upper areas for metal wires. I only got one from Mick that I met the other day. But I don't have any for you..."

”I'll take a look around before getting to the office." She responded. Hopefully it won't take to long before we find some. I was about to reattach my radio to my vest when Lucia's voice came back. 

”First shed and I found metal wire…” I looked at my radio in disbelief! I'd been looking for some for fucking days and she finds one almost immediately?? That's gotta be a joke...

"Are you serious right now..."

”Yes you idiot." I sighed and rubbed my face, slightly annoyed but then I laughed a bit.

"I swear I search for fucking days for wires.... Life really does work in favor of pretty women huh? I'm making my way to your office. I'll be there in a few minutes."

”I get everything handed to me like a baby." I snorted at that. It was obvious why people gave her stuff. That or she was just very lucky. 

"I wonder why..." I said with a smirk. I was almost at her office by that time.

”Shush before I chop your dick off." She sharply said but I could almost hear the smile on her face. 

"Hey that was a compliment!" I said while laughing. "I'm at your office." Lucia said she'd be there soon so I went to some nearby trees to cut them down and started cutting some Logs for the foundations of the walls we will build.

From afar, I saw someone get into her office. I couldn't quite make out who but it looked like a women, so I made my way back. Once inside the building, I called out for her. Her head peaked out from the second floor, a bright yellow Hard Hat on her head. I laughed and complimented her on the hat. She smiled and chuckled too. I looked around the first floor. There was 3 double doors for the entrance and 3 other doors on each faces of the building. That would need a lot of work to block all of them. The ceiling was pretty low too, which restricted what we could build a lot. When I pointed that out to Lucia, I started giving her alternatives. She stayed silent for a few seconds, thinking about something.

"You know what, I could always find a different building for my Office. I don't need that much space." She was right, this building would require a lot of work and materials to block and make more secure. It would be better to find something smaller. So we went off on a little exploration for her new Office.

Shortly after tho, Lucia stopped and seemed to be listening to something. When I asked her what's wrong, she said someone was talking to her on the radio. After a moment, she turned to me.

"Well, change of plans. Mick just reached me on the radio. He's at his place and wants to meet." She started walking towards Mick's place and I followed. When we arrived there, I saw Mick with about 5 or 6 other guys wearing an orange armband. Mick and Lucia walked away from the group to talk and I stayed with the randoms. One of them complimented me on my outfit. He liked the mix of white, black and red I was wearing. I was thanking him when I heard a shout from somewhere in front of me. At first, I couldn't see who shouted until I looked up. Someone was standing on the edge of a building, back turned to us. He seemed to be talking to someone. I couldn't quite hear what he was saying but I heard the word Beans a few time... I pointed him to the others, who turned their attention to him. That's when a second man showed up on the roof, and he was shouting loud enough for me to hear him.

"WHERE ARE MY BEANS! I KNOW YOU TOOK THEM!" He was pointing what looked like a Taser at the guy on the Edge.

"I DIDN'T TOOK THEM!" The guy shouted back. I looked to the guy on my right and was about to ask him what was this all about when I heard a shout of fear. I looked back to the roof just in time to see the man falling off! It was a 6 or 7 floors building so he shouted aaaallll the way down until it was interrupted by a loud Crunch noise... He had landed behind a tree so I didn't see the impact but the noise was... enough. I've heard that noise once before... It was the exact same sound the skull of Jeremy fractured on the ground after he fell down the cliff all this time ago... We all ran to the man but I knew he was gone before I saw him. No way someone could survive a fall like this, especially not after the crunch we heard... The man's right leg was bent in an unatural angle and a lot of blood was pouring from the back of his head. His eyes and mouth were wide open from the terror he must have felt while falling. There was no light in his eyes... We stood there, not sure what to do when someone came rushing from the building, screaming the guys name. He fell to his knees, grasping at his dead friend, crying his name. Someone asked if anyone had a shovel to bury him, which I had. I gave it to him and he dug a hole next to the building. They gently brought the body to the grave once he was done digging and stayed there for a minute, silent. I removed my had and lowered my head, paying my respect to a complete stranger. The way he died made me remember Jeremy... The man who made the grave and the one who was crying stayed there. Myself and the others walked away to give them some privacy.

I walked back to Lucia and Mick. The others soon followed and we chatted, trying to forget about what had just happen... After maybe 30 minutes, one of them offered to go to their Nightclub, whatever that was. Lucia and Mick agreed, so did I. I had nothing else to do anyway and I wasn't sure if Lucia would be needing my help to find a new office. They brought us all the way on top of the rail bridge that passed over the city. I had never been up there before and I fell in love with the view instantly. The sun was coming down in the horizon, giving the surrounding a red-pinkish glow that was magnificent! We walked all the way to the West side of town into a warehouse. The inside was... bland. Just a regular warehouse with only a locker and a toolbench on the side...

"Is this supposed to be a... nightclub you said?" I asked a women close to me. She was the one that offered us to come with them here. She quickly explained that it was a little project of them. They still needed a lot of things to be done. They wanted to setup a bar, a dancing floor, speakers, music table, generator room, etc. There was a lot of materials needed, especially alcohol. Lucia offered to go look for some and I did the same. The lady thanked us and told Lucia to reach out to them on the radio when she'll have the goods. We said our goodbyes and left the building. Once outside, I turned to Lucia.

"I'm gonna go towards the lower side of town. We will cover more grounds if we split up." She nodded in agreement. "If you need something, let me know on the radio. See ya later Lucia!"

"Yep, will do. Byyeee." She answered back before going towards the upper side of the city while I made my way to the lower side. 

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Entry 14 

I passed the next few hours searching through the city for supplies for the nightclub but I didn't find anything interesting. I thought about going to the Northmen's camp to see if anyone camp back and, if not, grab whatever supplies I could use. On my way there, I tried their frequency again but got only static in return... Their camp was also empty, their cabins open and mostly scavenged. I grabbed some ammo and canned food that was left behind and made my way back home. The following day was a very rainy one so I stayed inside, mostly organizing my storage and writing in my journal. So boring and uneventful. Today on the other hand...

I wanted to stop by the apartment complex where Mick lives to see if he was home. On the road leading up to the apartment complex, I saw a note. On it was written that the complex was the Send It Society's place. At the bottom was a radio frequency, which I joined. There was a few people talking and I started chatting with them. I searched for Mick but he wasn't home. I decided to go search through the airfield again to kill some time. It turned out that some of the Apartment People also went there but with a car because they arrived before me. They were shooting infected and I helped them with that. I went to a more isolated area of the airfield, which was filled with infected I saw only last minute. I had no choice but to shoot them with my M16, which attracted even more infected on me. It was close but I was able to kill them all. I was talking on the radio to the others to inform them that this area was cleared when I heard something behind me. I turned around and ended up face to face with a pack of 5 fucking wolves! They had sneaked up behind me and one was jumping at me right as I turned around. I shouted in surprise and fear as I stepped aside, barely avoiding the claws of the wolf. I was panicking a bit from the fear so I missed a lot of my shots, running dry on ammo very quickly. I had to finish off the last 2 wolves with my pistol. Some people from the group was rushing over to me but I hide in a corner, composing myself before they could see me in that state. Wolves terrified me way to much and I didn't want to appear weak to this new group.

A little bit later, someone on the radio asked if anyone else had heard the explosion. He had stayed at the apartment so we hadn't heard it. He then gave us coordinates of where the explosion came from. I looked at my map only to realize that these coordinates corresponded with the location of my home! I relayed that information to the group and one of them, who I learned later was named Daniil, offered to go check it out since he wasn't far inside the city. I still made my way over from the airfield just in case. I was pretty close to my house on the south side when I saw someone walking towards me, coming from the direction of my house. He had 2 rifles on his shoulders and a large military backpack in his hands... As I got closer, I could see the guns better. An M16 and a VZ... 2 rifles that I had in my place... I approached the guy to talk to him.

"Hey man, have you heard an explosion not too long ago? If so, where was it, so you know?" The man looked at me.

"Yeah I did and it sounded further that way." He said, pointing towards the East before starting to walk away. A plan formed in my head to test the man. 

"Alright... Fuck my home is over there. I think someone broke into it." I answered back. The man stopped walking and turned around.

"Well, maybe I can help? Let me just switch backpack. This one is heavy." He said, nodding at the backpack on his hand. He crouched and I think I could see his mouth slightly move under his mask. At that moment, I had the feeling he was the guy who raided me and was calling for backup to deal with me. I got closer to him, looking at the guns on his back. The M16 had a scope on it that was exactly like the one I had in my place...

"Nice gun you've got on your back. Where'd you find it?" I asked him, curious to see his reaction. The man seemed to hesitate for a second.

"I found it in a building over there." He nodded towards the Hunting Cabins where my house was. My plan worked perfectly. He thought my house was further and I wasn't the owner of the place he just raided. 

"In one of the cabins over there??" I asked again. He nodded and agreed. That was enough proofs for me that this guy had raided me. I quickly moved behind the man while grabbing my own M16 from my back and pointed it at him.

"Alright, put your hands up right now! And don't try anything or I will shoot you. That's my place you raided!" The man became stiff and raised his hands.

"Alright, alright." He said calmly, which surprised me for some reason. He didn't seemed to be affected by my gun. I didn't hear fear or panic in his voice... I had some second thoughts about having the right guy but that's when I saw that the bag was slightly open. I opened it further with my foot and saw the SVT-40 I had found the day before. And that's a very very rare weapon so the odds of him having the exact same rifles as those in my house were next to none.

At the same time, I heard Daniil's voice on the radio.

"Sébastien, I'm at your place and someone did break in. Your door is blown to pieces." Well then, that confirmed everything. I pressed my PTT while keeping my gun drawn on the Thief.

"Yeah I've got the guy. I'm holding him up right now to the south of my house. Come over, I'll need some help."

"To the south you said?" I confirmed and I heard him repeat my directions to the others that was with him. Daniil was in the middle of saying something when the Thief suddenly dropped his hands. His back was still turned to me so I didn't feel immediately threaten. He would need to do a full 180 turn and grab his gun, which leaves me way enough time to put him down.

