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Gifting Account Credits


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  • Titanium

Good day!

So I have some extra account credits on my account that are going unused and I though it would be nice to gift them to other individuals- however, the gifting option allows only to purchase gift cards for others by either PayPal or bitcoin.  Is it possible to implement a function where we can gift account credits to others from our own credit bank? Or possibly purchase items/crates for others as a nice gesture? 

it’s probably a lot more complicated than it sounds! 

thank you!! 

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  • Game Master

This is a question for the boss man I think.

Calling in @Rolandfor his POV.

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  • Owner

It is intentionally not possible, for variety of reasons. Most importantly being account credit that you received or earned was intended for your own use only.

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  • Titanium

These were accidentally purchased in excess, not awarded, but thank you! There is nothing more I can use them on, so I guess I am stuck with them. Thank you for the response! 

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