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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-01 04:39

PLIKT -- O-Squad Patrol -
TODAY | 2021-08-01 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 14 hours, 20 minutes | Nyheim City

S1 - Nyheim - AOGM


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Server and location: Server 1, somewhere in the mountains

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20/06/2021 - 11:59 (UK Time) & Approximately 15:00 the same day (UK Time)

Your in game name: Ronald Uthstred

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: 

Good morning/afternoon/evening, ladies and gents and Happy Father's Day!

In note of the special occasion that this is the first report since the new lore; I will make the attempt of addressing the situation through the art of Roleplay:

On 20/06/2071, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the trees were... being trees. In the afternoon of said day, the Norwegian legend one would only know as Ronnie Uthstred wakes from his mesmerizing slumber. This is not a natural awakening, however, nay, this is a RUDE awakening! He turns his head from the porch of which he sleeps in to see an unknown male trying to force his way into the reinforced home Ronald's family have occupied. The young Viking holds still, not making a sound to remain unnoticed so that he may quietly observe the sus imposter's method of entry. To his disbelief; the big bad burglar appears to be part-ghost as his hand and axe begins to fall THROUGH the wall before Uthstred's very eyes, plucking away the nails and support beams to have the front wall fall with a mighty -CRASH-.

The Viking's natural decision of fight or flight kicks in. What does he choose? Is it fight, or flight? Will he flee in fear of the ghost? NEVER - He challenges the spirit by making his presence known. The words "PUT YOUR FUCKIN' HANDS UP RIGHT NOW! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" are delivered by the Aspirant with a mighty bellow! In fear of immediate violence from the Drengr, the spirit recoils, fleeing to the nearest shed and-- is.. wait, is the spirit carrying an ASSAULT RIFLE?

A firefight of the decades ensues, the echoing ripples of gunfire litter the air. Ronald defeats the accursed revenant and frees the Ulfednar village from it's evil aura. The people are safe once more... Until the cowboy-man-spirit-thing returned 3 hours later again when EVERYONE was gone and did the same mischevious strategy of putting his hand through the solid wooden wall and dismantling the front door to the safehouse.

Okay, now to be a bit more serious on the TLDR side of things.

I logged in and found a random player sussing out my group's base. He then moves to the corner of the base wall that resembles the front entrance and angles himself so that he can get the option to dismantle the back of the base wall via clipping through the other solid wall neighbouring it. I notice this and start to manually record. As seen in the video, he uses this mechanic to break down the wall as it cannot be cut down from the front-side with an axe, to my knowledge - Satchel charges are required for that. I kill him and all is well.

A couple of hours later, I leave the base to do a loot run. Within 20-25 minutes of leaving, a friend of mine returns and finds the front gate dismantled AGAIN after we repaired it from the first incident. I have spoken to staff in the Helpdesk who have confirmed it was the same guy. The suspect was called to speak with me in the helpdesk regarding this however has failed to respond. This has left me with no choice but to throw a report up.

Its a ball-ache, I know, but I am concerned that as Nyheim is only a few days new to the community - People are already prioritising offline-raiding and AOGM for easy loot rather than doing what the smaller map was aiming for and RPing with people. I worry that this guy is playing to avoid interaction and focus on the loot.

I am happy to answer any questions.

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Kill Logs:


10:58:56 | Player "Clint Henshall" killed by Player "Ronald Uthstred" 

Hit Logs:


10:58:56 | Player "Clint Henshall" hit by Player "Ronald Uthstred" into LeftLeg(11) for 73.4727 damage (Bullet_556x45) with AK-101 from 11.152 meters 
10:58:56 | Player "Clint Henshall" (DEAD)hit by Player "Ronald Uthstred"  into Torso(24) for 95.5743 damage (Bullet_556x45) with AK-101 from 11.171 meters 
10:58:57 | Player "Clint Henshall" (DEAD) hit by Player "Ronald Uthstred"  into LeftArm(29) for 95.5743 damage (Bullet_556x45) with AK-101 from 11.362 meters 
10:58:57 | Player "Clint Henshall" (DEAD)hit by Player "Ronald Uthstred") into Torso(25) for 95.0765 damage (Bullet_556x45) with AK-101 from 11.362 meters 
10:58:57 | Player "Clint Henshall" (DEAD)hit by Player "Ronald Uthstred" into LeftHand(46) for 95.5743 damage (Bullet_556x45) with AK-101 from 11.4813 meters 
10:58:57 | Player "Clint Henshall" (DEAD)hit by Player "Ronald Uthstred"  into LeftHand(46) for 95.5743 damage (Bullet_556x45) with AK-101 from 11.8287 meters 

