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Appeal - Trolling 7 Days and 15 Points

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Link to the source of punishment:


Why the verdict is not fair:

I suppose the answer to this question depends on one's views in regards to 'fairness'. If we are speaking of "all things as equal", then I'd definitely argue that this ban wasn't fair. As far as I'm aware, the players on the opposing side of the situation weren't banned for their troll behavior, mostly due to the ingenious choice of one of the player's involved to post a heavily edited clip that specifically excluded members of his own organization or affiliates of his organization engaging in unserious behavior, that I would argue provoked my own less than entirely serious attitude. I'm fairly new to the community at the moment, so excuse the fact I have no idea who the players in the situation were, outside those I was being taken hostage with.  I'd like to go ahead and give my point of view of the events that took place yesterday: At approximately 7:18 PM (Eastern Standard Time), two armed individuals approached a green 4-seated vehicle that I was in. Inside the vehicle was an individual I knew a 'Daemon', a man I know as 'Jacob' and the third was 'Ivan'. One of them was speaking in what I would qualify as a 'Slavic accent'. He was wearing some combat clothing and a green combat helmet. The other man was a bit more kitted out, and was wearing what appeared to be USMC camouflage and a red beret. I'd like to state that this red-beret fellow kept switching between a Slavic accent and an American one, which I just assumed was him making fun of the green-helmet fellow, but now that I review the situation in entirety it was probably a bit of 'trolling', as the kids say.

After these two men approached our transportation device, they aimed their weapons at our car and instructed us to throw our radios out of the window. We all complied immediately. Additionally, we were instructed to remain silent or we would all be shot. The green hatted man, who I came to know as 'Vlad' first removed Jacob from the vehicle, stripping him of his weapons and radios and taking him behind the car to the rocks. Jacob did everything Vlad asked of him and the same thing happened to each of us. Jacob, Daemon, Ivan and myself were removed from the vehicle and stripped of weapons and the like. We were instructed to not make any "snarky" comments by the man known as 'Vlad' or else he would gun all of us down in a brutal mass-execution. In addition to this warning, he instructed us all he was going to interrogate us. (I'd like to add, my only other interaction with a member of this group was them saying they "loved to torture" people during interrogations, so I had no doubt in my mind this man was going to attempt a bloodletting.)

The red-beret fellow made a couple of comments and introduced himself as a General within the Navy Seals and American Armed Forces, and I beleive he said "roger that, copy that echo alpha" or some other similar nonsensical line. After this, we then were escorted half-way to the other side of the island and allowed to stop for a moment to refresh ourselves. I specifically asked for permission to take out my water canteen and drank heavily from it. While I did this, Daemon was the closest individual to Vlad and warned him "I am diseased." (Again, I'd like to add that I had previously given Daemon blood from a blood bag and he immediately got sick. He accused me of giving him aids and we were going to head to the medical camp and liberate some supplies for his use, before we were stopped by Vlad) Then, myself and another member of the captive party made comments in regards to his medical status. I specifically said "If you torture him, you will get aids." as an attempt to relieve my brother Daemon of suffering, as I was under the impression that Vlad would not want to harm the man if there was a significant chance of acquiring an infectious disease. This wasn't an attempt to introduce unserious behaviour, this was a genuine in-character response that was provoked by Vlad's notification of "interrogation" and my character's genuine desire to see Daemon not tortured. In the ban reason states that this comment was unnecessary, but I'd argue that it was entirely necessary. You can even check logs to find out that I did give him blood and that he did get sick. Daemon having "AIDS" wasn't a joke or a troll, it was a very real In-Character thing that had occurred before we were taken hostage. I personally think it ridiculous that Daemon was summarily executed for warning his captor that he was diseased and I'll note that it's somewhat childish to assume that "AIDS" in the in-character universe doesn't exist.

After the execution of Daemon, we were told to continue walking with our hands up. I naturally F5'd and walked forward, which aggravated my captor as he wanted me to walk with "one hand up". I apologized for my misstep, and pressed period to open my radial menu as to locate the emote to raise one hand. This apparently led my new overlord to the impression I was standing still for no reason, when in reality I seriously had no fucking idea how to raise one hand. I'll admit, it's been a hot minute since I last played DayZ. You can ask any member of the group I was with, I constantly ask them for help in regards to basic gameplay mechanics because I don't have a lot of experience with modded DayZ and I haven't played in awhile. He then proceeded to hit me with the but of his gun, which I find a ridiculously unfriendly and unrealistic maneuver. If someone stays still for a second, could you not reasonably come to the conclusion that they are attempting to comply with your demand? I eventually settled on raising my fist, because I couldn't find the hand emote, and walked forward. I had in my mind that this man was a very punctual and literal individual who would not tolerate deviation from his exact command. That leads me to my second ban reason, in which I was infront of a rock and he instructed me in no unsimple terms to "walk forward". Seeing as he shot Daemon for saying "I'm diseased." and he already beat me upside the head for standing still for half a second, I was in no mood to ignore his instructions. So, I walked into the rock and he began to shoot me. He was not "fed up", as the ban reason states. He gave me an instruction and I followed it to the letter. At no point in the roleplay interaction was I trolling. I may  have been less-than-serious at a few intervals, but that was only after players like the red-beret fellow kept spouting out random Army terms and saying he was a general, and after my friend was literally executed for no reason. It's hard to keep an entirely serious attitude when people are acting like its call-of-duty and just murdering people.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Removal of the ban and points.

What could you have done better?:

I should have refused to engage in unserious behaviour and use common sense in regards to the walking into the rock scenario. Additionally, I should have most-likely anticipated that my captor would not seriously consider the fact that Daemon had aids and remained silent until the situation was less tense and the manner could be introduced into the conversation in a more natural and serious manner. I know its no excuse, but I haven't played in awhile and I'm fairly new to all the various procedures and whatnot that are used within the server. I legitimately had no idea how to raise only one hand and I'm sorry that my hesitation may have appeared as "trolling" at first glance.

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Hello @Ruffan,

In the video evidence presented what your side showed was not roleplay, but rather a big meme fest. The whole thing was downright embarrassing to watch, and I felt like I was watching an immature attempt at roleplay on a public DayZ server.

While you haven't been very active lately, but you've been around for a long time in the community. We expect better from you.

Points and ban is justified, and honestly I wouldn't have minded if it was aggravated.

Appeal denied, ban and points stay.

Signed @Hofer

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