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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-01 03:15

PLIKT -- O-Squad Patrol -
TODAY | 2021-08-01 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 15 hours, 44 minutes | Nyheim City

S1 – KOS – Berezino – 2:05AM


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Posted (edited)

Server and Location:  Berezino

Approximate Time and Date of the Incident (SERVER TIME):  2:05AM

Your In Game Name:  Eliot Belic

Name of Allies Involved:  Ivan Belic ( @cjackson821), Flip McGip ( @RPShilo), Marek Valek ( @OwOgleSimp), Woody ( @Woody), Simon Nguyen ( @tz)

Name of Suspect/s: @endzombie12

Friendly/Enemy Vehicles Involved (if any): n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): coming soon to a report near you!

Detailed Description of the Events:  We heard shots coming from down in Lower Berezino, so the group of us came down from the bar and headed straight towards where we thought the shots were.  As we came over the hill from Upper Berezino towards maybe the hunting shop that’s like right there?  We see two guys running out with infected on them.  We watch them and make sure the two infected on them are dead before we approach, but their shots bring more in and we all took the time to take out the infected to help them out.  I ran out of bullets in my Glock and I stood there to load my mag when I heard a shot and then the “You Are Dead” screen. 


I proceeded to go into helpdesk, and I talked with the one who shot me.  However, I was showed a video after the fact and it did not match up with what I was told.  So I've decided to report.


I was given this screen shot by @RPShilo .  



Waiting for the video to be uploaded by @cjackson821 -- video is linked in his POV.

Edited by kalyri
added in who gave me the screenshot
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02:04:10 | Player "Eliot Belic" (DEAD) (pos=<12495.2, 9424.3, 7.1>) killed by Player "Ben Everett" (pos=<12512.2, 9446.8, 6.8>) with WINCHESTER MODEL 70 from 28.1864 meters 
02:04:16 | Player "Ben Everett" (DEAD) (pos=<12500.8, 9444.0, 7.0>) killed by Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12484.1, 9417.9, 7.7>) with AKM from 30.9509 meters 
02:04:29 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (DEAD) (pos=<12513, 9432.5, 6.9>) killed by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12505.9, 9428.1, 7.0>) with AKS-74U from 8.33265 meters 




02:04:10 | Player "Eliot Belic" (DEAD) (pos=<12495.2, 9424.3, 7.1>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Ben Everett" (pos=<12512.2, 9446.8, 6.8>) into Torso(15) for 150 damage (Bullet_308WinTracer) with WINCHESTER MODEL 70 from 28.1864 meters

02:04:15 | Player "Ben Everett" (pos=<12501.3, 9444.7, 7.0>)[HP: 38.5864] hit by Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12483.8, 9417.4, 7.8>) into RightLeg(5) for 103.39 damage (Bullet_762x39) with AKM from 32.4297 meters 
02:04:15 | Player "Ben Everett" (pos=<12501.3, 9444.7, 7.0>)[HP: 25.7311] hit by Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12483.8, 9417.4, 7.8>) into LeftLeg(10) for 51.4215 damage (Bullet_762x39) with AKM from 32.4297 meters 
02:04:16 | Player "Ben Everett" (pos=<12500.4, 9444.1, 7.0>) is unconscious
02:04:16 | Player "Ben Everett" (DEAD) (pos=<12500.8, 9444.0, 7.0>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12484.1, 9417.9, 7.7>) into Torso(36) for 86.1583 damage (Bullet_762x39) with AKM from 30.9509 meters 

02:04:29 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (pos=<12513.5, 9432.2, 6.9>)[HP: 32.6002] hit by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12505.8, 9427.7, 7.0>) into Torso(23) for 31.6535 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 8.93189 meters 
02:04:29 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (pos=<12513.1, 9432.4, 6.9>)[HP: 0.946617] hit by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12505.8, 9427.9, 7.0>) into Torso(24) for 31.6535 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 8.55629 meters 
02:04:29 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (DEAD) (pos=<12513, 9432.5, 6.9>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12505.9, 9428.1, 7.0>) into Torso(25) for 31.6535 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 8.33265 meters 
02:04:29 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (DEAD) (pos=<12512.6, 9432.7, 6.9>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12506, 9428.4, 7.0>) into Torso(23) for 31.6535 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 7.95986 meters 
02:04:29 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (DEAD) (pos=<12512.5, 9432.8, 6.9>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12506.1, 9428.8, 7.0>) into LeftArm(18) for 63.3071 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 7.58904 meters 
02:04:29 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (DEAD) (pos=<12512.4, 9432.9, 6.9>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12506.1, 9429.0, 7.0>) into LeftHand(46) for 63.3071 damage (Bullet_545x39Tracer) with AKS-74U from 7.41974 meters 
02:04:30 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (DEAD) (pos=<12512.4, 9433.7, 6.9>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12506.3, 9429.6, 7.0>) into Head(0) for 63.3071 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 7.43222 meters 
02:04:30 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (DEAD) (pos=<12512.5, 9434.0, 6.9>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12506.3, 9429.8, 7.0>) into LeftArm(21) for 63.3071 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AKS-74U from 7.53844 meters 