Position Logs:


10:49:50 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<292.5, 3196.9, 2.1>)
10:54:49 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<218.4, 2049.2, 159.6>)
10:58:35 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<209.9, 2063.7, 160.2>) dismantled Wall Base with Splitting Axe
10:59:48 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<1760.9, 2916.4, 33.9>)
11:04:47 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<1908.5, 1425.1, 142.1>)

12:29:32 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<803.0, 2124.0, 97.6>)
12:34:31 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<230.3, 1929.0, 125.9>)
12:37:14 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<209.9, 2063.6, 160.2>) dismantled Wall Base with Crowbar
12:39:31 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<210.3, 2052.2, 160.3>)
12:44:30 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<974.0, 3097.4, 19.9>)

10:59:48 | Player "Ronald Uthstred" (pos=<213.5, 2059.1, 160.2>)
11:04:47 | Player "Ronald Uthstred" (pos=<211.9, 2056.4, 163.0>)
11:09:46 | Player "Ronald Uthstred" (pos=<211.7, 2056.3, 163.0>)
11:14:46 | Player "Ronald Uthstred" (pos=<211.6, 2055.6, 160.3>)

Connection Logs:


10:36:57 | Player "Clint Henshall" is connected 
13:21:08 | Player "Clint Henshall" has been disconnected
13:22:19 | Player "Clint Henshall" is connected 
13:23:52 | Player "Clint Henshall" has been disconnected

10:56:07 | Player "Ronald Uthstred" is connected
11:07:10 | Player "Ronald Uthstred"has been disconnected
11:07:21 | Player "Ronald Uthstred" is connected
11:33:03 | Player "Ronald Uthstred"has been disconnected

Construction Logs:


10:58:35 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<209.9, 2063.7, 160.2>) dismantled Wall Base with Splitting Axe
12:37:14 | Player "Clint Henshall" (pos=<209.9, 2063.6, 160.2>) dismantled Wall Base with Crowbar

Calling in the following people for their full and detailed POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have. 

@RonnieLR | Ronald UthstredOP

@Dirty Bean| Clint Henshall


If either party wishes to resolve this in the Helpdesk, please let the Staff Team know.

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On 20/06/2071, it was a dreary day for Clint Henshall after driving down the southern road, Clint made a great discovery. A Armored Mustang! He quickly stashed his Gunter in the woods and drove the mustang like he stole it. Overjoyed with his new car, a need for speed and hours of driving Clint made a horrible mistake and hit some ice and the road and flipped his car. This began the downhill slope of his day. He packed up his things and started making his way through the woods back to his stashed Gunter, when he came across a base that seemed to be unoccupied. An opportunist he searched the surrounding tents and found an axe and began to swing it a the door to see if he could get in, nothing happened he then went around the side and wah lah he hit just the right spot and knocked the door down, a man ran out screaming with his gun drawn so Clint ran and did what any man would do, pulled out his gun and a firefight of the decades ensues. Clint doesn't have much memory of the events after that he woke up at the outskirts stripped and scared and made his way to the city where he foraged and met several kind people that helped him back on his feet. After hours he decided it was time to go get his Gunter he stashed in the woods. He came across a what seemed to unoccupied base and did what an opportunist does.


Now, if Ronnie would like to talk in discord about this still i would like to also.

I am new and did scower the rules so if i did anything wrong i first of all apologies sincerely. If dismantling the door is not aloud, i did not know i actually scowered around outside looking for stuff and found that axe then began to just swing it at the door like i was attacking because i was told you could offline raid and that doors had health bars you had to attack or shoot as i was attacking it pushed me to the side and i saw the prompt to dismantle, i didnt even know you were able to, so i just went with it. As far as returning it was hours later and i did have reason to be in the direction.


All in all if i broke rules i am sorry, i want to follow the rules and also i want to RP with people and am not trying to avoid it. Ronnie you actually just scared the shit outa me i thought no one was home and when u popped out yelling in the video i literally jumped outa my chair XD

If you want to talk in discord lmk


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After discussing with the @Dirty Bean, he has shown me that he understands now where he went wrong. He was genuine with me and I am convinced he did not do this out of spite, anymore.

We all make mistakes and I'm glad he reached out to me to talk things out! I am happy for this to be closed.

Happy Father's Day gamers xo

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The two parties of this thread have talked out this report and we as a staff team have come to a decision to close it.


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