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Staff Feedback: SnowD


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Hello, IT, have you tried to turn on and off again?

If u want, send your feedback and let me know how I am doing!



Link to the situation:(Use "N/A" if not appropriate.)

Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help demonstrate your point,Use "N/A" if not appropriate".)

Feedback:(Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.)

Suggestions for improvement:(Use N/A if not appropriate. If bad feedback suggestions of improvement are required.)


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Link to the situation : N/A

Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A

Feedback: I needed help with using the DayZ Builder and get it working.Β Snow helped me from start to finish. Quick and effective. Only thing is that we couldn't launch the Builder in Nyheim but that's something out of his control. He tried different ways of getting it working until he found out it's just not accessible at the moment. Still went the extra mile to make sure there wasn't anyway to make it work.

Suggestions for improvement : N/A

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14 minutes ago, AlwaysGamer said:



Thank you so much for the feedback, really!

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