02:00:46 | Player "Eliot Belic" (pos=<12017.4, 9057.7, 54.0>)
02:05:45 | Player "Eliot Belic" (DEAD) (pos=<12493.6, 9423.7, 7.2>)

02:00:46 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12029.3, 9042.2, 53.9>)
02:05:45 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12500.3, 9443.1, 7.0>)

02:00:46 | Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<11928, 8967.0, 55.2>)
02:05:45 | Player "Paul Woodland" (pos=<12493.4, 9423.2, 7.2>)

02:00:46 | Player "Ben Everett" (pos=<12678.4, 9890.4, 6.0>)

02:00:46 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (pos=<12680.3, 9892.8, 6.0>)
02:05:45 | Player "Desmond Robinson" (DEAD) (pos=<12512.9, 9434.5, 6.9>)




01:59:09 | Player "Eliot Belic" is connected 
02:14:11 | Player "Eliot Belic" has been disconnected

01:15:13 | Player "Ivan Belic" is connected 
02:31:22 | Player "Ivan Belic" has been disconnected

01:51:18 | Player "Paul Woodland" is connected 
02:33:29 | Player "Paul Woodland" has been disconnected

01:42:05 | Player "Ben Everett" is connected 
02:04:53 | Player "Ben Everett" has been disconnected

23:42:24 | Player "Desmond Robinson" is connected 


Calling in the following people for their full and detailed POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have

@kalyri | Eliot Belic - OP
@cjackson821 | Ivan Belic - Posted
@Woody | Paul Woodland - Posted
@endzombie12 | Ben Everett - Posted
@lostlandmxrk | Desmond Robinson - Posted

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Good Evening,

Shots were heard in lower Berenzino out past the long barns.  Those at the bar started asking if we were the ones shooting, after no confirmation all of us decided to go check it out.  As I ran down with honourable @TZ we all arrived at the same location in the field. 2 people were having trouble with infected, members of the bar  provided assitance to the infected, but waves of infected continued to pour in.


In the distance a man raises his rifle and after a pause, he shoots Miss Eliott who is reloading her glock and standing still, dropping her to the ground.  The bar immediately initiates on the remaining person who doesn't not try to put their hands up.

So I brought my weapon to the hip fire position, squinted fiercely to account for my glaucoma and shot rounds down range on target.

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We are having friendly chat hanging out at the bar when we heard some shots coming from lower Berezino. We all have nothing to do, so we decided to go investigate and find out what the shots were about. We get to the open field right before the lumber mill and discover two men running from infected. So, we start to help them take out the infected. As the numbers start to lower I watch a man raise his rifle to @kalyri and watch him. As I am about to say to @kalyri the man has his rifled point at you, he takes the shot and kills her. At the time, she was standing still and the man had about 4 or 5 seconds lining up his shot at close range. He fully had the opportunity to assess who his target was before he pulled the trigger.  

After Ivan watches the man shoot his sister, his eyes go red and shoots the man for his actions. He then turns to the other guy and yells for him to put his hands up. The man bolts at other members of our crew who gun him down for his non-compliance. 

The video evidence that is posted here has been edited for the sensitive roleplay information that is contained in the first minute. The full video has been sent to staff and they have permission to post the full video here if they feel the concerns I have addressed about it have no merit. 


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As both @endzombie12 and @lostlandmxrk have been in-game since being called into this report, they have been temporarily banned until they provide their POVs.

