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[GUIDE] Can't compile "World" script module!


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Greetings fellow roleplayers.

I have recently seen an increase in people that are unable to join the server and are getting the following message:

Can't compile "World" script module!

There are a lot of different versions of this error, but only the mod file path will be different. (This fix will work on most if not all of the errors containing the "World" script module error)


Now how does one fix this?

Solution 1 Wrong mod order

1.1 Automatic setup

This first solution will work if your mod order is wrong. DayZ needs to load a couple of mods in a specific order to work properly.

First open DayZ on steam like you usually would (Play DayZ) > Go to "Servers" tab > Go to "Community" tab > Search for "DayZRP" > Click on the "Join" button


Once you have pressed "Join" you will be faced with the following screen:


Press "Setup DLCs and Mods and Join" in order to automatically set everything up.
If you haven't dowloaded all the mods already, steam will (if everything goes to plan) subscribe and download all the mods needed in order to join the server.

After you have done this, you should be fine to go. If the same problem still exists try the following steps:

1.2 Setting up the mods yourself

Sometimes the automatic setup doesn't work, so you will have to do it manually.

You will once again have to open DayZ from steam like you normally would (Play DayZ) . After launching the launcher, you will have to go to the "Mods" tab. Once you are there, you will see an overview of all the mods that are currently selected.


If you have joined a server before, you will already see some mods loaded in.

Very Important: Your mods need to follow a certain order to get them working

This mainly has to do with the "CF" (Community Framework) mod. You will have to place it either at the top of the list or at the bottom of the list. Same goes for the "DayZRP Mod". This mod needs to be place at the opposite side of the "CF" mod. (At the top if CF is at the bottom and vice versa)

You will find the right order of mods right here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051


Once you have correctly ordered all the mods you can join the server in two ways:

The first way involves following the same steps as before, but instead of using "Setup DLCs and Mods and Join", you will have to use "Keep current selection and Join".


The other way is to press "play" and find the server via the in-game community server browser.

Solution 2 Deleting specific mod files

If the first solution didn't work you can try a more advanced way.

Disclaimer: This involves deleting files on your computer, you should be careful when doing this. I would suggest getting into helpdesk when doing this.

You will have to go to steam and go to "DayZ" > "Manage" > and click "Browse local files".


This will take you to your file explorer to the location where DayZ is installed.

You should be in the following path: "{Drive}\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ". 
Here you should go back a couple of folders until you have reached the "steamapps" folder.

In this folder you should have a couple of other folders, you want to open one named: "workshop"


After that go to "content"


Now select "221100". This is the folder for DayZ.


Now comes the hard part. You will have to find the mod folder that corresponds to the specific mod you are having problems with.
In order to find the correct folder you will have to follow the following steps:

This will be for the "DayZRP Mod", if you have trouble with other mods you will have to follow similar steps, but for the correct mod.


1. Check the error that you are getting.


In this scenario you can see that the problem lies within the DayZRP mod. (short "drp") Similar errors with other mods will show the mod name or the abbreviation of the mod name around the same place.

2. Go to the list of all mods and check the mod ID.  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051

On this page you can see all the current mods that we are using on our server. Simply click on the name of the mod that is causing issues:


This will take you to the specific page for the mod.
Now you can click on the hyperlink of the webpage and the ending numbers will be the ID of the mod.


In this case the DayZRP mod has ID: 1559129763

3. Go to your file explorer and search for this specific folder.


An easy way to find your mod is to look at the first and last 2 numbers. Go over all the mods and search for them.

4. Delete the folder that corresponds to the mod.

Simply press delete on your keyboard or right click and delete the folder.

5. Open your DayZ launcher.

Upon opening your DayZ launcher it should already give a warning that the mod that you just deleted is corrupted.
Go to "Mods" and right click on the corrupted mod to repair it.


This should redownload the mod, which might take a while, but it should have fixed the problem.

7. Launch the game like you normally would or use option 1.1 to automatically setup the mods.

8. If you get a different world script module error, you will have to go through step 1 until 7 again. Keep doing this until all the world script modules are gone.

9. If the problem persist, it is best to join our helpdesk on discord and a staff member will help you set things up.


If you are still having problems with using this guide or other problems with joining the server, you can always ask for help in the #help channel in discord, join the helpdesk on discord or you can create a new thread in the troubleshooting section of the forum.


I hope this tutorial helped, and good luck in-game. 😉

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  • Updated the guide with a newly discovered way to fix this problem.
    This new fix has worked more consistent.
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