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The lost Home


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* pushing his ptt on his radio*


*"Hello, my name is frank denalli, i was involved in a situation yesterday that left me stranded on the side of the road."*

 *he sighs continuing to hold down the PTT*


              *"My home was stolen from me, i am left like a lone wolf, beaten and hurt, i do not wish to seek revenge, i want the return of my home brought back to me, i have shared many memories in that gold 4 door rust bucket, if anyone is listening i am looking for my home, my one true love"* 


 *He takes his thumb off the button, and puts his radio back onto his belt, sighing again


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*A familiar voice would come over the radio* 


“ Frank, you talk too much. Your Mister Rogers act was pathetic and didn’t fool me.” 

“You say that bucket was your one true love?! What da heck?  Follow the main northern highway and you’ll find a compound full of them, loved by likeminded individuals such as yourself.” 

“Good luck Asshole.” 

*he would laugh and release his PTT* 

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  • Emerald

"First off, I would like to say, I salute you for your service Frank. It is a great honor to meet a member of the boy scouts.


However, you have associated yourself with some naughty fellas it seems like. Consequences"



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*He hears a voice come over the radio, it sounds familiar*

*he holds down the PTT*


  "Well hello mr. katana man, i cannot remeber your name but the voice sounds familiar." 

     *He chuckles to himself as he continues to hold the ptt*


     "I do not see why so much hostility, i went along for the ride and everything was fine, i held up my end of the deal and you guys did not, do you not like happy people?"

     *he releases the PTT and grabs a cigerette out of his pack in his pocket and lights it, inhaling and exhailing, then presses the PTT*

      "You broke your end of the deal, you stole my home from me, i took great pride in that machine and you stole her from me, i do not seek revenge, i just ask for your end of the deal to be completed"

  *He releases the PTT, putting his radio back onto his belt and continues walking*

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  • Emerald

"Get new clothes I tried to give you some jeans but you declined them"

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  • Diamond

*Ivans voice comes over the radio*

“Frank turns out you lied. What can I say? You were the one who admitted hanging out with people who tried to kill me for who knows what. Seems fair to me that I don’t leave you with guns and way to transport your friends.... or your ex friends.... Woody says you had difficulty deciding which it was.” 

*Ivan pauses for a brief moment*

“I don’t know who needs to carry around so much equipment and then say he doesn’t have any friends. Should’ve put it together myself instead of having my lazy fucking informant try and do it for me.” 

*Ivan releases the PTT* 

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