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Hello, Good People

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*Asher would hold the PTT, his calm demeanor erupting from the radio*


"Hello, good people of this country. I've recently found myself wandering into these parts,

and while I will remain wary of what actions I take next,

I was wondering if there were any larger towns of people in the area.

I need a bit more added to my social life, see.

Any information would be highly appreciated,

and yes,

I know the risks of asking a question like that over the radio.

I'm far beyond fear."


*Asher would release the PTT, waiting patiently*

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  • Emerald

Callum's Irish accent comes over the radio

"Ever considered looking near Chernogorsk? I've found a good chunk of people who live there ol' laddy boi"

"Not really any folk that seem too dangerous so far other then myself really, but i sure as shit won't kill ya"

"Anyways, hope you find what you're looking for friendo and good luck out there."

Transmission has ended

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