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The Center

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*A Pre-Recorded  but clear message is heard over the radio by a man with a slightly deep voice*  " Hello to everyone who is listening , I have created a Community center on the West side of town Right beside the busy trading machine , down the street from the main bank . There are tents and lockers setup to act as a drop off or pick up for items in which some people won't need but others might find a use. These tents and lockers are open to everyone and can be used to put items you cannot sell at the vending machine . There are notes in the general area and a fire place inside of a bus shelter that everyone can use to warm up away from the rain or use the grill to cook or smoke foods. In case anyone is wondering my name is Curtis Taylor. If you have any questions, i should be living in the general area and will be glad to answer them when i am around and awake. Stay safe out there and remember There is always 'The Center' to Lighten your load or Fill up supplies. " *A crackling Static sound is heard at the end of the message. The message is repeated on Freq 87.5 every hour*

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