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That’s some strange wildlife…

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This is the last time I will book my own hunting trip, those rascals aboard the ship I hired to Chernarus just dumped me on the shore. Well at least I’m not far from Chernogorsk, I can see the harbor and industrial area from here. But they took my hunting gear, luckily I always carry some emergency supplies (looks at the canteen and baked beans that’s hidden in my pockets).

I can see some local population in the distance (but they are walking kind of strange) I should greet them and explain what happened to me. “Greetings, I have been stranded on the shore and…” (starts to realize something is terribly wrong) “RAUWR” screams the local limping male. “What? Wait, I’m only a friendly tourist!” (starts to back away from the strange, screaming man). Suddenly the man lunges at me, but he miss “Why are you trying to attack me?” (running from the strange, screaming, hostile man). “Oh, wait I might be able to lose him in the woods” (runs to the woods and the strange, screaming, hostile man loses sight of me). “What the **** was his problem, it was like he was possessed”.

After my first encounter with the local population I tried a different approach, one I’m quite use to. To sneak up on hostile inhabitants and gather intelligence (a skill I’m fairly good at as an ex special forces soldier). After some time observing (and tin can throwing) I concluded that the inhabitants appear to be like zombies from those old zombie movies.

I realized that I must get some more supplies, so I slowly started to make my way closer to Chernogorsk. After a while I finally found a supermarket that was in a bad state (might be because there were no staff around), but I manage to secure some supplies. As I was leaving the supermarket I saw a pub and thought that I might find some friendlier people there. To my disappointment I didn’t find anybody there but instead I found a compound crossbow.

Later when I was roaming around in the city I did find a friendly person. He was a trader he said, and offered to give me an automatic rifle. But I declined and explained that I’m a hunter and a crossbow is better for hunting then a loud AK. After we had said farewell I started to make my way to the woods, but suddenly I heard how the trader was screaming for me to return. He had found a bigger backpack and was giving it to me. I gladly accepted the backpack saddened that I couldn’t give him something in return.

As we parted for the second time a warm sensation was filling my chest, that it still exist nice people in this mayhem (at the same time I could hear the familiar sound of conflict in the distance).

Afterwards I continued onward into the woods, on the hunt for some big game.

If anyone finds this diary from my first day in this mayhem don’t be afraid to contact me if you need some meat or other supplies. You can also contact me if you want to team up (I would appreciate that because the boars aren’t that talkative).

Best regards Cialac the friendly hunter.

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Guest carlos_devil

I like that.

I usually play at night. I will look for you.

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