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Back Again!

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Ive been an on and off player. Im returning again this week. I have some questions, such as steps to start playing again, and if groups still encompass "territory" on maps. I see a major focus now is on "hubs," so it'll be interesting to see what this means for Gameplay. Hopefully I see you online! Stay safe!

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WELCOME BACK , hope your ready for Nyheim. 

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Posted (edited)

Welcome back!
Hope you enjoy yourself.
In regards to your questions, we have multiple ways one can help, we have the Newcomers Guide. We also have the Timeline, in which you can see what the server has been up to in character, so when you do get in, it's not all a shock - but I do encourage you to learn of everything in greater detail, through in character experiences.

We also have an announcment for the new map, Nyheim, which will be happening on June 11th, this coming Friday.

Again, welcome back to the community.

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Nyheim? Custom map? Sounds pretty cool! I wonder what this means for RP - no more Chernarus? Roland is Swedish, and the name sounds a little nordic, so I have a few guesses where this map takes place.

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Hello and welcome back pal 😃 !

welcome back GIF

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Enjoy your return!! If you need anything the copious amounts of supports can help you!!



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Welcome back to the community! 😄

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