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[Nyheim] - Recruitment Board / Group Ideas!


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  • Diamond
Posted (edited)

Hello fellow Role Players!! 

Ill keep this short and simple. We are all excided about the new map! Im excited to see the new groups and factions being created. 

This thread is designed to be a Recruitment board, If you
want to be in a new group for this new map Please post some information bellow.

This thread will also become a place to discuss your possible Nyheim Group Ideas!! Lets hear em all right here!! 

Promote your possible group, maybe youll get some interested people!! 

The goal is for people representing New Group Ideas are meant to DM anyone who posts bellow attempting to recruit for there group!!! 
Ill go first (Try following this format or similar!) 


Discord Name: TheBishop#8309

Current Time Zone: EST
Most Common Play Time: Later at night, or early in the day depending on work!

Special RP Skills: Medical Rp Proficient, Can do passible Soviet like Accent! Talk a LOT

Type of RP Interested in: People Focused, want to be in the middle of the action, including Hubs and Events! 


(Anyone willing to Respond to this thread with information would accept DMs from upstart groups!) 

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  • Emerald

+1, good concept on this thread!

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  • Game Master

Discord Name: Queerios#5042

Current Time Zone: BST
Most Common Play Time: All over the place! 

Special RP Skills: Military RP, Chemistry related things, and all things survivor like.

Type of RP Interested in: Currently, besides my obligations to the Staff Faction, I'm looking to start an NCR (Fallout: New Vegas) inspired group. ALSO, that cool boat in the middle of the frozen lake, I called dibs on that during testing 😎

PM me if you're interested!

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  • Game Master

Good idea!

There is also a thread for survivors looking for a group here. As I understand, you also want group ideas to present here. About group ideas. I think this group is still recruiting:


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  • Diamond
45 minutes ago, Basko said:

There is also a thread for survivors looking for a group here.

Rip you just under minded my whole thread! 

Im joking. Feel free to use both threads or just mine! Post group ideas as well. I wanna see some cool stuff for the new map!

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  • Titanium
Posted (edited)

Edit: home found! 

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  • Developer

Since you're saying to post group ideas.

Name - Flight of the Lights

Link - Thread to be posted when graphics are done. Will update post.


Concept - Anarchist Rebel Punk group with a Punk Rock band as it's front. Will tend to keep it's intentions secretive at first, striking with surprise and when the moment is right. Hostile RP group.

Note - You don't have to be musical to join 


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  • Sapphire
Posted (edited)

Group idea

Name - Rivers Emporium


Link - will post whenever I get group graphics and lore redone. 

Concept - Trade group that will not only be based out of one location, but will also be mobile

Long term goal - Provide survivors with basic resources and other goods at a good price, while trying to remain neutral.

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  • Titanium

Group Idea

Name - Pohjoistuuli (North Wind in Finnish)

Link - Will post when I can set up a group page with lore and graphics

Concept - Nomadic group of Pillagers entering Nyheim territory to plunder what they can before returning to Finland

Long term goal - Be a chaotic force for survivors to look out for, and a possible external threat to PLIKT

Group idea is very bare bones but I work on it day to day, lemme know if you are interested!

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  • TheBishop changed the title to [Nyheim] - Recruitment Board / Group Ideas!

Group Idea:

Name - The Survivors!

Concept - A survivor group with the goal of collecting equipment, recruiting new people, keep the group alive and surviving, and building a settlement if given the opportunity to do so!

Long Term Goal - Provide good passive roleplay to everybody!

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Group Idea

Name - The Times of Old

Concept - A bunch of rather old adults and elderly, with a vast life experience who've adopted Judaism as their religion, try to live their lives in rough times - in peace. With a strong emphasis on keeping our sanity intact, and our community functional.

Long Term Goal - Extremely dynamic group with flexible short-term and long-term goals. Provide some ol' grandpa RP with hints of chaotic hillbilly activity.

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