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Camp is dead, calling any survivors

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*A broad accented Irishman comes over the radio*


Calling any survivors from the Summer camp.. I think, that's what ye refer to it as anyways


*Crashes of thunder intersperse his words*


I've just got here and no-one is around, any chance of a lift, resting in one of the shelters at the moment.

Would appreciate a response, have been transmitting since;


*The sound of shuffling papers follow*


Berenzino, I've had no response, even given SOS over my radio.


*A couple of minutes of static intersperse the next message*


Mayday, Calling any response this is Ryan, over and out


*The radio fades into flickering static*


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  • Diamond

*A loud irish accent would hit the radio*

"Aye you cunt, go down to Cherno thats where they moved bai"

*He would put his radio down.*

*After a few moments of hesitation*

"I heard your accent, where you from"

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*Scratchy static would interrupt most of the message*

Moved from.... Bef..F...a..s.t., when I was young

Lived here long enough to know the loc..... trou..b.le

Where y..e fr..m cunt ye

*The radio cuts to static once more*


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  • Diamond

*Kato would grab the radio giggling*

"You said Belfast, queen lover huh?"

*Before setting the radio back down to finish packing meth*

"Anyways I'm from Killashandra"

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  • Diamond

*Bishop rolls over in the shed he was allowed to sleep in for the night. Pressing the PTT. His thick New York Accent coming in stronger* 

"Hey howchu' doing? Im Bishop, Im part of the medical group ya looking for."

*He takes a moment to make sure he isnt waking up Millie and Leon, doing... stuff*

"Yeah we moved down to Cherno, that big shipping City south. Look for an old quarantine zone on the edge of the water." 

*He takes a break listening for a response before deciding to talk again.*

"Look forward to seeing ya? Its one hellva walk doe!" 

*He lets go of the PTT, relaxing back into the stair well.* 

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  • Emerald

Callum's Irish accent comes over the radio

"What in the fuck am i listenin to, Belfast boy?"

"Lookin for the Doctors are ye? Well i would need a psychologist as well if i was from around them parts."

"But yeah, Cherno docks is where you can find em. Good luck."

Transmission cuts out

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*The radio would click on*

Sorry about that fellas, met an aul lad "Ty" or something, got pretty juiced on some whiskey I found, feeling it now though

*A groan and the beginning of a retch are heard as the radio fades to static once more*

*Several minutes pass, before the radio clicks on*

I'll check out Cherno, headed that way at the moment and for the dickhead who called me a queen lover, fuck ye, i'm from the other side..

*The radio broadcast abruptly cuts out*


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  • Emerald

Callum's voice comes over the radio

"Might wanna watch ye' words there lad."

"Friendly piece of advice."

Transmission end.

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  • Emerald

Callum's voice comes over the radio once again

"I sure as fuck hope that weren't any of you lads that came to Cordis today"

"Because if it was, i can tell you now that you ain't welcome anymore fella"

"Good luck out there."

Transmission end.

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