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S1 - Power gaming (Not asking for permission OOC)

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Server and location: S1 - Railroad on the coast north of prison island / prison island


Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2021-06-05, 20:20 - 21:30


Your in game name: Kiril Khlebov


Names of allies involved: Jason Smoke


Name of suspect/s: @ImChips @Bear @ImPurge @SHIESTY Dongle 


Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Hello! I’d like to put up a report on members of the C-Block

Just at the start we wanna make a peaceful conversation to solve the problem. 

In our opinion the C-Block’s members have broken a fundamental rule which is the power gaming rule which means that you cannot force someone to do some sort of long term work. The group forced us to sell cocaine or we would be hunted down and killed without any OOC permission from us. That means they forced us without any agreement. It would be fun to role play if both sides had fun, not only one of them and the other side feels disappointed.

3.8 You are not allowed to force an action, condition or belief through role play upon another player's character unless the action is specifically consented to by the other player using OOC text. This is called power gaming. Certain extreme role play like rape is not allowed at all and is considered power gaming regardless of consent.


If that was all that would be brilliant, but there is another rule which they in our opinion violated. That rule is under 4.4. The attackers didn’t respect us in a way that they were asking us questions while we were only divided by a jail wall and because of that some questions were incomprehensible since the sounds mixed together. Then the attackers were angry particularly at my friend that he didn’t answer their questions, sorry but get some respect, people. Another weird thing is that their territory is not even signed in any way, people heading towards let’s say civilian trader have no clue that they are stepping on someone’s territory which can result in their death. We protest that the coast should be a place tax people especially in such a way, rather up north where fewer people tend to spawn so the group can’t take fresh players as slaves, because even that can make some people leave dayzrp in fact that they just joined the community and they are someone’s slave right from the start. Also the prison is their hideout, not the coast next to it. Our point is to solve the problem with their territory being on the coast and not only the base itself, to convince them to rather respect the captives and not just ask them tons of questions and know that they won’t even manage to answer them all, and that they are using a lot of power gaming to function, yes we’ve read through their IC Goals like enslaving people to make cocaine, tattoo hostages with “C” (wonder if they again even ask for permissions for that), Find Lone Survivors and either FORCE or convince them to be informants, that sounds way to far going.

As an attacker you may NOT:

Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play.

Ignore your victims. You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times.

The story of my perspective is down here in details:

While we were on the railroad on the coast near the prison island they detained us, robbed us and forced us to go to the prison island under a threat of killing us. After we were forced to go into the cells they asked me a series of questions. The information they got was that we were not only friendly with their allies but that we have caused no harm to them or their business. Regardless of all that information they have forced us to sell cocaine to a random player that would be willing to buy under a threat of killing us if we were to abandon that task. After I communicated to the person I got contact to that we had no luck finding any clients after a significant amount of time and a number of people who at all weren't interested in buying it and the message I got back said "Keep looking then, don't want to hear back until you've sold it, or you've lost it''. All this was done without them asking us for any permission regarding those demands on the OOC chat which in my view conducts a power play since the whole situation not only makes me waste hours on the task but the only equipment they have left me and my friend was a some food and water, jacket, pants, shoes and some insignificant headgear like caps and masks. To complete the task they only gave us knives to protect ourselves against the infected. By that we have lost hours worth of loot like military backpacks with pouches, vests, helmet, NVGs, weapons but also tons of food, tools, and other misc. things. The reason they gave us that task was that it was a tax for entering their territory although that territory was unmarked and we had no way of knowing the consequences even if we entered the island itself. No reason for taking the loot was stated. I'd also like to add that during the questioning I was being friendly and compliant in hopes that they would release us with at least the majority of the harmless equipment but unfortunately that didn't happen. Before this unpleasant encounter I haven't met nor even known about the faction itself. Thank you for reading my complaint. My friend and I will hope for this case to be handled with positive results for us and the group would fix their inconveniences.

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Greetings @TheBread,

After constructive talk in HD with you, the Staff team has decided to close  this report. After reviewing it, there are no rule breaks in this situation. We hope that we have provided proper rules interpretation and ways how to solve these kinds of situations in the future. 

With that being said,

//Report closed - no action taken

Signed: @PaulB and @Realize

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