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Suverenitet Media Thread


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Suverenitet Media Thread



We do a little bit of running from PLIKT


Listening to local talented musician


Mad Max mobile RP

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thank you for the roleplay today noplayer i appreciate it goodnight love u

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The eternal guard (or some shit)

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Was a great evening! I lost 100% of my spider population but I had a voluntary test subject, so win/win.


When you walk around the corner and see this while carrying enough anaesthetics to put the entire city into a coma...
Did I try to subtly walk away? Yes. Did they follow me? Yes. Did I end up getting caught? No, because PLIKT just never pats me. Lucky gal.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes:



"Spin it! Now show me where you come from."


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  • Administrator
1 hour ago, Nonplayer said:


Shouldn't have been doing drugs 😛

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1 hour ago, Nonplayer said:

Don't forget the random bong hit by the gate where all the people where gathering lol

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Very cool media thread man. Keep up all the great content!

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  • Titanium
3 hours ago, Nonplayer said:

OMFG Thank you for posting that XD I was up in a tower above you and I heard it. The Colonel came running to me "WAS THAT YOU HOW DID DRUGS???" When I said no, he said "GO FIND ME WHO DID THEN! GO!" 
I was fucking dying XD

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