"HEY NO! PUT YOUR HANDS BACK UP RIGHT NO--" I cut my sentence short when I saw the Thief turning around and reaching for his gun. I squeezed the trigger... I'm used to the VZ's slow rate of fire so the rapid fire of the M16 took me by surprised. The first few shots pulled the rifle up way too much so, by the time I had lowered my gun again and squeezed the trigger again, the Thief had raised his gun to me and had taken a few shots. He missed but I still felt the bullets wizz by me. My second burst didn't miss tho. The Thief collapsed, dead before he hit the ground. I'd hit him in the upper chest, neck and head.

Daniil shouted on the radio to know what those shots where about.

"The guy's dead. He tried to fight back but I killed him. I'm good." When I released the PTT, I saw my hand shaking. I looked at my right hand that was still holding my gun, it was also violently shaking. The adrenaline and maybe even the shock from killing someone was pretty intense. But, I didn't feel any regret. That fucker had not only robbed my home, he tried to kill me too. Daniil and a few others arrived shortly after. I grabbed what was mine from the body of the Thief and went to my home. A few of the guys followed me to make sure I was fine. I'm sure they could see my hands shaking and my blank expression.

Once inside my place, I dropped the bag and was beginning to take stuff out of it when one of the guys offered me to move next to him in one of the apartment building. I was about to respond when someone's voice came on our radio, warning us about PLIKT being at their home. They all rushed out over there and I wanted to come with but I couldn't. My door was blown open so I had to repair it, otherwise my house would be without protection. By the time I repaired it, PLIKT had left their place so I chose to stay home and unpack the Thief's shit. Not only did I get all my stuff back, I got some extra shit as well! He must have raided someone else's home because he was full of gear. Ammo, mags, plate carrier, a weird looking AK with extra rails and a stock that looked like it came from an M4.

I passed the following hours organizing everything, reinforcing my front door and adding barbed wire to one side of my house so they couldn't jump in the window. Once it was all done, I felt drain of energy. I fell asleep very quickly.

The next day, I thought about the guy's offer to move in next to him. I tuned in to the group's frequency.

"Hey there, it's Sébastien. Yesterday after my place got raided, one of you offered me to move next to them in one of your apartment building. But before I could catch his name, PLIKT showed up at your places and you all had to run over there. Who was that that made the offer? If it's still there, I would like to take it and move in one of the apartments close to you. I'll do my share of work of course in return." The answer came quickly. It was from Luca.

"Hey, you can always live underneath atlas and I in our apartment block. Do you need some help moving in?" I felt kind of relief that she accepted my request. I thought they would refuse since they barely knew me but it turns out they didn't mind that.

"Thank you! I could use a pair of hands to help me move stuff yes but only later in the evening." I thanked her again and layed back down on my bed. I really hope this will work with them. Last group I tried to go with just suddenly vanished ... 

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Entry 15 

I passed most of the day organizing everything to make the move quick and efficient. Mulling around all that gear will make me heavy and an easy target, especially if I have no one to help me. Thankfully, I don't have to travel far and I'll be in radio contact with them. If someone from Luca's group can help me, that'll be a bonus. I tried to condense everything in one or two trips but it'll take me three to move everything. It was late in the afternoon when I was finally ready to move everything.
I walked to the Send It Society complex to check out which apartment room to take.

"Hey Luca? Are you awake?" I asked on the group's frequency.

"Yes, I am. What's up Sébastien?" She answered back, sounding tired.

"I'm ready to move in here. Can I take any apartment that is not locked or do you want me somewhere specifically?"

"I already reserved you a spot actually. I even build a door already, all you've gotta do is put a lock on it." She then directed me to one building and told me to look for a note with my name on it. That'll be my room. I started climbing the stairs and eventually found the note on the seventh or eighth floor. I opened the door to find the other door Luca told me about. She even made it out of metal! That amazed me that she not only took the time to build a door for me, but also made it out of metal! I got inside and did a tour. I had 3 rooms all connected through a tiny corridor. A long room with a couch, a wardrobe and access to a small balcony, a smaller room with a fridge and then a small room with a bath! I went to the balcony and looked outside. The view wasn't as great as the one from the Cabin but it was still nice! It was a lot safer tho and that's what matters.

I passed the next few hours setting up everything. I did the other 2 trips to the cabin to grab the rest since no one was available to help me. I decided to leave my door there without a lock. If anyone wanted to grab it, they could. I informed the people from the group too via the radio frequency. During one of my trips back, I met Mick, who gave me the suppressor I needed for my M16. I promised him the next White and Black plate carrier I found would be his in return.

The sun was setting when I was finally done installing everything inside my new home. There was a chair inside the apartment and I moved it on the balcony. I sat there for a little bit someone on the radio said that they wanted to go search through the airfield for supplies and asked if anyone wanted to come with. I took him up on the offer and joined him. His name was Keller. We passed most of the night searching the airfield and talking, getting to know each other a bit.

At one point, we crossed path with 3 others survivors, two guys and one woman. They were looking for ammo but the airfield was pretty much empty. Keller said that he had some at his place and they could follow us there. On the way there, we mostly talked with one of them who was called Zander or Xander, I'm not sure exactly. His accent was weird and I couldn't place it. When I asked him about it, he said it was a mix of Poland and Russian, from an old country. A bit later, I asked him again about this Old Country, curious to learn more but he told me that it was a long story and he might talk about it later.

We arrived at Keller's place quickly. It was on top of one of the apartment buildings. Keller offered the 3 survivors food, water and the ammo they needed. We talked together for a little bit until I suddenly got a violent headache that pretty much knocked me out for a little bit. When I eventually came back to my senses, the sun was rising and the 3 survivors were gone. Keller helped me downstairs and I made my way home, collapsing on my sleeping bag. There was no bed inside the apartment so I had to sleep on the hard floor but I was so tired that I didn't care at this point. It would be a problem for another day. 

The next morning, I realized I never thanked Luca for the door so I grabbed my radio and tuned to her private frequency. 

"Hey Luca. I don't think I had the time to thank you yesterday before you went to sleep. So, thank you so much for the hospitality and for building a door out of metal for me! You really didn't have too since you barely know me. If there's anything specific you need me to do around here, let me know! " Her answer came quickly. 

"Actually it was peter who built the door, so just thank him instead. But you're welcome!"

"Peter, alright I'll remember that." I answered back. I had no clue who Peter was but, when I'll find him, I'll see if he needs anything in return for the door. Metal sheets like that aren't super common... 


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Entry 16 

I'm starting to like the city, but it's never going to beat the ambiance of the woods. I passed the last few days in the woods to the south. During that time, I thought more about the Send It Community and I began wanting to be one of them, to be more involved. So, I decided to reach out to Luca about it.

"I was thinking about this Luca. This group, I think it's yours right? Are you recruiting at the moment? Because I would like to do my fair part of work around the Complex. And I've already moved in soooo." Her answer came quickly.

"Come talk to me when you're around today and we can have a chat" Damn it, I'm about a day of walk away...

"I went exploring the woods to the south. I'll be gone for a few days. I will come talk to you when I come back tho!" Luca agreed and I went back to my walk in the woods.

A few days later, I was back home and I asked Luca if we could meet, but she was too tired for that. Tomorrow then. Meanwhile, might has well go search for a White and black plate carrier for Mick. I was searching through the military compound to the south east when I heard voices.

"Make sure he doesn't have a radio on him." Said one voice.

"I.... I don't have one..." Answered another voice. He sounded scared. I froze when I heard the fear in his voice. Someone was being held up very close to me. There was 2 military barracks in front of me, I was scanning them for movements when I heard footsteps somewhere behind me. That was enough for me to leave this place right away. Whatever or whoever was getting robbed, I was not about to be caught in the middle. I was making my way down the hill when I crossed oath with Kai. He seemed tensed and in a hurry. When I asked what's up, he told me about people being held up up there and there was someone in there he needs to keep an eye out. As we walked towards the complex, Kai told me it was the Nightclub people that were holding some members of the Send It Community. Why? No fucking clue. But before going in there and get shot, I wanted to know why Kai wanted to go in there.

"The person I need to keep an eye out for is a traitor, he works for the Raiders." That's it? That's why he is willing to risk his life for? Well not me. By that time, Mick was with us. We agreed to just go look around the Complex but nothing more.

Once there, Kai decided to go in the underground bunker even after Mick's warning to not go there. Not long after he reached the bottom of the ramp, we heard someone shout at him to put his hands up, which he did. Mick and I both looked at each other. Without saying a word, we just turned around and walked away. No way we were risking our fucking lives for a traitor. Anyway, from what Kai and Mick said, there was at least 6 or 7 of them. The two of us wouldn't do much except get ourselves killed. We decided to go look at the airfield instead. Mick and I talked more on the way there. He's a good guy overall. The more I hang out with him, the more I appreciate his company. He seems to be a good friend to have around.

Sadly, we couldn't find much at the airfield and I was getting tired so I went back hom while Mick went to check the remnants of the Northmen camp. Once at my place, I did a bit of cleanup in my locker. I had way to many rifles so I threw some in a shed outside for anyone to grab. Hopefully tomorrow I can talk with Luca and be part of her group. 

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Entry 17 

Today was something... Most of the day was quiet and uneventful, until late in the afternoon. I was walking through the ruins of Nyheim, talking with some people over the radio, when Luca's voice chipped in. She sounded annoyed but also worried.

"Everyone, be careful. Berry is walking around, gun in hand and pisses that someone raided her Nightclub again... It wasn't one of us as far as I know but be careful anyway. She's looking for blood." Berry... I've heard that name before... I think she was there when I visited her nightclub with Lucia a little while ago.

"Do you need us to come by the apartments to check them?" I asked.

