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Momma said friends are good...


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A small boy, perhaps no older than 10 toys with the radio in his hands. His mother had shown him how to use it before, but never really left him any opportunity to put his hands on it. He hesitates, and walks over to the window, raising up on his tip toes, wondering if today will be the day she comes home as he peers outside. Loneliness gnawing at him, he leans against the wall and presses the PTT.

"Uh... H..hello? Friends? Are you out there? Momma... Momma said friends are good. Its Mikie Caddell... or.. maybe Caddwell.."

The little boy's voice wavers as he realizes he cannot truly remember his own name.

"Momma lost me. Have you seen her? She's a beautiful angel."

He giggles fondly, thinking of his mother.

"We was in the big wally place. There were gates, uhm.. pretty flags... we were moving here. Lost my teddy too, but I want Momma back more.."

His demeanor shifts, and he sounds on the verge of tears.

"I feel...sad. Friends, are you there?"


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Hours pass into the next day and the boy finds himself adjusting the volume dial on the radio over and over, wondering why he hears nothing but static. As he speaks, his voice sounds depressed.

"Friends? If you're talking, I can't hear you... Please? No no... Momma said I must be patient with friends... Patience is a vir-..vir-- virtutu? No, that's not right..."

The boy's voice pauses for a while as he considers the word he's unable to manage. He sighs, accepting defeat of himself before stuffing a backpack with a blanket and some burnt food -- evidence of his poor cooking in his mother's absence.

"Friends, I'm gonna find Momma. Maybe those people with the shiny guns will know... Do you think they'll help me, friends?"

The boy wants a response, but he doesn't hold out hope for it anymore, his hopes having been dashed in the previous day. He slides the radio into the netting of a side pouch, and shields his eyes from the brightness of the day as he steps outside his home.

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  • Emerald

A Voice comes over the radio, he sounds no more then 17.

"H-Hey buddy..My name's Thyg.. Don't run up to people with guns..."

"If you do go in there though, look for Jet, Luca or the Boxing club... They're good people and will keep you safe."

"If you need help getting there or get lost, you can always call over frequency 42.9 and i'll do my best to help."

Transmission end

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The radio crackles back to life and the boy can't seem to contain his excitement.

"Friend! Thyg... Friend Thyg... Momma said these men with guns keep us all safe... That they keep the monsters away. Aren't they nice people, friend Thyg?"

There's a soft giggling over the radio

"Guess what friend Thyg! I found my teddy! He was over by that big yellow tent in the city... He's all dirty now..."

There's a little pause as he hugs the teddy, feeling less and less alone by the second.

"Boxing club! Got it! I'll look for all the boxes."

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  • Emerald

Thyge hears the transmission, the realization that the kid has no idea what he's talking about sets in

"O-Okay bud.... So are you in the town right now?"

"I-If you are stay at the big yellow tent where you found your teddy, i'll come get you..."


Transmission end

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The boy debates about his answer for a moment, part of him wanting to accept the offer...

"Sorry friend Thyge, I gotta find momma. Can't wait. "

He's quiet for a little while, before he comes over the radio once more.

"Why did everyone shoot each other yesterday? They should be helping each other... Hurting each other is bad... My teddy got hurt too.. his fluffy stuff is falling out."

He looks around him, and then down at his teddy as he picks at some of the stuffing. 

"Nobody listened.. I asked about momma and nobody listened. The people with the shiny guns were too busy. Momma said they help..."

He comes over the radio a final time before setting off for the day, looking for Momma again. His voice is very faint, almost unable to be heard.

"Why can't people help each other like good people? They should be friends..."

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  • Emerald

Thyge's voice comes over once again

"I-I told you, most people there are bad..."

"Again i will come find you, just stay safe and find Luca or Jet."

"I'm on my way."

Running can be heard before the transmission cuts off.

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The boy is quiet for an entire day before he comes over the radio. He sounds run down... exhausted.

"I'm safe. Looked over and over for Momma. Couldn't find her..."

The boy sighs into the radio, before continuing. 

"I'll find her. I won't stop. I sat and spoke with a shiny gun man today. He offered me some of his food... He was a very nice man. People shouldn't hurt men like him."

There's a small pause.

"I'll find Momma, friend. I will."

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After several days of silence, the boy comes over the radio once more.

"It hurts."

Its all he manages to say at first, his voice raspy, as if perhaps he's been screaming.

"Dropped my teddy... Tried.. To get him.. The climby thingy was wet..."

His words are strained, his breathing ragged.

"S-sorry, friends... I wasn't patient..."

There's a long period of silence as nothing but sounds of pain and breathing can be heard as the boy clutches the radio.

"Momma, there you are..."

The radio falls into static as the boy falls limp, the only thing left in his pale hands being the dirtied teddy as the radio clatters from his other hand.

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