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Static would come over an emergency radio frequency. Any and all people in Nyheim would hear it. The voice sounded western. Not of the European continent but farther west of it. To the North American continent dwellers, it would be a southern accent or similar to what is heard at Port Royal or The Swamp from. It would be raspy and static would disrupt the words a bit but some words would come clear.

"The road... static... is a... static... dead end." 

The message would repeat over 3 more times and then only static could be heard. Then the frequency would fall silent. The message doesn't seem threatening. More so just passing on information. What little tone in the voice can be determined speaks something different. The male voice sounded sad, maybe depressed. Another reminder of the state of the world. How the message came over the frequency is unclear and likely not understand by the person who just gave out that message. 

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  • Emerald

Thyge's voice comes over the radio

"Okay.... What road?"

Transmission end

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