"If you're close, yes. They might come blame us again." I turned around and made my way back to the apartments. When I turned the corner of the street leading to our homes, I saw a group of people with guns in their hands talking to some people. I got closer to the wall and observe them from afar. When I asked on the radio, Marek answered that it was alright. They were Bismark's people, who ever that is...

I walked home and starting looking through my stuff, making sure I have everything if a fight breaks out. Not long after getting home, someone on the radio warned us that some of the Nightclub people were coming our way and that they looked ready for a fight. I decided to do the same. From Mt balcony, I have a decent view of the middle area and of the surrounding apartment. Perfect position for an overwatch. I dropped most of the supplies I usually carry on me and kept only the essentials. Gun, mags, ammo, emergency medical supplies, my radio, my plate carrier, etc. I used my shemagh to make a full head wrap to hide any skin I have. The walls on my balcony were white-greyish so having a white and black head cover is better than my skin contrasting with the wall. All the training from our Elder Hunter back in Karlsborg came back to me. How to camouflage ourselves, how to take a good position to snipe and to observe, etc. While I was getting ready, I asked on the radio why they could be coming to us. That's when I learned that someone had raided them a few days ago and they keep blaming the Send It Society for some reason. To the point of kidnapping some members of the group the day before. And now that their place got raided again, they'll most likely blame us again too. Almost on cue, one of us called out that the Nightclub people was arriving from the west, guns in hand. I grabbed my M16 and slowly got on my balcony. A part of the railing was made of semi transparent glass that was so dirty we could barely see through it. But, there was a section where the glass got detached and left a perfect opening for me to shoot from. And out of pure luck, that's where the SIS (Send It Society) and the Nightclub stood to talk. At first, they could talk loudly enough for me to hear the conversation.

The club was blaming us for the 2 raids on their place, claiming someone had witness someone with a yellow armband in the area and all sorts of bullshit excuses that were pretty much all explained or debunked by our members. The man talking for the Club was getting more and more impatient and everytime he raised his voice I was expecting him to order our people to surrender. Everytime I raised my own gun and aimed at his head, only for things to slightly calm down and me lowering my rifle. Things cycled like that for what felt like hours but must have been only 30-40 minutes. I just stood on my balcony, observing the NC movements and whispering the information on the radio. They had at least one overwatch setup in the apartment across the street from me, they had 2 or 3 members patrolling the surrounding streets and then there was 4 members in the middle. As far as I could see at least. They most likely had more hiding around the corner, waiting for the signal. We also had numbers. I was on overwatch along with one or two other members in their own apartment building. We also had 3 or 4 members in the middle and we had a handful of members not too far away from the city. And there was a few more hiding in their homes.

A part of me was hoping these assholes of NC to try something. Anything that would give me a good reason to shoot them. I had the perfect position, but, another part of me didn't want more blood to be spilled. Especially for something we didn't fucking do! They were grasping at straws and blaming the wrong people! We didn't do shit against them. This group is just trying to survive, why the fuck would we start trouble with another group?? We already have PLIKT to worry about. After maybe an hour, the NC finally fucking left us alone.

I waited a bit to see if they would come back but they didn't. Eventually, I grabbed my stuff from my locker and went downstairs. I wanted to meet with Luca but she was going to sleep already... She told me to talk with either Daniil or Marek. One of them should wake up or be available soon. Instead of waiting around, I decided to go to the woods in the south to hunt. I ran out of meat recently and my stash of canned food was running low.

While out in the woods, Daniil's voice came up on the frequency and we started to talk.

"So, Luca told me you wanted to be more active around the Complex and maybe become one of us?" I confirmed that. "Well then, from what I was told about you, you kind of already pass most of what we are looking for so I'll give you the quick run down as to what we actually do around here. In the following days, we can meet up and finish your welcome into this group." He then proceeds to explain to me what I needed to know about the group and he gave me the private radio frequency. We talked a little bit more about random things before he headed up to sleep and I did the same. I was close to the Northmen's place and there was still a tent there. That's where I setup camp for the night. 

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Entry 18

The next day, I went further south again. I hadn't found any animals yet, which was surprising... Around midday, Mick's voice came up on my radio.

"Hey huh Sébastien... You there?" he asked, sounding worried.

"Yes I'm here, what's going on?"

"The nightclub came back yesterday night after most people left... They raided pretty much every apartment building... I'm pretty sure they hit yours too..." I sighed loudly. Of fucking course they did that. Bunch of pussies doesn't want to fight us directly so they wait for us to all be gone...

"Putain de salopard... Wait, how do you know it's them?" I asked, suddenly wondering.

"I saw them. I was alone so I couldn't do anything and they got to me before I could radio for help. They threaten they'd kill me if I tell anyone about it but, fuck these guys. I threw away the armband they gave me. I don't want to be associated with these guys. Luca and Atlas knows too. But, please don't tell anyone. I don't want this info to spread too far..."

"It won't don't worry Mick. You can trust me. Thank you for letting me know. I'm too far away to come repair my door but, if they did raid me, there's nothing worth protecting anyway." Mick just acknowledged it and then his radio clicked off. Not long after that, I switched to the group's frequency. People were talking about the raiding of last night and what to do. We discussed for a while about it and it ended up with a decision to not do anything against the Nightclub. To not provoke them, to not give them what they want, a fight. Luca is hoping that they'll get bored and try to attack another group instead of us since we wouldn't fight them. I fucking hate this decision... They attacked us, they kidnapped some of us, they raided our homes! And we can't do anything about it?? This sucks... A lot. But orders are orders and, after cooling down a bit, I understood why she made that decision. It would save more lives to not fight them. Let them take some of our stuff that we can always find back. But if we start fighting them, blood will be spilled, lives will be wasted. And it's obvious that this is not what Luca wants for her group, and I respect that now. I thought of reinforcing my home, make it harder for the NC to break in, but that'll probably just motivate them more. I might just go back to this idea I had a while ago and build my own cabin further in the woods. A little safe place for me to hide my shit or hide myself if needed. It'll require a lot of work that's for sure but all I have is time. Might as well keep myself busy.

While I was searching for a new place to set up my cabin, I thought back about Lucia and how she wanted to make an office. I had asked her before but got no answer. Might as well try again. I grabbed my radio and tuned to her frequency.

"Hello Lucia! How are you doing? Have you found a place yet for your office? If not, I moved house with the Apartment People so my cabin is left for grabs! The door is still there too so all you'll need is a dial lock on it. If you are interested, I can send you the coords. " Her answer came not long after.

”I think I’m just going to have to live out of my backpack…” There was a short pause. ”Just kidding that’s disgusting, I’m still looking for a house." I chuckled at hearing her reaction.

"You got me for a second there." I chuckled "Well, you know to the south of the city there's a bunch of Hunting Cabins on top of the mountain? You can see the cabins on the map, it's the one on the top right. I can't remember the coords...." I paused, considering the idea I just had. Fuck it, I'll try my luck. "Or you know, you could move in with me." I chuckled "I've got room in my apartment you know." I heard her laugh, but it was a... weird kind of laugh. Almost a "That would be a mistake" kind of laugh. She didn't say anything after that and I let it be. I do like Lucia and I wouldn't mind getting closer to her. I have the feeling she is interested in me but is playing Hard to Get. Or maybe I'm completely fucking wrong and she's just too shy to refuse my advances... But, she doesn't seem like the kind of women to be afraid of telling No to someone. So I think the odds are in my favor...... I'm probably overthinking it all way too much. I've got other things to worry about right now than getting in bed with a women... After a few hours, I asked if anyone around the apartment was willing to rebuild my door so what was left of my stuff wouldn't get stolen by random scavenger but no one could. Everyone was busy securing their own place. So, I made my way back to do it myself. Finding a new place will have to wait...

I was standing in front of what was left of my door. Wood and metal pieces were everywhere. All that was left of the door was the frame and a bit if metal wire. I checked what was left in my locker and storage box... They had taken the guns I kept aside, including my Winchester! These fucking asshole... All my ammo was gone too, all the nails I had saved aside and most of my metal wire. But what annoyed me the most for some reason was that they took my fucking sleeping bag! At least, they left me most of my tools and my dial lock so I could rebuild my door. But I was missing nails. First thing I needed was planks, so I went outside to get some. While I was cutting some logs into planks, a girl walked up to me.

"Hey!" She said in a very happy tone. "How you doing?" She looked pretty young. She was small and slime too. I had seen her around here many times. Pippa people called her I believe.

"Hey, Pippa right? Could be better. My place got broken into and most of my stuff is gone. I'm rebuilding my door right now but I'm missing nails." She pouted when I said that I lost my stuff. She had this little aura of innocence around her that was kind of funny to see.

"Oh... I see. What's your name? I think you are my downstairs neighbor!"

"I'm Sébastien and I live in that apartment right there. On the sixth or seventh floor." I said while pointing at my building. She smiled and nodded.

"Yes, I live just above you. I've got some nails I can give you! Come." While walking, I told her how I didn't really mind about my guns or ammo being taken from me, but I was annoyed at losing my sleeping bag... She looked at me for a second before telling me that she took the sleeping bag in her place. I didn't ask why she took it, as long as I got it back, I don't care. She gave me a box of nails and my sleeping bag. I Thanked her and promised to give her the next box of nails I would find.

I went to work on my door.... Only to figure out that I was missing just a little bit of nails! Maybe 5 or 6... God Damnit. I asked around but no one had any extra left. Pippa neither. Then I remembered seeing a part of a fence in a building in town. I could probably get the few nails that I'm missing from it! And I was right. Got 6 nails from it and was able to finish my door with them.
After that, I reorganized my stuff. While I was doing so, someone on the radio called out that 3 people with orange armband just showed up. I went downstairs, ready to fight then off this time but, they weren't hostile. They were friendly actually, which pissed me off. They raided us last night and now they're coming around here to "Chill and Talk" as one of them said. I almost just punched the cunt right then and there. I was so angry at the audacity of these guys. But, I restrained myself. Luca didn't want us to start shit with them unless it's to defend ourselves. At one point, Mick came out of his place and signaled me to come closer. We walked away and whispered to each other. We both hated the fact that the NC was around here but Holly's group was hanging out with them, being friendly back. We couldn't really do much either. We agreed to keep an eye out and shoot them the second they do something hostile towards us. By that time, everyone had gathered around a campfire. All expect one of the NC. He was walking around, looking at the different apartment. I followed him for a little bit and found him peeking in some windows. He was checking people's apartment for shit to steal, this was obvious. I decided to not do anything tho, hoping they would leave us alone. They eventually left and I went back in my home. I grabbed my biggest bags and filled them with all of the valuable stuff that I had left. I wouldn't risk staying here tonight just in case they raid us again. I grabbed almost everything I cared about and left my house. I went back into the woods, looking for a place to build my cabin.

