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Jari's 2071 Adventure Log


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Here we Go Lads Will be throwing up a recount here of any day I play with the bois.

*Jari wakes up at a campsite outside the gates of Nyheim eager to find Ivar and his Norse Friends*


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Welp here goes nothing I am sure I will get better at this as TIme goes on cutting out the unimportant stuff and making things more lively but here is how my first day went on Nyheim thank you to everyone Myself and the bois came across was super fun and to anyone or any story I missed forgive me in Advance.




Todays entry includes: @DingoLR @SammiLR @MaybeleleLR @DukeLR @Ducky @Rickets and @bur Thank you all for the roleplay and fun experiences hope to see how things go. PS lets really try and find this damn staff for the old man oracle.


Day 1

Today was a better day than I actually thought it would be. Normally moving to a new settlement is chaotic and huge shti show trying to find this person or that person not so much the case today. I woke up this morning a little bit outside the gates of Nyheim. It was late last night and no point parading in Like I own the place at what seemed about 8:30 or 9pm last night. This morning I made it into the city with relative ease and started looking around for a few things I needed a new parka jacket as mine was quite distressed from my journey all the way here you could literally tell from how muddy and nasty my sneakers were that I had been traveling for the better part of a year and a half to get here. I found some basics to place in my rucksack and began to search for Alyosha a great friend almost like a brother to me We both grew up and left the Kaliningrad settlement around the same time to seek out a better fortune here with some of our friends we had been writing back and forth too. I will note this city is so strange there are so many things that don't work anymore but yet I always hear music being played through some sort of speaker system I guess it would be. Maybe it's a bunch of speaking boxes like we use the handheld ones chained together I can't be sure. I hear this music and it is quite comforting. Maybe, I am not sure how I feel about it completely.

Anyways I have now found Alyosha and we swaed some supplies and began to Trek North and east towards what looks to be a metal fortress.


Well Alyosha always does seem to get us into something. We met two men here Mr. Bleb and some other man who seemed to be his friend and maybe caretaker? Mr Bleb told us he was missing a stick of some sort, a staff that was white in color and had a black feather at its point. He warned us of some people from the east that he believed stole his staff to deprive him of his power? Again I don't know or really get what was going on but hey we find the crazy old fuckers stick maybe we get some more friends to help deal with surviving up this far north. I digress though. The last important thing I need to write is that they warned us these people of the east don't respect the earth funny coming from the people who live in quite literally a giant metal fortress but hey who am I to judge. I continued Exploring with Alyosha for a while before splitting off to my own self and devices and I made my way to a military or scientific campus of sorts. Apartments and Military style living buildings but surrounded by forests with what appeared to be two huge concrete beakers. Only the Gods know of what could be getting cooked up in there


Day 1 Continued

My speaking box had lit up a light blue color on the numbers screen and a female voice was on it. Apparently one of Ivar’s friends had woken up and was really hungry but since we had all just been hunkered down for some bad storm she was a bit stuck. I was the closest one to her so I gave her some coordinates to meet me at a cabin near a boat stuck in ice. I found on my way there a few items and food and mixed that with a loaf of bread I had smuggled out of someone's vehicle and the raw pork I had hunted early this morning. I knew that this would be an easy task. Feed her and get moving I thought. Well we get there we exchange names. Hers was Charlie? but I think she said she spells it weird. I think C H A R L E I G H. I'll ask her whenever she gets up tomorrow to make sure I have it straight. We ate and Met some pretty scary looking dudes. One of them was named Bones. I couldn't quite make out the others as I was trying to get us away from these people. They just gave me a weird Vibe it was almost as If they didn't want any of us going towards this ship in the ice and for no good reason other than they said so. I am not one to argue and tempt fate with the man who is wearing a military vest and holding a Kalashnikov rifle. Myself and Charleigh headed out and regrouped with some of the other members of our tribe up near a collector building or something.



When we met up with Ivar Palle, Magnus and the others I saw Alyosha was there and it was good to see he found somethings himself while I had napped Some back in the old world may have said he even looked "Drippy" Well we got there and it seemed the tribe had already talked to two men one of which who looked like a magician and had quite the habit of interrupting and speaking over Ivar, this seemed to get under his skin but Ivar was calm and collected and set up some meeting with this man's friends, I am not fully sure group politics is not something a man who just met people should be asking. Our meeting was cut short with those two when a bear approached and was swiftly dealt with.

Palle and I started talking to a man who ran up onto all of us and we worked out a trader with him the man was looking for a knife and we got him a knife for his rifle slung over his back, it took some convincing but Palle was a great talker and we then headed back to our base for a while on the way back I took a detour and stopped outside of the city gates where I prepared a place to rest for the evening and cook some type of dinner. I was joined eventually after a couple hours by Charleigh she helped me start writing in this damn book after she saw my previous journals of my journey north, something something good to write out your thoughts and experiences for records and to de stress or something. Hopefully tomorrow  continues as well as today.


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Just now, Rickets said:

Looks sick man @Kermie my only advice was maybe put the text in a spoiler too for those people who canny read like me!

refresh text should be in your second spoiler now

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