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Appeal To Ban


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: Nothing in the report shows this and I did ask to log off so that I could join the discord call that I was asked to join by a member of your staff. I did ask before joining the discord call.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I state that my accuser has provided no proof of the incident. No where in the report was a second video posted. No where was other evidence posted. I only ask that someone submit proof of my guilt as I have provided proof that will falsify the report against me. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Banned removed due to lack of evidence from the accuser. I only ask that we go off the evidence that was supplied in the report. If there was more evidence against me, I would like that presented. Also, I would like the acknolegement that the Statement

"Detailed descriptions of events: So, this all starts 15-20min before the encounter. when my friend jacktheman and I heard gunshots from a nearby small town right of the lumbermill. when we went to check it out we saw smoke. so, my friend went to try to see what was going on while I was sitting back with my rifle watching. Then, I overhear my friend arresting one person. I walk up because I thought that was the only person there. then, after a bit of zombie fighting, another guy runs out of the building that had smoke coming out of it. firing his sniper rifle at my friend after my friend was shot once he opened fire on the guy killing him. Then we go to question his friend. after that we left him in handcuffs in the building while we were talking outside. after we finish we go over to the building and open the door. the guy handcuffed inside got out and he ran away. after all this, my friend and I looted the dead guy and we left on our small trip back to our base. when we entered the area around the base around cords small grid (09,077) my friend went on one side while I was walking on the other side. We had no idea that the guy was in our base until we made it to the door. my friend and I made it to the door when a guy yells "freeze" then less than a second later he gunned down my friend. I was killed immediately after my friend died by ether zombies (I had armor, full blood, and health. So, it's highly unlikely that the zombies killed me) or by him (I'm not sure). my friend and I then went to the staff help area on the DayZRP area and told them what happened they asked us if we wanted to talk to the person who killed us or just make a report. I wanted to talk to him to see his point of view in the encounter. When we talked to him we realized he was the same person we killed back at the robbery down at the town (he made it back to the area right next to where he died previously). he said my friend pulled a gun up and shot first (which I didn't see and I was watching them both from the other side of the doors). when I pointed that out he responded with something along the lines of I have a clip or a video that he took of the encounter. he refused to show it on the call. he said that he would send it to the admins. Then he abruptly asked to leave. that should be all. Thank you so much! (for any extra questions please ask my friend jacktheman. he has his own point of view on the situation) "

This was a clear lie as my video did show. I would like to file a counter report on ToeFungus0226 for lying on a report. I have provided clear evidence of this, which can be seen here.


What could you have done better?: Always. I will learn from this and I guess I could have let them kill me. It was two Vs one, and in the report it shows that one shot the other. I was clearly in the crossfire. 


Looking at the report. This is not a clear case. I only ask that the evidence against me be presented. In no court is someone required to incriminate themselves. This is a court of my peers. I know what I have done. I just ask that it be proven, and posted. I have been convicted and now punished, this is my appeal. This is not a clear case, and no evidence was supplied in the report to prove otherwise.

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4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. If any players have kill rights on you or your group, you may not log out from the game until 30 minutes passed since you broke the line of sight with any of those players. This rule can be ignored if the players involved give you OK to log out earlier.

No player had rights on me at that time, as all members of the engagement were dead. Not by my actions alone. I never had rights on the person submitting the report and there is no log showing that I have ever done damage to this person. At no point, did I ever engage with the accuser, nor did he engage with me. I believe the above report will show that. 



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Alright, where do I start? First off, let me make something clear for you, your ban is not about the first encounter you had with these people, it is about the second where you told them to "Freeze, don't move" and instantly started shooting at them as soon as you turned the corner.

Secondly, in the report, you have provided us clear video evidence of your rule break but then after the verdict, you have decided to delete said video evidence (and even admitted that to a Gamemaster in DMs) and now you are saying we never had evidence? I find it very funny that you are trying to appeal your ban with blatant lies.

Then you claim that the GM who contacted you to go into the HD gave you permissions to log, another lie as can be seen in my evidence below


At no point did you ask for said permissions, and @Duplessis never told you to log out, so stop trying to fool us.

1 hour ago, Killough said:

What could you have done better?: Always. I will learn from this and I guess I could have let them kill me. It was two Vs one, and in the report it shows that one shot the other. I was clearly in the crossfire. 

I certainly do hope you will learn from this. Take your time off to re-read the rules.

Since lying in a report and withholding evidence is a punishable offense, I will add the punishment and revoke your whitelist for blatantly lying to us in your appeal on top of that. Next time you lie to us or try to hide any form of evidence, you will be shown out the door.

With that being said,

Appeal denied - Punishment changed to Invalid KOS, Combat Logging + Lying in a report - 5 day ban 20 warning points, Whitelist revoked.


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