The next day, I heard that our apartments got raided again. They didn't know by who exactly but it was fucking obvious. I was glad that I didn't stayed the night there. I might go back to grab whatever is left and empty the apartment for now. I want to eventually come back but right now was too dangerous. It's just a matter of time before someone get injured or killed...  

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Entry 19 

Today was a fucking reality check.......

Ever since the FuckClub has been taking it out on us, I've been talking shit about them on the radio from time to time. I didn't think much of it but today, it all came biting me in the ass... But first, during the day Luca's voice came screaming on the frequency.

"Someone better fucking come forward to me about who's been spreading lies about me, because I have info it was one of basilisk telling the orange armbands that I SPECIFICALLY gave orders to DROP every orange armband on sight, which I didn't. Until someone comes forward, I'm dropping everyone from the group who isn't a leader or cobra." The radio clicked off only to click back again shortly after. "In the meantime. Nobody is to engage in a fight against the orange armbands, nobody is to talk smack to them or hold them up. If I see or hear anyone talk shit about them or partake in a firefight against them, they will immediately be removed." Most people just accepted this but not I. I wasn't keen to the idea of just surrendering to them.

"Fine but if they try to hold me up, I'll defend myself if they are not outnumbering me."

"If you're not wearing a yellow armband or are claiming to be with us i dont give a shit. As long as you are with basilisk, for now it's ceasefire on our side until some shit is sorted out. If they hold you up, comply. Don't have anything valuable on you for now. Nobody engages them or talks shit. Is this understood from everybody? I know it doesn't seem fair, but I am trying to save some asses here. If you have a problem with my decisions feel free to kindly fuck off, because we have bigger problems right now" I just looked at my radio in disbelief! I thought this group had more balls than this!... But I had no other fucking choice. I clicked my PTT but stayed silent for a few seconds, thinking about arguing but then deciding not too.

"Understood." I ended up saying. A few hours later, a huge gunfight broke out between PLIKT and the NC. After it was over, Luca talked to all of us on the radio. 

"Just a heads up , we're in the clear for now with the orange armbands. We gave them info on PLIKT locations during the fight that just happened and we are helping rebuild their apartment and treating their injured. Keeping on their good side for now until something new comes up I guess. Not interested in a war." All of us acknowledged it. None of us wanted a war.

Later that day, I was with Lucia, planning on looting the airfield since the NC had emptied my place when we came across some of the NC people. They were looking for someone who's been whistling non stop. It ended being a fucking manhunt for about an hour before we finally found the guy. At first, I was paranoid about the Orange Armband but, eventually, I calmed down. they weren't aggressive towards me nor anyone there. After they found the whistling man, who turned out to be one of them fucking around, they stayed around to talk. At one point, they all walked away and whispered to each other, looking towards me, Lucia and 2 other randoms that were here. One of them looked at me and asked me my name. I told him, he nodded at one of his friends and quickly approached me.

"Alright Sébastien, put your hands up right now!" He said, pointing his gun at me. For a split second, my hand went towards my M16 but I stopped myself. It was a 1v4 and Luca specifically told us to NOT engage them no matter what. I groaned in frustration and raised my hand. Lucia backoff a bit, a surprised look on her face. She looked at me then at the NC people and back at me, a look of sadness on her face. She obviously couldn't do anything to help me. The NC ordered me to follow them into a nearby garage, which I did. Once inside, the one who raised his gun at me spoke up.

"You think you can just talk shit about us and get away with it?" So that's what this was about.... of fucking course... They made me drop my plate carrier and my backpack. I had no choice but to do as I was told. The following 10 minutes or so was just blaming shaming on both side. They were blaming me and my group of attacking and provoking them, while I blame them for harassing us. They wanted me to tell them in their face what I was saying on the radio. The truth. At some point, I just stopped talking. I just stared at the men around me, deciding it would be best to just shut my mouth. They kept throwing insults at me, trying to get a reaction from me, but I stayed silent. Not long after that, one of them spoke up. 

"He doesn't want to speak? Alright, let's do something that'll make him talk. What do you think?"' He said as he turned to another man who I learned was name Zack. 

"Uuuuuuhhhh well if I remember correctly, he does run with Luca and it'll be a shame if his silence brought punishment to his friends. That'll be just terrible if your friends got in trouble for  your actions. You know, Luca is the person we've just cleared up all the drama between her group and ours today and it would be a real shame to have all that drama circle back because of you." Mother.... fucker.... Obviously I didn't want to blow everything up that Luca has done. And Zack fucking knew that. I had to start talking to them... I snorted and shook my head with a little smile. He wasn't as dumb as I thought he was.

"Alright, I'll play your game. What do you want?" I ended up saying. 

"I just want, A, to laugh at my face and pull a gun on me. Cause that's what you said would happen if we did exactly the situation that were in." Oh if only he knew that's all I want to do right now... But Luca gave me an order and I'll follow it. So, I played his game. He wants to be the guy with the balls, I'll do that.

"Well then, you've got your proof. That is not gonna happen cause I don't have a rifle anymore." Zack walked to my backpack and took my M16 out, removed the mag and walked to me.

"Come on stand up, stand up." I stand up and he drops my gun on the floor. "Take that gun...... Pick it up I'm serious." I stared at him, then at the gun. I knew there was only one round in the chamber. I can't do much with one bullet against 4 of them.


"No seriously, go ahead, pick it up."

"No, you'll just shoot me.... I'm not gonna play your game." Zach smirked.

"Alright, so you're the biggest pussy and you're not a man of your word. Cause you said you wouldn't go down without a fight and here you are, not fighting." Angry doesn't come close to describe who I felt at that moment. I was being forced to get my ego crushed to save the group I was with... But I had no other choice.

"Alright, you want the fucking truth, I'll tell you the truth. I will speak directly to your face even if that gets me a bullet to my face." I eventually said. If I were to die, might as well speak my fucking mind. I wasn't afraid of dying. I've made that peace a while ago. But I wasn't ready to bring down other people with me, friends of mine, because of my ego and my big mouth.

"Oh we're not gonna shoot you if you tell us the truth." Said Zach. So, I proceed to tell him about how bullshit all of this was that some random guy breaks into their place and they immediately blame us even tho we didn't break in. I tell them how we just let everything slide cause we don't want a war, we don't want more bloodshed, we don't want trouble. Zach obviously kept saying that he had proof and whatnot. The argumentation starts to get very heated at one point because I kept asking them for proof that we raid them but they don't give me one, they just kept saying that they knew it was us. While I was talking, one of them tried to talk over me but I just told him to shut up by force of habit... Which is when I feel this jolt of electricity flow through my body, making every muscle in my body tense up and an intense pain shoots through my body. I then black out from the shock. When I come back too, one of them ask me if I live with the others by the high wooden wall. I say that I do live close to that place.

"Well, some of Zachary's shit was found in there." When I said this was impossible since I didn't know where their nightclub was, he told me about finding it in ONE of the apartment building to the East, next to the big wall. "You said you lived down there with the people that are already there like.... Billy and Ratchet and those people." Billy? I've seen someone named Billy but he wasn't with us...

"Billy isn't with us as far as I know. He's just a random guy that started living there." That's when things got.... confusing... It took a long ass time but eventually we got things cleared out. The NC thought I lived on the other side of the big wooden wall on the east side of the Send It City, where some random guys who weren't part of the Send It Society were living. Eventually, I was able to make the NC understand that I was with Luca's group and that those living next to the wall weren't. When this fact finally clicked in the guy's head, he told me that I should get things figured out if they were part of my group or not cause they did find some of Zach's shit in their place... The man I was talking with had a russian accent. He told me to follow him and so we could see the wall to be sure we were telling the right things. Once in view of the wall, it confirmed what I was saying. That those living on the other side of the wall wasn't with us.

"Well, if what you're saying is true, you better check it out because those people claim to be part of your group." I was telling him that I definitely will clear this shit out when Mick and Kai came jogging to us. I still had my hands up and they were escorting me with their guns out.

"Uhhhh what's going on here...." Carefully asked Mick. One of the NC guy pointed at me.

"This man was talking shit to us on the radio and he got caught with his pants down." I mumbled that I wasn't talking shit when Kai spoke up.

"Okayyy uuuuuhhhh Sébastien, I mean I did hear you over the radio..." And that's when I wanted to strangle that motherfucker... 

"Shut up..." I mumbled to Kai but it was too late. 

"Oh! So even your friend admitted it.... ooooh okay you're in trouble, come on." Kai tried to back track and change what he meant to say but it was too late... But he did say one more thing.

"Hey! Hey! I thought Luca had cleared things out with you guys yeah? Make everything alright no?" But we were already walking away. They brought me back inside a garage and that's where the NC ended up figuring out, thanks to what Kai said, that I was with Luca's group and not with those who raided them like they originally thought. When this came to light, their attitude immediately changed towards me. They weren't as aggressive with me, they threaded me with a bit more respect, they offered me some food and water and even gave me my radio and shit back. It took awhile but eventually I was able to clear things out with Zach and the other NC member that had been interrogating me, making them understand that my shit talking was before the peace happened, that now I didn't do anything to go against them, nor do any more shit talking against them. We came to an agreement that I wouldn't shit talk them again, which I agreed and they then gave me the rest of my stuff before walking away. All they had taken was one of my M16 mag and my extra 20 rounds. But the rest was there.


