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To those that remain and have left


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*Marek slows his car to a stop, looking to Anna and Ester for a moment before holding up his radio to them and getting out of the car and walking a short distance away, as he turns it on and a short burst of static comes across he holds his PTT, his voice somber and quiet*

"Where do I begin? Kurva... I guess... first,  I want to thank most of you. Thank you for fighting to keep our home afloat, free, and safe. To a certain degree anyway. Safety is a privilege that most people probably won't get as time passes. I know CLF failed you all in the end, I truly want to apologize for the path they went down. I should have tried to do more myself to try and stop it. But what's done is done. Our failure is the focal point of everything that has happened in the recent months and there's nothing that can be done to change that. Many of you know I tried my best to help those that wanted to help the less fortunate in this world, instead of trying to prey on them. But those people will soon be gone from our home. Many have already left. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

*He pauses for a moment, looking around at the forest landscape around him. The trees quietly rustling in the wind before he would speak again*

"Damek... I know you're gone and you will never hear any of this. But... I'm sorry. You were the one person I wanted to see make it through all of this, and I failed you. As a friend and as a brother. I saw the path that bastard child of Viktor Petrov was going to take and I stood by and watched it happen, watched it as he dragged you down the same path, dragged the others down it... and it ultimately ended up getting you all killed. There will not be a day that goes by that I won't regret my inaction in the final months of the CLF. Could I have saved all of you? Probably not... but... even still, I know I could have done more for you all. You will always have my love and respect Damek, you brought me into the CLF. You were the one person I respected the most out of all our bratr and sestra and I know the person you truly were. Not the person you became after the death of Drahoslav. Maybe one day I will return to our home, visit the graves of those that fell in the CLF and pay my respects properly, but for now... the pain is far too great, too great to remain here. I hope you all are resting peacefully. The fight is finally over."

*His voice gets shaky towards the end, a noticeable crack in his words but he takes a moment to compose himself before continuing*

"Alexei. Wynne. Spero. I know you all are long gone now. Off to parts of the world that I will not mention over this frequency. I'm glad I got to say goodbye to you all. You kept me pointed in the right direction even as everything else around us began to fall apart. I know wherever it is you finally decide to settle down you will bring about nothing but good. You're all strong willed and determined in a way that I haven't seen before. Even when we were constantly under attack in Polana you were determined to provide a safe place for people to come and rest. I love all of you... and I can only hope that we will all meet again some day, a day where we won't have to sleep with one eye open, or carry a gun with us at all times in order to feel safe out in the world. I'm... sorry I didn't come with you. Had things turned out differently I would have been with you all till our last breaths on this earth. But I made a promise I have to keep. I know you'll keep each other safe. Zůstaňte v bezpečí, nedovolte, aby vám svět zabil náladu." (Stay safe, don't let the world kill your spirits.)

*The radio would go silent for several minutes, Marek searching his mind for one last final thing to say to those that are still able to listen, as he figures it out the radio sparks back to life*

"As I finally leave the place I have called home all my life I can only wish one thing for the rest of you. That you find a place where you no longer have to worry about the ones you love and care about. No longer having to lose them over pointless wars and battle over ideals and politics that no longer matter in the world we live in. There are no borders dividing us any longer, we are merely the human race trying to survive as best we can. This goes for you as well Chedaki. I hope you are able to let go of what you hold so close from a time we won't ever see again. I hope you don't lose anyone else in your lifetimes. You deserve peace and happiness just as much as anyone else."

"Good luck to you all. May we all find some semblance of peace and happiness where ever it is we end up."

*The radio goes quiet for the last time, he walks back to the car and starts it up. Looking into his rear view mirror of the only place he has known during his life. He shifts into first gear and begins to drive off into the distance.*







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