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stupid points chapter 6 episode 14


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I was accused of having broken rule 1.1, specifically this section:


who from dayzrp am I provoking with this? this video, which is quite literally a scene from a netflix movie is referring to billionaire capitalists and the "global elite", please do correct me if I'm wrong but I believe those people are a little too busy exploiting their workers surplus value to be roleplaying on dayzrp. this is an open and shut case of one of my many fans who report everything I post doing their daily duties and the moderator team jumping on it for some free activity. I mean no offence with this but it has been a trend for many years now. 10 points for a fucking movie scene youtube video is an absolute joke and if this kind of thing is apparently against the rules now then why is there no mention of politics in the rules page? seems like it should be since you guys are handing out banstrikes like candy. 

edit: i now see that my custom badge was also removed, also not against the rules whatsoever it literally just said 26+6=1.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: when I spoke to the moderator who issues my points in the helpdesk, they stated that I had previously been warned for "politics related things" and yet to this day, there is not one mention of the word politics on the rules page. my profile music was NOT against any of the site's rules and to call this extremely popular movie scene  "provoking someone" is just plain stupid.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: points removed from my profile entirely. e: music and custom badge restored.

What could you have done better?: fuck all

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Admin Life Season 5 Episode 36: When Community Members Pretend to be Stupid

It was Thursday. Hofer woke up from his slumber after staying up way too late last night playing Counter-Strike with his friends, @Elmo Cringe, @Stagsview, @Realize and some random guy who were selected on our team.

Once he got to work, he was pointed to an appeal that had the title "Stupid points". In his hurry to solve appeals Hofer decided it was time to do some research on the phrase 26+6=1. Since community veteran and MVP, meaning he has shown something in the past, claimed that this was just some numbers.

Hofer laughed. He knew this was pure bullshit. It was the classic case of community members pretending to be stupid. He knew an MVP didn't know this wasn't allowed. He noticed that the warning was 10 points strong, and decided to check the history of said community members warnings. There he noticed that the community member had previously been warned to NOT have any political messages in his profile as late as March 8th.


there is not one mention of the word politics on the rules page

The community member said. Hofer laughed. This has been warned and dealt with for about one year now, he thought. He rushed to the appeals section to write up the denial message, while eating his breakfast.

He stated that the community member should consider if pushing the envelope further is worth it or not. The MVP has racked up a lot of points in the past, and due to an extensive warning history the patience of Hofer and his team is running low, continued provoking and trying to edge around things that have clearly been explained to be disallowed could result in a removal from the community.

After consuming his breakfast he went on to finish the APPEAL, and DENIED it. He said that the WARNING POINTS would REMAIN.

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