Once this was all over, I reached out Mick and Lucia on the radio, telling them that I was alright and things got cleared out with the NC guys. I then asked Lucia if she wanted to go loot the airfield and she agreed. We passed by my old cabin and I showed it to her. She looked at the inside of the cabin with a pleased expression.

"I might take you up on your offer and live here actually!"

During our walk to the airfield, I learned more about her. I learned that she was born in Nyheim and that her parents died during the Civil War a few years ago. We kept talking about each other while searching the airfield. She had one hell of an attitude but she was also kind and friendly with me. I made some comments here and there about her looks and she punched me once or twice but I saw the little smile on her face still. The sun was going down and she was yawning a lot.

"Well, if you still want to live at my old cabin, I have a spare dial lock in my apartment! If you are too tired to come with me back there, I'll give you my code for my apartment so you can go grab the extra dial tomorrow. I'm gonna go explore the woods to the south for a few days so you are welcome to stay in my apartment in the meantime if you want." She seemed to consider this for a few moment before answering.

"Yeah I think I'll do that! Might has well occupy your place while you are gone. Maybe I'll do some renovation in your place at the same time." She said with a smirk. I chuckled and wrote my code on a piece of paper before handing it to her. We said our goodbyes and I went back home to grab what I needed for my trip. I then left for the south, hoping to have luck in hunting and finding some good place to explore.

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Entry 20

When I was walking towards the little hunting spot I wanted to use, I tried to reach Luca or Daniil to talk about what had happened with the NC but neither of them responded. I tried Marek and he did respond.

"Marek, I can't a hold of Luca nor Daniil so I hope you can pass this along to them. Not long ago, I got held up by the Orange Armband people because they recognized my voice from when I talked shit to them. Anyway that's not the point. While they had me hostages, they started asking questions about K, Billy and those living on the other side of the big wooden wall. It was a huge misunderstanding and they thought I was with them. They let me go with all of my stuff back as soon as they realized I was with the group. But, they told me that those living on the other side of the wall, K, Billy and whatnot has been claiming to be part of our group and, as far as I know, they aren't. And they are apparently causing trouble with the Orange Armband people. I am wondering if one of them manage to get their hands on our armband and is responsible for the lie about Luca." Marek's answer came shortly after.

"I know Peter lives with K, he's one of the ONLY ones in that little compound of theirs that belongs to us that I am aware of. I will get in touch with Zach or Lucas. I'll need to find out EVERY name that lives within that little compound there." He said to me in a concerned tone.

"Yes, and make sure that the Nightclub understand they are not ours."

"They aren't Nightclub or Fight club, they are their own entity. Just call them VK." He said. This surprised me because I've been calling them by the wrong name this entire time... Oups... A few moments later, I remembered something I forgot to tell Marek.

"Oh, I just remembered something. One of them said, while telling me about those living by the high wooden walls, that they found some of their members shit in that place. So either Peter, K, Billy or anyone who is living there is the one responsible for raiding the Nightclub's place...." The radio stayed silent so I kept walking.

The next day I was getting close to my destination when Luca's voice came on my radio, asking me what was up. I'm guessing someone told her I tried to reach out to her the previous day. I told her pretty much the same thing I told Marek previously. I heard her mumble something on the radio before it clicked off. I kept my radio on for the rest of the day, but after that, I chose to turn it off until I was back in town. I needed some alone time and relax.

3 days later, I came back into town and turned on my radio. First thing I did was tune into the group's frequency.

"Bonjour ! I'm back in town in an hour or two. Did anything big happened in the last few days? I had my radio off pretty much the whole time I was away." Luca spoke up almost immediately. 

"Uhhh you missed a lot..." God dammit... 

"Merde... I guess you can bring me up to speed now on the radio or later when I'll be around the apartments." I waited for her explanation but it never came. Instead, she said this.

"Alright Basilisks, so after last night's events I think it's fair to say Holly probably wants me and Atlas dead. Just be aware if you see her. I don't know what she might do...." I looked at my radio with surprise. Holly? What the fuck happened while I was gone?? I thought she was a friend of the group....

"OK now I really need to be brought up to speed... What happened while I was gone??"

"She thinks I snaked her out even tho the information that was given to orange armbands was literally common knowledge by the entire town and people that were around when K admitted to it. So we started arguing and she pointed a gun at bismark, who stood up for me. Atlas then shot Holly. She's still alive, but pissed." I let out a grown and rubbed my face. That's a rough welcome back for me... The voice of someone I later learned was named Nalun came on the radio.

"Fucking great..." Nalun sounded extremely frustrated. "So what's the plan then with her? I don't think it's safe around the apartments anymore with her around there." Luca also sounded frustrated.

"No, it's not safe there. I'm pulling everyone from Basilisk out. Grab your stuff if you still have some left in the apartments. Guess we're going back to the nomadic life. I don't wanna risk any of y'alls lives over this." For fuck sake... I just got comfortable in my apartment!.... Fuck this, I ain't leaving yet. If Holly starts causing too much trouble, then I'll leave. But until then, I'm staying.

"Is she that much of a threat?" I asked, wanting to see who I was against at least. Marek's voice came up.

“Holly is unpredictable. She’s dangerous for that reason. If you stay around the apartments just keep your wits about you.” I agreed that I'll be careful and clicked off the radio... This is gonna be annoying... 

I got home and dropped the extra stuff I had on me, grabbed something to eat, the decided to go check around the airfield. I had nothing else to do anyway... Most of the airfield was empty, except for the infected. I was in the most south-west part when I heard someone outside the barrack I was searching. I saw him pass my door then quickly come back towards me. He seemed to be panicking. He quickly explained to me that his brother and him gives contracts to people, that their latest contract went to shit and those who originally accepted their contract wanted more in return and took this guy's brother when they refused to pay more. Now, he needed help in rescuing his brother that was on the other side of the airfield. He was willing to pay me for the help. When he said that, it peaked my interest. I was considering helping him at first, but as soon as he talked about a reward, I accepted to help in exchange of a magazine for my M16, full of ammo of course. He accepted and I followed him. On our way towards the north part of the airfield, I learned that this guy's name was Patrick. Not long after that, we stopped and Patrick turned to me.

"Alright listen to me, I'll be honest with you." He sighed before continuing. "Please don't hurt me or hate me for this but, what I told you was not entirely true, alright? I've got a bounty to save a man from people over there." He said, pointing at the main building of the airfield where he believes his 'Bounty' was been held. "It's not one of my friends, not one of my people but it's a man that got taken hostage and people contacted us. We need to help that person. Do you want to help us still?" I considered it for a second. He had lied to me, which I really didn't like. But, I do understand why he said that lie to gain my empathy at first. And the reward should still be there, which was my main motivation.

"Alright so, if you want me to keep helping you, you better tell me the truth from now on. Because if you lie to me again, I will just walk away and leave you straight alone here." Patrick nodded and accepted my condition. "So for this person, all you need is to take him out of here alive?" Patrick nodded again. "Alright, well I do have some items we can try to trade his life for. Hopefully avoid some bloodshed because I do not want to kill anyone."

"Exactly, I'm gonna try to talk first, try to convince them to let the man go." I nodded back and we made our way to the building. While we were crossing the airstrip, someone else came from behind me. I was about to draw my pistol when Patrick said he was with him and he's alright. All three of us continued towards the building. Once we got close enough, I could hear someone talking inside. Patrick whispered to us to stay behind him, that he'll go first and talk with the hostage taker. We got to the side of the building and approached one of the doors that was open. I was following Patrick, who got in the doorway and pointed his pistol towards the inside.

"I suggest you fellas over there let my bro go." Said Patrick in a very menacing tone that was very different from the worried voice he had earlier, which took me a bit by surprise... The people inside started talking loudly and sounded scared of our sudden appearance. "Listen, no one has to die." 

"If no one has to die then why don't you get the fuck out of here and no one will die. You stay here, you are." Said one of the man inside. While Patrick started talking again, I moved to the side of the building, hoping to get behind the hostage takers. But when I got to the side, i ended up face to face with one of them who was staring out of a window. I tried to crouch and hide but he had seen me.

"OH GOD THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! IN WHITE OUTSIDE!" He shouted to his friend. Fuck.

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Surrender or die." Said Patrick. I really didn't like that, I thought he was going to at least try to negotiate but instead he goes straight for the bloodshed... He was about to repeat his threat when someone started shooting. Patrick and his friend started shooting back. Well, there goes any chances of negotiating... I moved further towards the back of the building, where I heard one of them cry out "I told you it would go south!!" He really didn't seem to enjoy his current situation.

"STOP RUNNING AND WE WON'T KILL YOU! STOP RUNNING AND SURRENDER AND WE WON'T KILL YOU!" I shouted at them, hoping they would've understand we were serious and they would surrender. Instead, one of them told me to fuck off and fired at me, the bullets hitting the other side of the wall I was laying against. I got up and ran to the other wall to the north of the building while Patrick's friend stayed at the doorway Patrick first made contact at. After I crossed, Patrick followed me only to get shot at by those inside. Somehow, they missed all their shots and I fired a little bit in the window to help cover Patrick. I think Patrick's friend took this opportunity to make his way inside because I heard fire many rounds. That's when I moved closer to the door of the building.

"SURRENDER AND WE WON'T KILL YOU!" I shouted again in hopes they would get the fucking message.

It's only then that I realized I was bleeding... One of their bullets gazed my arm, slightlycutting it. I quickly grabbed a roll of bandage and wrapped my arm. I would have to deal with this later. Once I was done, I heard one of the men inside say that he was coming out. Patrick swung the door open, got inside and I followed. One of the Hostage Taker was in the middle of the hallway, one hand up, the other was shlump to his side, lots of blood coming out from a bullet hole in his bicep. The man looked pale and wasn't holding steady. His friend was laying next to him, blood pouring out of his chest. I couldn't see his chest rise. He was dead. As I closed the door behind me, the man collapsed to the ground. I quickly tried to stop the bleeding but he took his last breath before I could start bandaging him.... I sighed and raised my head to look at Patrick but my attention switched to the room behind him. Another man was kneeling in a corner, hands tied behind him. His eyes were wide and he was breathing heavily. Patrick took his pistol out and shot both bodies in the head, making sure they were dead. I turned to him, angry.

