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Just how there is a staff guidelines for all staff members to follow, there is also ones for loremasters that are a bit more specific on what they can and can't do. Group leading is one of those elements, LMs are meant to be here for the community to provide events, lore (as their name suggests) and other community wide story driving elements. While a group can fall under that category, that is something anyone in the community can easily do. For a LM to run a group this could harm and even cause them to lack in some of their duties that they were expected to follow when joining the team. Hope this helped understand your question, any more feel free to ask or DM.

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To me it's because LMs handle groups and group approvals which creates a conflict of interest. Same should go for admins who also handle groups IMO.

And it's not just "thread ownership". Whoever is the group thread creator is to also be considered leader in game and official contact, we made that clear with new group requirements.

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