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Radio Payment with Diamond rank


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Hello my friends in the DayZRP staff team!


I recently tried to post a Radio message and received the notification that I did not have the Diamond rank. 

I made sure to double check my account as I know that I might have been on a subscription that Might have ended but I did find that I still had this rank.

So I’m just asking if this is due to some Site maintenance or something like that or is this an issue that might be a little stranger?



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  • Sapphire

This was handled in helpdesk.

Support Ticket was made.

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  • Moderator

This might be something for @Rolandto look into in general. I just checked and it would appear that I am receiving the same message. I have been able to send broadcasts before, it might just be something that is broken after the update to the new website. 

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  • Server Manager

Should be fixed now

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  • Moderator
1 hour ago, Roland said:

Should be fixed now

Now it works. Thanks for the quick fix.

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