"I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO NEGOTIATE FOR HIS LIFE! NOT SHOOT OUR WAY IN!" Patrick looked at me without any care in the world.

"Well it's kind of the same thing no? Negotiated for them to surrender in exchange of their lives." I swear and reloaded my M16, keeping it in my hand just in case Patrick and his friend would try something against me. This wouldn't surprise me given how they massacre these two guys without any hesitation. "Well, at least you helped getting those folks. I appreciate that." We argued for a short period of time about what negotiating fucking meant. At one point, silence fell on the hallway. That's when the guy tied up spoke up.

"Ca-Ca-Can someone please, please cut me loose?" He said in a quivering voice, face full of sweat. Patrick took his pistol out again and loaded a new mag in.

"To be fully honest, you know, the thing we had was like... The bounty wasn't to help someone but uhm..." He turned to look at the hostage, then back at me. "Yeaaahhh..." Patrick turned back to the hostage, raised his pistol and shot the hostage in the head. Brain matter splashed the walls behind the hostage. I turned away, swearing again. Fucking motherfucker... They didn't come here to save this man. They came here to take the Bounty. The two guys we killed was protecting the hostage... I was really not happy with this but it was too late... All I could do now was to take my reward and leave. Patrick reached into his backpack and grabbed a magazine of M16 and gave it to me. It was indeed full of 5.56....

Before I left, Patrick asked me if I was interested in doing more Contract work for them since I seemed to be a capable person. I wanted to tell him to fuck off, to go choke on a dick, but the weight of the mag full of ammo in my hand made me accept his offer. I mean, I was all for making money/ammo from Contracts that wasn't about killing innocent people. Patrick told me about a Contract of hunting down a couple of Bears to the north. He doesn't have the exact location yet but he would let me know later. I was about to leave when I spotted a rifle next to the hostage's body. It looked like an old Mosin... and I needed a hunting rifle since my Winchester got stolen a few days back. I grabbed it, threw it on my shoulder and left the building. I felt kind of bad about what had happen but, at the same time, Patrick and his friend would've probably attack them anyway even without me. And I got payed for it. People die everyday, there's nothing I can do about it....

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Entry 21

Later that day, I was hanging out with Mick in my place, sharing a bottle of Whiskey I had safely stashed away. We were just chatting about our lives and what we went through when we heard some shouting and some gunshots in the streets below us. Almost immediately after, someone's voice came up on Mick's radio, telling him that some cannibals were attacking Send It City! Mick and I looked at each other, confused. Cannibals he said? Mick even made him repeat it just to be sure we heard it right and the man said it again. Fucking. Cannibals... Mick ran to his place, I grabbed my M16 and my Plate Carrier and went to my balcony to take a look. I couldn't see anyone in the streets nor in the nearby apartments... Nothing. I tuned into Basilisk's frequency just in time to hear Mick ask if anyone had eyes on the Cannibals. No one did but some said there was maybe 3 or 4 of them last seen towards the East. Mick said he reached out to the VKs who lives nearby and who loves to fight. Minutes later, I saw 3 of them run down the streets and I decided to go down with them. I couldn't see anything from my place anyway. As I approached them, I heard one of them, I think it was Zach, yell at someone to raise his hands. I followed the voices to an apartment and joined them.

When I arrived in the room, I saw someone who was tied up, wearing some sort of skull mask on his face... His white shirt was sparkled with blood and I could see his crazy smile just under his mask. He was talking with someone down a corridor that I couldn't see. The man, who I assumed was one of the Cannibals, laughed and swung his head back before launching forward. I heard the impact of the Cannibal's head hitting someone's head. This was quickly followed by him receiving hard punches, making him fall back on the wall. The VKs asked him more questions about why they came here and where were his friends. The Cannibal just laughed and said something about wanting revenge and being hungry or something like that. I couldn't hear him well. The VK interrogating him walked away to answer his radio, that's when the Cannibal started walking towards me, towards the exit of the room. I moved in front of him.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere." I told him, pushing him backward with my left hand, still holding my M16 with my right hand. The Cannibal laughed.

"Or what?" He snarled back at me, following it with a wide smile. Suddenly, he launched himself at me, mouth wide open, seemingly going for my face or my throat. I had just enough time to move my arm in front of my face and he bit down hard on my arm. Even through the thick layer of my Parka, I felt his teeth sink in my skin and pain shot through my arm. I yelled in pain and pushed him back before hitting him twice with the stock of my rifle. One of the hits cut the side of his face and he started bleeding. He fell back, slightly stunted and laughed again. One of the VK heard my shout and came to him, holding him in the corner. I rolled my sleeve to check the bit mark. Luckily, my Parka stopped the teeth from cutting in my flesh so I only had some slight marks, no cuts. I looked up at the Cannibal, angry.

"If you do that again to me or to anyone else, I will fucking kill you. You got it you fuck?" He just stared at me and smiled. The VK member who was holding him back off and took a machete out of his backpack.

"Like he said, try this again and I will cut you up before he kills you." This seemed to anger the Cannibal who started to wiggle in his restrains, trying to break them. The VK member raised his machete. "If you break out of your restrains, I will stab you until you bleed out." The Cannibal just smiled, staring at the VK guy, still wiggling. "Last warning, stop or I will shank you." Said the VK guy but, just as he finished his sentence, the handcuff around the Cannibal's hand broke and he lunged at the VK guy, who started swinging his machete at him. I could see each swing cut the Cannibal, opening wide cuts around his arms, chest and stomach, blood pouring from them. But the Cannibal kept clawing at the VK, trying to bit. I raised my M16 at him but didn't shoot, not wanting to hit the VK member. Eventually, the Cannibal got hit in the face and fell to the ground. A pool of blood was already starting to form under him. I couldn't see his chest rise nor any muscle moving. We waited a little bit to see if he would wake up but he never did. The VK said they'll take care of the body, so I left the building. Mick was downstairs, talking with Keller and they asked me what happened. I did a little summary of it all and I went home. Even if the bite didn't cut into my flesh, I still wanted to disinfect and clean it to be safe. That motherfucker cleary wasn't clean. 


The next day, in the afternoon, I was out at a little lake to the south when I heard Kai's voice on the open frequency of the group. 

“What the hell is going on?! Why so many gun shots!?” Luca spoke up shortly after. 

"Just some business going on." Oh this sounded interesting! 

"Some business?" I chuckled "I'm curious to know now." Someone's voice, I think the guy's name was Nolan, came up. 

"I'd stay out of that one Sébastien. Not everything needs to be known." I snorted. I wanted to tell him to fuck off but I restrained myself. I had no clue who that guy was. For all I know, he could be someone important with whom I don't want trouble. So, I stayed silent. Luca spoke up in a strict voice. 

"Don't involve yourself." it wasn't the first time I spoke up and got myself in trouble. I really need to stop moving my big mouth.

"I got the message don't worry." I told her. I then heard Kai argue about it tho, he wanted to know what was going on. Things quiet down on the radio for a little bit before I heard Luca speak on our private frequency.

"You guys can move back into send it city, it shouldn't be dangerous there right now." I looked at my radio with surprise! Just a few days ago, she wanted all of us to get away from it because of the VKs and because of Holly. Now it's safe? What the fuck happen? 

"Oh shit, what happened? Holly isn't a threat anymore?" This time, I was Atlas that spoke. 

"Holly's been dealt with, that's as much as needs to be said. Wasn't going to say anything on our open frequency." That's all I needed to know anyway. 

"Fair enough. Thank you for dealing with this issue. I'll be able to sleep with at least just one eye open now instead of both." I laughed before releasing the PTT. At least now things should come back to a somewhat normal state. 

When the sun started coming down, I made my way back to my apartment. On my way there, I heard Luca, Daniil and Atlas talk on the radio about having to go out for a little Hunt. Apparently Holly had robbed someone we knew. I'm still not sure exactly what happened but, from what I understand, she wasn't suppose to do that and now Luca wants to make her pay for it. So, they went out looking for her, or at least, her base. They met another women earlier called Nova, who gave us information about a few possible hiding spot of Holly.

But, after a few hours of walking around, we never found her... When the sun started rising, we were all tired so most of us went back to the apartment to get some shut eye. I made a quick detour first. I saw this little area on my map earlier that day and it looked like some small bunkers on top of a hill and I wanted to check it out. I was still looking for a place to build my home anyway. Instead, I found something very interesting! In one of the small bunkers, I found a little box that was locked. I easily shot off the lock on the side and opened the box. Inside, I found a lot of .357 rounds and a Deagle! I immediately thought of Lucia. Last week, I heard her complain about her Golden Deagle she lost when she got robbed in the city. She seemed very sad about loosing it so I knew giving her this Deagle would make her very happy. I grabbed it and went home where I reached out to Lucia on the radio, asking her to come over when she'll have the time. She agreed and said she had time right now and that she wanted to see me for something else anyway.

Not long after, she knocked on my door and I let her in. I brought her to the living room where she showed me her new "Toy". A M16 just like mine. I laughed but then told her I would give her a magazine for it if I had any extra.

"Aww you are useless Sébastien..." She jokingly sighed out. I smiled.

"Oh wait a second. I've got something for you." She looked at me, curious. When I pulled out the Deagle and presented it to her, she squeaked in happiness and gently took it.

"OMG!..... Okay fine, I retract what I said. You are not useless anymore!" She said with a smile. I laughed and gave her the ammo I found with it. She placed the Deagle in her thigh holster and turned to me.

"There is something I wanted to ask you about. You remember that newspaper I was doing? Well, I wanna restart it again but I need some hands to help me out... Do you want to help me?"

"Yes! Yes of course! I would happily help you with that!... What would you need help with exactly tho? I don't really know how a newspaper work.." I excitedly said. Lucia sighed with relief.

