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Staff Feedback: GreenySmiley

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Hi this is Greeny:) Please feel free to leave me feedback here on how I handled things as staff.

Always good to hear from the community to improv in the future or know that I am doing ok.


Community members may only post in feedback threads using the template below.

All feedback and criticism should be constructive.

Staff members may reply freely to feedback within their own thread.

Posts not adhering to above rules will result in the feedback hidden and/or warned on repeated offense.




Link to the situation:(Use "N/A" if not appropriate.)

Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help demonstrate your point,Use "N/A" if not appropriate".)

Feedback:(Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.)

Suggestions for improvement:(Use N/A if not appropriate. If bad feedback suggestions of improvement are required.)

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