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Posted (edited)

Me and my friend @endzombie12 were traveling out of a city and a hoard of zombies ran at us due to loud gunshots(from us). As the three men approached us to help get rid of this problem, @endzombie12and I were confused which people were zombies and which were actual players. My friend accidentally shot one of your men which resulted in my death. In the heat of the moment, I was hesitant to put my hands up because there was a zombie on me.

Overall, this whole incident was just a misunderstanding and I apologize for the death of your friend.

Edited by lostlandmxrk
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Thank you for your POV, @lostlandmxrk and @endzombie12, your temp bans have been removed. Please keep an eye on this report should we have any further questions.

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After meeting my friend @lostlandmxrkin Berezino, we were overrun by an overwhelming amount of infected and had to resort to using our guns. we attempted to flee the city with a horde on our tails. I had ran out of ammo in my M16 rifle so switched to my Hunting Rifle, the Winchester. At this point the three people showed up asking what's going on. I remember one of them asked something along the lines of "You guys alright?" At this I recall replying, "Barely." After this, I attempted to remove the scope from my rifle due to the close quarters combat we were having against the infected. After leaving my inventory, I took a quick look around and couldn't quite distinguish the actual players from the infected. In the heat of the moment I decided that this one silhouette looked pretty close to that of an infected so I decided to point and shoot them. Almost immediately after taking the shot, I remember thinking, "Wait, they weren't moving, they were just standing there, was that a person?" and the next thing I new I was dead on the floor. This confirmed my suspicion that what I killed was, in fact, a person, and that is basically what happened. I don't really have any physical evidence to support this but there were no ill intentions at all when I killed @kalyri.

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2 hours ago, endzombie12 said:

In the heat of the moment I decided that this one silhouette looked pretty close to that of an infected

To be fully clear, you were in a relatively close visible range for at least half a minute, and saw the arrival of the OP and her allies, even with opening your inventory, and still didn't manage to discern whether or not she was an infected? 

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@endzombie12 | Invalid Kill (on sight) - GUILTY
@Woody | Invalid Kill (roleplayed) - GUILTY
@endzombie12 | Lying in a Report - Inconclusive
@Pub Members | Metagaming - Not Guilty
@cjackson821 & @Woody | Combat Logging - Not Guilty


While they are standing around their Pub in Berezino, the members of the Pub hear shots ringing out near the barns in Berezino. The Pub members then go to the area to see what the fuss is about, and find @endzombie12 and @lostlandmxrk shooting infected. They opt to assist them, and a short while later, @kalyri is killed by endzombie12, before he himself is shot by @cjackson821. The Pub then initiates on lostlandmxrk while he is fighting an infected, he is shot last by @Woody.

Invalid Kill (on sight) | To put it quite simply, @endzombie12 did not have any valid kill rights on kalyri. While he claims that he thought she was an infected, he still simply shot her with no initiation of any kind, meaning he had no valid kill rights. And as such, endzombie12's kill on kalyri is invalid. 

Invalid Kill (roleplayed) | After endzombie12 had been shot, his ally @lostlandmxrk was fighting another infected in close combat. He is then initiated on by the Pub while in the middle of a melee attack, and upon this initiation, he pauses and is hit by the infected before running from it. He is then gunned down by @Woody while moving away from the infected. There is only about three seconds between the bar's initiation and the death of lostlandmxrk. He did not begin to run away from them, nor did he pull out a gun. In other scenarios, what lostlandmxrk did may be considered non-compliance, however due to the fact that he posed no immediate threat to members of the Pub and was acting in self-defense from an infected, it has been determined that you did not give lostlandmxrk enough time to comply with your demands. As such, this kill is also invalid.

Lying in a Report | The staff team has discussed the story of @endzombie12, more specifically his story that he believed that @kalyri was an infected. The story given is quite unbelievable considering the circumstances of the arrival of the Pub members. However, as we cannot prove conclusively that endzombie12 is lying, or that he is not lying, this has been deemed inconclusive.

Metagaming | During the video provided by Cjackson, many members of the bar can be heard chattering on Discord. We have concluded that this is not metagaming as it is nothing more than innocent chatter rather than any sort of conveyance of important in-character information.


@endzombie12 | 5 day ban & 10 warning points.
@Woody | 3 day ban & 10 warning points.

@Pub Members & @cjackson821 | No action taken.

Signed by @Duplessis, @Lettuce, @Queerios, @Basko and @Realize

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