"Oooh thank god... Thank you Sébastien... And as for what I want you to do, it's simple. I just need you to go talk with people and write down articles for the newspaper." She answered.

"Oh well that won't be a problem! Do you have any particular subjects you want me to write about?" She thought about it for a second before answering.

"Ask about the Cannibals that's been causing trouble lately. Ask people what they know and if they have any juicy stories about them." Should be easy enough. They've been causing quite a stir lately.

"So, do you still need help to build an office? Cause we never had the opportunity to find a good location for you office, nor could I actually show you how to build some fences and doors." Lucia agreed and told me that she still needs to find a location and the second she'll find one, she will let me know so I can show her how to start building. She also wanted to ask Mick if he still wanted to help. 

We chatted for a little bit before she had to go. I was getting tired anyway from the night of searching so I said goodbye to her and went to bed. I am so excited about doing some journalist work around with Lucia and Mick! That will be a lot of fun I'm sure, and it'll give me a good opportunity to pass more time with both of them. 

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Entry 22 

I've been staring at this page for way too long now, trying to figure out how to start describing the last 2 days... It was... Fuck, hectic!

When I woke up yesterday, I could hear on the radio that PLIKT was fighting a lot of people in the city. They were mostly all stuck inside of building and the civilians had the advantage. I was about to go help them when I saw my door, or, what was left of it. Someone had broke in during the night. Thankfully, I keep my most valuable stuff in buried stashes or on myself so I didn't loose much. I had to rebuild the door first before going to the city to help fight PLIKT. While I was repairing my door, I heard Luca's voice in the street, calling for Atlas to come help her with someone injured. When no one answered, she tried to reach him on the radio but he was busy fighting PLIKT. I told her I could assist her if needed and she accepted my help. The guy she was helping walk to the medical tent looked really bad... He was limping, he was arched forward and his breathing was harsh. As Luca was checking his back for spinal injuries, the man's eyes suddenly rolled back and he fell on the ground, limp. At that moment, Thomas arrived in a hurry. Luca started massaging the man's chest and told me to check for a pulse. I quickly kneeled next to him and grabbed his wrist. His pulse was very weak. He suddenly gasped for air, or tried to at least but it sounded wet and it made a gargle sound. The man coughed and blood came out.

"Fuck, he has blood in his lungs. Go get me the tub on the shelf!" She said to us and Thomas immediately grabbed the tub. Luca grabbed a surgical blade and cut the side of the man's chest, sliding the tub in. Almost immediately, the tub filled with blood. After a few seconds, the man's breathing became less wet. He started talking to us, asking us to leave him be, to not try to help him. But Luca didn't want to hear that. She was determined to save this man's life.

"Listen to the---" He coughed "To these coordinates." He coughed again a lot. "There are--- are dangerous animals to the--- the north. One of my people is stuck there. Pl---please, help him. But be--- be careful. Bears and other.... Things lives there." The man's breath restarted to be wet and he coughed up blood again. Luca swore and tried to move the tub to pump more blood but the man grabbed her arm, stopping her. "Stop god dammit. List----listen to these coor---coordinates."

"Quick ! Someone note them!" Shouted Luca. I quickly grabbed a piece of paper from my wallet and my pen, ready to write. The man gave us the coordinates and some indications of where that was. It was an area full of containers in the middle of the woods to the north of here. He then told us about a reward if we brought proof of the animal's death to his people who lives in the ruins of Nyheim. As he talked, his breath became more and more harsh and he coughed more and more blood. He could barely finish his sentence before he collapsed, unconscious. Luca quickly started massaging his chest again and ordered me to grab some sort of machine from the shelf. She then gave me some indications about how to place the cords of the machine on the man's chest and then turn the machine on. It beeped at us before delivering a shock of electricity to the man. His body curved quickly before collapsing but no other reactions. Luca restarted the machine, which gave another shock. With no results, Luca restarted massaging the man's chest. Thomas and I were trying to tell her that he was gone and that she tried everything but she didn't want to hear it.

"No. No no. I can save him. I can. Shut up. I can save him." She kept mumbling. Eventually, she stopped moving, staring at the man.

"You tried everything you could Luca. You saw the amount of blood in his lung... You more than anyone knows how bad his injuries were..." She had a lot of medical knowledge from somewhere. She suddenly got up, a blank expression on her face and she walked away. I was about to follow her when Thomas stopped me.

"Give her some time alone. I'll talk to her after. No offense but I know her more than you..." He said it gently, careful to not offend me. But he was right. I didn't know Thomas well but I knew that he's been around Luca a lot longer than I.

I went back to my apartment and finished rebuilding my door. I also saw that Pippa's door also got destroyed and I still owed her some nails from last week. I reached to her on the radio and proposed to repair her door and put the nails in her place. She agreed and told me to use one of the extra 4 dials lock she had in her place. So I did exactly that. Rebuild her door and locked it after dropping the box if nails inside. She thanked me profusely for this and told me she'll make it up to me eventually.

Not long after I finished building Pippa's door, I was told by Luca to go on a new private frequency for the group. Once there, she told all of us about the coordinates that the man gave us before he died. He had said something about one of his people nearby it and dangerous animals living there. A bounty of some sort. Which made me think of the Contract Patrick told me about a few days ago. Luca wanted to go over there and see what's going on. We were all getting ready in a car when Thomas came shouting in the radio, saying that he was already there and needed help. He had someone injured with him, someone who apparently tried to shoot him. He also told us about a second shooter he think he killed but couldn't confirmed. Atlas and I went on foot from the East while the others went there from the West with the car. It was an open area with dozens and dozens of containers piled on top of each other. It was surrounded by trees on the East and West side, while there was a mountain to the south and a Rocky side on the north side.

"I'll set up on the rocks to the north to provide overwatch." I said on the radio. I had my Mosin with me and I was excited to use it a bit! Keller came behind me.

"Good idea Sébastien, I'm coming with you too." He said, grabbing his own Mosin. Having someone to watch my back is always appreciated. We setup on the rocks and started looking around. Shortly after, we heard Daniil shout "BEAR!" on the radio. Keller and I saw them almost at the same time. In the trees to the West, I could see 3 brown Bears running towards the containers. But as soon as Keller and I started shooting at them, they turned to run towards us. We shot the first Bear once each before it reached the bottom of the rocks, where I finished him with my M16. We shot the second Bear as he was climbing the hills to our right. But then, the third one got very close to us so we ran back to the top of the rocks, hoping it wouldn't be able to climb them. The Bear suddenly disappeared under the rocks. We could've stayed on the rocks forever Keller and I but I was worried one of us would slip and fall right into the bear's claws. I decided to run down the hill to attract the bear and mow him down with my M16. When I reached the lower side of the rocks, I turned around only to see the Bear just a few meters in front of me, mouth wide open, growling loudly. I empty half of my magazine into him before he finally went down. Thank god for the fast fire rate of the M16. If I had a slow firing AKM, I might now have been able to kill it before it reached me...

Keller and I reloaded and relaxed a bit. We couldn't see anymore bears and we were starting to think this was over when we started hearing.... a sound, in the distance. At the same time, I saw it. A large group of infected coming out of the forest! Jesus there must have been 20 or 30 of them! Thankfully, we all took them out quickly. That's when a second fucking group of infected arrived from the East...

"Putain how many of them is there??" I shouted while reloading my Mosin. No one answered but I didn't need one. I think everyone was wondering where they all came from. Once they were all killed, I took the time to repack my M16 magazines.

"Oh, there's one more by the truck." Suddenly said Keller, calmly.

"FUCK! TANK! WE HAVE A TANK BY THE CAR!" Screamed Daniil. His voice wasn't calm at all. He was panicked, afraid maybe even. And I soon realized why. The Tank was walking very slowly so I easily landed my first shot in its head... But he kept walking, I shot him again in the head, still walking.

"Mais c'est quoi ce bordel?!" I mumbled to myself. How the fuck could this infected take 2 Mosin shots to the head and keep walking?? I shot it a few more times in the chest, Keller shot it multiple times too. And I know that the others closer to it also lit it the fuck up. Yet, it kept walking, it kept getting up. Eventually, I shot it in the chest and it finally went down. I still cannot believe how many round this infected took! I understand now why Daniil called it a Tank.

After that one, Keller and I stayed alert and looked around, expecting to see something else come out of the woods. After a little bit, things stayed quiet and I spotted a hill on the other side. I moved there and stayed there for the rest of the day... And a part of the fucking night. We stayed there, at the container yard for many hours. At one point, I asked Atlas if I could come down but he asked me to stay there.

"You have the best position out of all of us right now. You're the only one who can warn us if someone or something approaches. Keep it up" I sighed and accepted..... Sunlight slowly faded to let room to the darkness of the night. Clouds starting coming over head and I could hear the rumbling of distant thunder. At one point, I heard a single gun shot. When I asked about it, Keller just told me to not worry about it. I aimed down the scope of my rifle towards them just in time to see someone shoot the man they were talking with! They just executed him! I tried to ask on the radio but no one answered... 20 or 30 more minutes passed before I saw all of them get closer to the car. I tried once again to call them over the radio but no answer came. I was about to go down the hill when I saw Keller start to walk towards me. I saw there until he passed right next to me.

"Keller? What's going on?" He jumped and turned towards me, gun drawn. He immediately lowered it when he saw me.

"I've been exiled. Don't ask. I'm in no mood for this." He turned and was about to leave but stopped. Without looking at me, Keller said. "I'll give you a little advice. You've been good to me ever since we met. The next time you see me, run away before I see you. I won't treat you as friendly the next time I see you." He then started walking away, leaving me in utter confusion... I tried calling out to him but he ignored me and that's when I heard the engine of a car rumble to life. I turned around to see my friends get into Daniil's car and leave... Leaving me on top of the mountain alone... And of course, that's when it started to rain... 

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Entry 23 

After they left me in the rain, I grabbed my radio and tuned to the group's private frequency.

"Oh by the way, thank you all for leaving me on the hill back there. I just watched as all of you drove away.... Now I'm stuck walking in this fucking rain." A few minutes later, Atlas responded. He sounded genuinely sorry.

“That’s entirely my fault Sébastien. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

"Yeah, next time you'll need an overwatch, I'll let someone else do it. This way I shouldn't get left behind." I made a small chuckle before sighing. I then clicked off my radio and started heading towards Send It City. But, on my way there, I felt like stopping by the Summer camp to the south, where I used to have a home. I always liked passing through it for the view and to look through the cabins for stuff people might have left behind.

It was pretty dark when I arrived thanks to the dark rain clouds overhead that blocked the Moonlight. The rain also reduced the visibility to pretty much nothing. I was walking by a cabin when I heard his voice before seeing him.

"Sébastien?" Asked a voice I recognized as Keller's. The hair on the back of my neck started to raise as I remembered what he last said to me not too long ago...

"Yes Keller... That's me..." I said carefully. I turned to look at where the voice came from. I was about to ask him what he was doing here when I saw him. Keller was looking at me through a window of one of the cabins. I could barely see him through the rain and the darkness. He sighed before talking in an angry voice.

"I told you to avoid me Sébastien. You should've listen." Before I could say anything, I saw Keller raise his rifle at me. By pure reflex, I did a quick side step to my right. This move probably saved my life. Keller shot a burst, I felt the first few bullets cut through the air right where I was. I then felt 2 impacts on my plate carrier that knocked the air out of my lungs. I started running to my right, almost tripping in the wet grass, and hurried inside the nearest cabin. Once inside, I slammed the door shot and went to grab my radio but something was wrong... I could only feel a part of it. I looked down at where I usually keep my radio and only saw half of it! One of Keller's bullet must have hit it and took the upper half with it. Fuck! I was stuck in this fucking cabin with Keller trying to murder for god knows what reason, without a radio to call for help. I knew Keller was a way better fighter than me and I was in a bad position. My chest hurts every time I inhaled because of the bullet impact. I grabbed my M16 as I heard his voice from outside, loud and mixing with the hammering sound of the rain.

"Come out Sébastien! Fight me!!" 

"NO! What the fuck are you doing Keller??" I shouted back at him. I didn't understand why he would be shooting at me! I never did something against him, I was always friendly with him. I tried to talk with Keller, try to get him to tell me why he was doing this but he never answered my questions. He only told me why he got exiled from the group. 

"Luca exiled me because I cut the guy's ear back in the container. They didn't want me to but I did it anyway. That guy fucking deserved worse." During the shouting match we had, he had to fire a few times at infected. As I heard Keller get closer to the door, I heard someone outside call out Keller's name.. I think it was Atlas! Holy fuck the relief I felt is indescribable.

"What's going on here?" Asked Atlas as he saw me inside the cabin. That's when Keller opened the cabin door and stood in the doorway, staring me down. What was his intentions? Was he just having a fit of rage? Was he that angry about getting exiled that he would kill a friend just because he's part of that group?? Atlas obviously realized something was wrong. "Sébastien.... Get out of the cabin." He said from behind Keller, who, surprisingly, stepped aside to let me out. Once outside, Keller spoke up.

"You shouldn't have come here Atlas." He said it in a very menacing tone, which Atlas really didn't seem to like. Atlas, who was usually calm and composed, seemed very on edge and angry... Something else was going on, I could feel it.

"I suggest you leave right now Keller. There's bigger things going on right now and I don't need to deal with you." By that time, other people starting showing up, both  from Basilisk and from VK. They started circling us, watching, wondering what was going on. Keller kept his eyes on me, gun still in hand.

"Keller, just walk away. I do not want to hurt you and I'm sure no one here wants that either." Keller just laughed and started going around me. I followed his movement and we started going in circle. Me trying to calm him down, him trying to provoke a reaction from me. I figured out pretty quickly that Keller was on a suicide mission. There was a dozen person around us, guns drawn, ready to put him down. I didn't want to have to kill Keller. I considered him a friend and enough people have died already... But Keller had other plans. He became more aggressive, he started shooting in the air to provoke us, he started provoking others around him. He was looking to die... During that time, Atlas asked me what the fuck had happen. I quickly told him how Keller saw me, shot at me, hitting me in the plate carrier and hitting my radio, which is why I couldn't call for help. When people heard that, they started pushing Keller backward, trying to force him to leave. That's when Atlas sighed in frustration and turned to me.

"You said he shot you yes? He hit you too?"

"Yes he did, but in my plate carrier. I don't want him to die either! Enough people died already!" But Atlas didn't seem to care. He raised his gun and shot Keller 5 or 6 times in the chest. Keller collapsed to the ground without a sound. I dropped my head, sad and angry at Keller's fate... But I didn't have the time to ponder on that much. Atlas came to me and asked me if I knew what was going on. When I shook my head he told me.

"The fucking Cannibals were in Send It not too long ago. While we were fighting some of them, Luca somehow got snatched from the middle of Send It... All we heard was some Carnival music on our private frequency and we deducted it was from Luca's...." Oh fuck! How did they manage to do that?? We have eyes everywhere in Send It! That explains the amount of people from Basilisk and VK that showed up at the Cabins. They most have heard the shots and thought Luca was here...

The rest of the night and part of the morning was passed running around Nyheim, trying to find Luca. I checked from the south to the East. Checked the wrecked boat on the Ice Caps, went on top of the mountains to the north of Nyheim to have a view of the forest. During that time, Luca's voice suddenly came on the radio, whispering.

"Guys, listen, they're after me. I'm sorry." I could barely hear her whispers. We started asking her where she was but she couldn't say. She must have lost herself while she run from them. At one point, she swear and her radio clicked off. Her swear send chivers down my spine, she sounded afraid, no, fucking terrified! She had been gone for hours now and god knows what the Cannibals did to her! After another hour or so of searching, she finally spoke up on the radio. "Roundabout, I'm at the roundabout." There was only one of these things in Nyheim and we all ran over there. Daniil had grabbed his truck and was driving around. I was the closest to the roundabout so I got eyes on her quickly. Pippa was with her. She had been searching too. Luca seemed alright... Physically at least. Her hand was wrapped in bandages but she didn't seemed hurt anywhere else. But her expression... God that face she had worried me the most... Luca was usually someone always wearing a smile and in good spirit... But now, her face was white as snow and blank... Expression less... Her eyes were hollow when they looked at me. When Daniil arrived with the truck, we hurried Luca in it. She numbly got into it and they brought her back to Send It City. Atlas, Pippa, Zach from VK and myself walked back to it, alerted in case these Cannibals were still around. But, nothing happened. When we arrived at the City, Atlas hurried on top of one of the Apartment building to get to Luca. I tried to get more information about her state but I didn't get much. All I know is that she isn't talking much and she doesn't seem like herself. Her hand got carved or cut I'm not sure exactly. After that, I went into my home and grabbed some of my stuff. I wanted to search the south woods, see if I could get lucky and find the hiding spot of these fucking assholes. We have to do something about them. This isn't the first time they took someone and it won't be the last time either unless someone does something. It's the second time that they went after one of us and, this time, I was pissed. If I could just find where they live at, I could hit them when they least expect it.

Before leaving, I reached out to Lucia on the radio.

"Hey Lucia, I just want to warn you. If you go around asking about the Clowns/Cannibals, be very careful about it. Today, a few of them managed to kidnap Luca right in the middle of Send It City while there was people around... They are a sneaky bunch and they did.... something to Luca. She doesn't speak about it but it's obvious that they did something to her... Please be careful. I don't want the same thing happening to you. Or to anyone for that matter........ I think we should push more on the subject tho in the newspaper. Make people aware of how dangerous these people are..." I released the PTT for a moment before pressing it again. "But, at the same time, pushing this and talking bad about the Cannibals might make us a target for them. So we will have to be very careful."

She didn't answer but I knew this would happen. It was still very early in the day and she usually sleeps late. As for me, the adrenaline rush I felt when we finally found Luca and we hurried her away is keeping me awake for now. And the anger I feel towards the Clown Cannibals is making my brain race too. Imma go on a hunt.... Hunting the most dangerous animal of all. Human....






From now on, I'll try to tag those I can that are featured in the entry! I'll keep it to those with dialogues or who interacted enough with Sébastien in the journal. @Luca, @TylerP500, @Eagles,

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Entry 24

I came back from my search for what could be the Cannibal's home empty handed. I didn't find it towards the south. So either its not to the south or its well hidden. Either way, I was getting very tired so I went back to my apartment to take a quick nap.
When I woke up, I did my usual run for supplies in Nyheim. The medical area of Send It City was getting low on supplies so I focused on the hospitals. When I got closer to the old Community Center to the West, I saw a group of people gathered around an entrance of a large building. There must have been a dozen people gathered around. As I got closer, I saw one of them climb on top of the concrete fence surrounding the building. He looked at someone below and I could faintly hear him talk but couldn't understand what he was saying. Suddenly, the man he was talking too grabbed his gun and shot the man, who collapsed on the fence. I gasped in surprise and hide behind a pillar, expecting a firefight to break out... But nothing happened. I then heard the man who shot, shout something respecting his people and follow his orders or something like that, I didn't quite understand what he was saying. But I had seen enough and didn't want to get involved with these people. So I went back home.

On my way back, I found a small drybag in the industrial area, which is something I was looking for. I can burry that bag with stuff in it. Valuable stuff like nails, rare ammo, my journal, etc. I also found a fucking M4 in a small guard post on the East gate! It was in a small opening between a crate and the wall. I only saw the tip of the barrel thanks to the moon light reflecting on it, making the slick blackness of the barrel contrast with the light colored wall behind it. It was in rough shape but nothing I couldn't fix. I brought it home and used some parts from my M16 to get it working. I stored my M16 on my locker and went on looking for a nice little spot to burry some of my valuables.

After that, I went to sleep. I was so fucking tired and I wanted to go back searching for the Cannibals base during the next few days. 

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